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Check Signed By Julia Ward Howe

JULIA WARD HOWE (1819-1910). An American reformer and author, Howe is best remembered for “The Battle Hymn of the Republic”. She helped her husband edit an abolitionist newspaper and after the Civil War, she focused her energies on the suffragette movement and other women’s issues. DS. 1 page. 3" x 8.5". Massachusetts. 1893. A bank check issued to and signed on the verso by Julia Ward Howe. Left border vignette of the company logo. Punch cancellation does not affect signature. Signature is in dark ink and bold. Extremely fine.
Catalog: # AM-0782
Cancellation: Punch cancelled
Condition: Extremely Fine
Topic: Signed Checks
Price: $450.00

Check Signed By Ross Winans

DS. 7 5/8" x 3 1/4". Baltimore, April 20, 1872. Partly-printed check drawn on Winans' personal account against Alexander Brown & Sons, payable to A.S. Abell & Co. in the amount of $96.02. Accomplished in a secretarial hand and signed by Winans as maker. Attached adhesive revenue stamp. Very light bleed-through from writing on verso. Minor paper loss at left bottom affects nothing. Bank cut cancellation, minor paper loss, not affecting Winans' signature which he boldly signs in blue.
Catalog: # AM-0694
Topic: Signed Checks
Price: $175.00

Check Signed by Silver Mining Magnate James G. Fair

James G. Fair (1831 – 1894). Mining engineer and businessman, one of the “silver kings”. U. S. Senator from Nevada. Document Signed. 8 ¾” x 3”. Virginia, Nevada, August 4, 1878. Partly-printed bank check drawn on The Nevada Bank of San Francisco payable to Mrs. T. Hughes in the amount of $147.50. Signed by Fair as maker.
Catalog: # AM-3615
State: Nevada
Topic: Mining
Price: $175.00

Check Signed By William Astor And His Sister-in-law Helen Schermerhorn

WILLIAM B. ASTOR JR. (1830-1892) Joint heir to the Astor real estate empire. ADS. 1pp.7 3/ 8" x 2 3/4". New York. March 14 1871. A check A "Chemical National Bank of N.Y." check paid to "Mr. Wm. Astor five hundred Dollars ". It is endorsed on the verso "Wm Astor". Signed on recto by HELEN SCHERMERHORN sister of Caroline Webster Schermerhorn Astor, wife of William Astor. There are punch, stamp and pencil cancellations that do not affect Astor’s signature Very Fine.
Catalog: # AM-1453
Topic: Signed Checks
Price: $125.00

Check Written and Signed by Secretary of Continental Congress Charles Thomson

CHARLES THOMSON (1729-1824). Thomson was a wealthy merchant and the secretary to the Continental Congress from 1774 – 1789). He kept the records of the body and served many other necessary functions. Document Signed. 1 page. 6 ¼” x 2 ¼”. Partly-printed check drawn on the Bank of Pennsylvania payable to Grace Thomson in the amount of $100. Accomplished in his hand and signed as maker by Thomson. Usual cut cancellations Excellent condition.
Catalog: # AM-3600
State: Pennsylvania
Topic: Signed Checks
Price: $375.00

Chill Wills Signs A Check

CHILL WILLS. DS. 1pp. 6" x 2 3/4". n.p. January 27, 1976. A check signed by Chill Wills in black. It is in very fine condition and light cancellation holes do not touch the signature.
Catalog: # AM-0240
Topic: Signed Checks
Price: $95.00

Civil War General Eugene Carr Handwrites And Signs A Check

EUGENE A. CARR. ADS. 1pp. 7 1/2" x 2 3/4". Washington, D.C. Sept 5th 1910. A "Riggs National Bank" check signed by "E. A. Carr". The check, completely engrossed in Carr's hand, "Pay to the order of W. Rothwell & Sons Plumbers sixty and 25/100". The check has a fine decorative border and an engraving of a bank in the left margin and the punch holes affect the engrossment but not the dark signature.
Catalog: # AM-0134
Topic: Signed Checks
Price: $200.00

Civil War General John Dix ALS

JOHN ADAMS DIX (1798-1879) American politician from New York. Dix served as Secretary of the Treasury, U.S. Senator, Governor of New York, and a major general in the Union Army. Autograph Letter Signed, “John A Dix.” One page, 7 7/8” x 9 7/8”. Washington. March 6, 1847. Dix writes to “Wm. Hogan, Esq”: “Dear Sir, I have been wholly unable to write to you in consequence of the pressure of my engagements. The committee on the Judiciary were prepared to make an adverse report on your memorial; but I proceeded in obtaining from the Chairman an assurance that they would only ask to be discharged from further consideration of it. So, no prejudice against the application will be felt, when it is renewed, in consequence of the action of the Committee. In haste, Respectfully yours, John A. Dix”. Accompanied by a steel engraved portrait of Dix. Folds. Fine.
Catalog: # AM-1702
Price: $175.00

Col. Frank A. Barton Signs Rifle Range ROTC Cards

COLONEL FRANK A. BARTON was one of the first Cornell students to receive an army commission in Cornell’s Military Science Program and was the first ROTC commandant at Cornell (1904 to 1908). Cornell’s Barton Hall is named in his honor. Two partially printed ROTC Cornell University Cards Signed “Frank A. Barton.” Each 5” x3”. These cards were issued for use of the rifle range. Both Fine.
Catalog: # AM-1652
Topic: Military History
Price: $75.00

345 Items.  Showing Items 91 thru 99.
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