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Virginia Congressman and Commander of the State Militia

Francis Preston (1765 – 1836). General. During the War of 1812 he commanded a regiment of Virginia troops. He commanded the Virginia state militia after the war and served as a congressman for two terms. ALS. Two pages, 7 1/2” x 9 1/4”. Salt Works. November 28,1797..” Preston writes to Col. Dana Henly of Knoxville, Tennessee, in part: “ … I gave you fifteen bushels of salt by a Mr. Shaddon intended more for you own private use than as it respected a supply to the public store for then I thought I could not procure wagons to carry the quantity intended … I must take this liberty to request you to have such a place made in the cellar as will contain about 300 bus the expenses of which I will cheerfully pay and that you will be so good as to keep the key until called for … ” Addressed on integral leaf. Usual folds. Slight paper loss at wax seal on address leaf. Overall Very Fine.
Catalog: # AM-1504
State: Virginia
Topic: War of 1812
Price: $245.00

W.B. Pierce Applies To Be A Naval Surgeon For The Union During The Civil War

Application submitted to the Examining Board of Naval Surgeons as Assistant Surgeon. 5 pages. June 5, 1864. Pierce provides answers to 8 questions. He was asked to “Describe the intestines large & small” and “Describe the physical qualities of hydrogen gas”. Fine, detailed medical content.
Catalog: # AM-1083
Topic: Civil War
Price: $225.00

W.K. Rogers Private Secretary To The President.

W.K. Rogers: Private Secretary to Rutherford B. Hayes. Autograph Page Signed “W.K. Rogers, Private Secretary to the President.” 6 ½ “x 8”. Fine.
Catalog: # AM-0115
Topic: Political/United States
Price: $45.00

Wadsworth A. Ward Applies To Be A Naval Surgeon For The Union During The Civil War

Application submitted to the Naval Examining Board for a position as Assistant Surgeon. 5 pages. December 4, 1861. Ward provides detailed answers to questions to 8 questions including subjects such as “the anatomy of the parts concerned in Tracheotomy” and “the functions of the kidneys.” Nice, detailed medical content.
Catalog: # AM-1074
Topic: Civil War
Price: $225.00

Wealthy Quaker Merchant John Shallcross Finds Himself In Debt To A Business Associate

JOHN SHALLCROSS Wealthy Quaker landowner and merchant. Autograph Letter Signed, “John Shallcross.” One page, 7” x 9 ¼”. Wilmington. November 2, 1786. Shallcross writes to James Knowles: “Sir On making out your amounts I find myself in your debt twenty odd pounds, which I will pay to your ordr Mr. T. Greg when he calls. I wrote him & beg that he would call on me before he went you which I expect he will … My compts to Bennett … your obt. Servt. John Shallcross”
Catalog: # AM-1725
State: Delaware
Topic: Religious History
Price: $125.00

While Secretary of State, Future President Martin Van Buren Writes To President Andrew Jackson Concerning Claims By General Peter Buell Porter

Martin Van Buren (1837 – 1841). 8th President of the United States. ALS. 4 pages. 8” x 9 ¾”. Washington September 28, 1829. To President Andrew Jackson; “I have this moment received your note in relation to Genl Porter’s accounts. I will hereafter, if it is deemed necessary make a formal opinion upon the subject and will therefore content myself, for the present with a brief sketch of my views in the matter. I am not satisfied by General Porter’s statement that the law in question is unconstitutional. I dissent from the opinion expressed by him that he is entitled to the larger salary, after the expiration of the two years. The object of the act of 1821 was, and its language is sufficient to affect it, to prohibit thereafter any further, or other allowances that which was provided by it, and the only consequence of the continuance of the beyond the two years, and to extend the act, could be, that for the of the time, the commissioner is left to his application to congress for further allowance. Much stress is laid by Genl Porter, on the situation of Gov Van Ness, his acts, and those of the Government in regard to his claims. I would therefore suggest the propriety of it being stated by Mr. Anderson in his letter to Genl Porter, in which he communicates the opinion of the President; that Mr Van Ness was informed, that his was not a case of fact a character as to permit the Government, with propriety, to enter into an amicable : Mr Van Ness had consented to waive his claims, and have his accounts set according to the law of 1821, and that Genl Porter consents to the same course, the Government must accept such as an its power to effect that result. This appears to be related to claims for compensation by General Peter Buell Porter. Couple of small edge chinks. Fine.

Catalog: # AM-3420
Topic: Presidents and First Ladies
Price: $1250.00

William Duer - Signer of the Articles of Confederation

William Duer Takes Control of Merchant Ship DUER, WILLIAM (1747-1799). Duer, a colonial merchant and financier, made money by owning New York forests and mills. He was a delegate to the Provincial Congress and the New York constitutional convention and signed the Articles of Confederation. He was a secretary of the Board of the Treasury, speculated in western lands and served as Assistant Treasury Secretary under Alexander Hamilton. In 1792, he was imprisoned for debt, which alone caused a financial panic in New York City. Autograph Note Signed. August 11, 1785. 7 ½” x 6 ¾”. To a Captain Seymour; “The bearer Captain Henry is authorized by me to take charge of the Vessel bought of you on my account by Mr. Stephen Sayre, the terms of which I will comply with. Wm. Duer” A docketing note on verso indicates the ship in question was the Schooner Julia. Some toning at folds. A nice early American Autograph.
Catalog: # AM-3605
Topic: Colonial America
Price: $450.00

William Ellery III’s Signed Copy Of Methode De Geographie

Methode pour Etudier de Geographie Tome IV by M. L’abbe Lenglet Dufresnoy.Paris. 1736. Signed at top of first table of contents pages, “William Ellery, Jr., 1785,” by WILLIAM ELLERY III (1761-1836) Son of William Ellery and . 487 pages, plus index. 4” x 7”. Wear to leather cover and spine. Some minor toning Overall Fine.
Catalog: # AB-0001
Price: $275.00

William H. Vanderbilt

(1821-1885). Financier, philanthropist. Son of Cornelius Vanderbilt, William became president of the New York Central and Hudson River RR and affiliated corporations upon his father’s death in 1877. DS “W H. Vanderbilt,” 9pp legal folio. New York, Apr 24, 1874. Legal instrument agreeing to convey property between Vanderbilt and The New York Central and Hudson River Railroad Company consisting of 11 acres between t64th and 65th Streets mortgaged to Joseph Dunyer by Vanderbilt. Boldly signed on last page above embossed corporate seal. Cover evidences edge chipping with some paper loss. Internally fine.
Catalog: # AM-0506
Topic: Business
Price: $395.00

356 Items.  Showing Items 334 thru 342.
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