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The Founder Of Columbia Law School, Theodore Dwight, Signs A Document Pertaining To The School

THEODORE DWIGHT. DS. 1pp. 8" x 10". New York. May 21st, 1888. A "Columbia College Law School" document signed "Theodore W. Dwight" as "Warden and Professor of Municipal Law". This document certified that "Mr. Addison Allen was a member of this LAW SCHOOL for the term of seven months and 20 days commencing first Monday of Oct, 1887. During this time, he was regular in his attendance, made commendable and satisfactory progress in his studies, and sustained a good moral character " The piece has the usual folds, but the signature is very dark and the paper is extremely white. It is in very fine condition
Catalog: # AM-0481
Topic: Literary
Price: $150.00

The Founder of Lear Jet Corp.

William Lear. (1902 – 1978). Founder of Lear Jet Corp. DS. 1 page. 8 ½” x 11”. Beverly Hills, California, July 29, 1968. A signed filed copy of an authorization for Southern California Savings & Loan Association to “apply my savings account balance of $50,750 toward the purchase of the promissory note and first deed of trust…” for the purchase of a real estate in Los Angeles. On onionskin paper. Couple of file holes at top. Excellent.
Catalog: # DN-33
State: California
Topic: Aviation
Price: $245.00

The Massachusetts Centinel

The Massachusetts Centinel. May 29, 1790. 10” x 15 ½”. 4 pages. Length front page treatise for the Easter Circuit Court, “The Charge of Chief Justice Jay, to the Grand Juries on the Eastern Circuit. Fine.
Catalog: # DN-46
State: Massachusetts
Topic: Newspapers
Price: $100.00

The Most Dramatic Orator In The American Antislavery Movement

WENDELL PHILLIPS (1811-1884) a Prominent abolitionist from 1837, President of the Anti-Slavery Society from 1865-1870. So highly regarded were his oratorical abilities that he was known as "abolition's Golden Trumpet". Like many of his fellow abolitionists, Phillips took pains to eat no cane sugar and wear no clothing made of cotton, since both were produced by the labor of Southern slaves. It was Phillips's contention that racial injustice was the source of all of society's ills. Like William Lloyd Garrison, Phillips denounced the Constitution for tolerating slavery. Autograph Letter Signed. 4pp. 5" x 8". n.p. 4 Dec '81. Phillips writes to a fellow lawyer and friend, Mr. Dyer: "There is no setting ahead of you my bar friend – and reading over and over you exquisitely words – just the sweetest of all notes” as my wife keeps saying. I feel sort of nervous in trying my ‘rentice hand, as Bacus says, at telling you how very beautiful your flowers were – how welcome….” Phillips goes on to relay a song to his friend, then: “…but even without Ben Johnson in my view, my vote’s nothing to yours – Please just think of the most grateful things you could say if you were touched to the very heart & then fancy me saying it – if you can - & it will be alright…Wendell Phillips.” Light toning to folds on last page, else Fine.
Catalog: # AM-1316
Topic: Political/United States
Price: $125.00

The Nullification Governor of South Carolina

James Hamilton, Jr. (1786 – 1857). Governor of South Carolina, congressman from that state. ALS. 1 page. 6 ½” x 8”. Newport, R.I. Aug. 22, 1851. To J. B. Richards; “I have just this day returned from the interior of the state of New York and received your polite & respectable favor. I will so that you may receive them at the Institute on Monday, Nove. 7 or if you will go to the Boston P.O. on Saturday evening at 6:00 you will find a package enclosing such letter or letters as you desire which I will afford with the utmost pleasure….J. Hamilton” Fine.
Catalog: # AM-1619
State: Rhode Island
Topic: Political/United States
Price: $125.00

The Philippines During WWII

Autograph Letter Signed, “Gene.” Four pages, 5” x 8”. Philippines. March 23, 1945. The letter reads, in part: “ … The people here are very friendly and generally speak good English the best part of it here is that we can hire our laundry done & fairly cheap too. We had to change our money to Pesos & Centavos because they don’t use American money here … Since we landed her we’ve had one air raid and that’s all we’ve seen of them since . While the Japs were here they forced the Filipinos to work for money which they printed and when they left the money automatically became worthless … I hope by now your snow is gone … it must have been an awful winter. I’d gladly give up all of this for it though … ” Extremely Fine.
Catalog: # AM-0119
Topic: World War II
Price: $175.00

The Possible Printing Of A Quaker Manuscript

Autograph Letter Signed, "Wm. Rotch." One page, 7 3/4" x 9 5/8". New Bedford. December , 1810. Addressed on integral leaf. With circular "Ship Letter" and one other postal cancellation. Rotch writes, in part: : " ... The removal of thy father (my much esteemed friend) I had an account of not long after it took place, but that of thy mother and wife, had not come to my knowledge until the rect. of thy letter ... our distant separation does not preclude the frequent remembrance of the pleasing hours I spent with them in England; many of whom are removed from works to rewards - as to the manuscript thou mentions of our friend I.T. [?] I wish it was in my power to grant liberty for its publication ... it was returned to our Messrs [?] for sufferings who have not yet thought proper to publish it; the reason I cannot tell, but as it is left with them, it would not be thought well to put it to press without their consent ... I have no object the manuscript being shewn to any friend, … tho much correction would be necessary for the press ..." Paper loss from wax seal. Overall Very Fine.
Catalog: # AM-1229
Topic: Content Letters
Price: $450.00

NewTheodore Roosevelt Inscribes and Signs a Photograph to the President of Cuba

Theodore Roosevelt (1858 – 1919). Twenty-sixth President of the United States. Signed Photograph. 9 ½” x 13 ¼”. Roosevelt inscribes to the newly elected president of Cuba; “To President Jose Miguel Gomez with the high regard and good wishes of his friend, and Cuba’s friend, Theodore Roosevelt, Dec. 9th 1908.” Jose Miguel Gomez was elected in the first free elections in Cuba following the United States’ occupation which lasted from 1906 – 1909. A superb association of the two leaders. Some overall toning and surface defects at top.
Catalog: # P26-7
Condition: Fine
Topic: Presidents and First Ladies
Price: $3900.00

Thomas Johns Perry Free Franked Address Leaf

Thomas Johns Perry (1807 –1871). U.S. Congressman From Maryland. Free Franked Address leaf. 8 ¾” x 4”. “Free Thomas Perry”. Addressed to Davis Richardson, Esqr., Frederick City, Md. This has been torn down the middle and repaired with archival tape.
Catalog: # AM-1612
State: Maryland
Topic: Political/United States
Price: $25.00

374 Items.  Showing Items 334 thru 342.
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