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British Theatre Critic James Agate ALS

James Agate (1877 – 1947). British diarist and critic. ALS. 1 page. 5 ¾” x 7 ¼”. On imprinted letterhead. Holborn, March 19, 1935. To “Dear Willie; I bow to your ruling about the play and as a matter of fact, I agree entirely with everything you say about it. But what a charming letter! ….May I print it in my next book, where the whole tail & …adventure is being given more less in extreme to show what a … success in the theatre is. I am saying that this is how a play of quality should be turned down. Am very grateful to you…James Agate” Fine.
Catalog: # AM-1527
Country: England
Topic: Entertainment
Price: $125.00

British Writer Frances Trollope

FRANCES TROLLOPE (1780 – 1863). English writer, championed the anti-slavery and child employment causes. ANS. 1 page. 4” x 5”. No date. To “The Lady Davy”; “Most joyfully dear Madam will I profit by your obliging permission and wait upon you on Monday evening at a more profitable tim to myself…”
Catalog: # AM-1648
Topic: Literary
Price: $95.00

Brother Against Brother: World War II Prisoner Of War Correspondence

[WWII] Unusual War correspondence lot of 19 pieces between an Italian Prisoner of War, Cesario Espisito, who is being held at Camp Wheeler in Georgia, and his brother, Lorenzo Espisito, who is trying to contact him. The group consists of eight “PRISONER OF WAR” marked correspondence, with the U.S. Censored stamp. Written in Italian and untranscribed, Cesario relates his sad story to his sibling, who is an American citizen. Lorenzo’s attempts to visit him consist of Western Union telegrams from the Red Cross as well as “Headquarters Army Service Forces” letterhead signed by Colonel Breese from the POW Division and Captain Boudreaux, the Intelligence Officer at the Headquarters of the Camp. Among the details noted in this correspondence are that “a number of our prisoners were transferred temporarily to Fort Benning” and that in the near future Cesario may be transferred from Camp Wheeler to an “unknown destination.” Fascinating lot that highlights the poignant struggle of two brothers who find themselves on opposite sides of World War II.
Catalog: # AM-1117
Topic: World War II
Price: $750.00

C.E. Severace Applies To Be A Naval Surgeon For The Union During The Civil War

Application submitted to the Examining Board of Naval Surgeons as Assistant Surgeon. Seven pages. New York. June 25, 1861. Severance responds to eight questions providing detailed answers on subjects such as the ""pathological condition of the lungs in the three different stages of inflammation"" and ""the protein compounds and their respective peculiarities."" Fine, detailed medical content.
Catalog: # AM-1068
Topic: Civil War
Price: $275.00

Cadwallader Colden Author Of “The History Of The Five Indian Nations” And Lieutenant Governor Of The Province Of New York

CADWALLADER COLDEN (1668-1776) Physician, farmer, surveyor, botanist, and a lieutenant governor for the Province of New York. Cadwallader also served as the first colonial representative to the Iroquois Confederacy, an experience that resulted in his writing The History of the Five Indian Nations, the first book on the subject. Autograph Document Signed, “Cadwr Colden.” One page/ 4 ¼” x 6 ½”. No place. No date. Colden writes to “Mr. Bobine”: “I have reciv’d a survey for Henry Hooff but they have neglected to return the Warrant so that I cannot tell whether the Survey be pursuant to the Warrant. Please to send me a copy of the directing part of the Warrant of the Date. Your humble sert. Cadwr Colden” Extremely light edge wear. Overall Very Fine.
Catalog: # RN-190
Topic: Colonial America
Price: $375.00

Cartoonist Al Smith Signed Photo

Al Smith (1902 – 1986). American cartoonist creator of Mutt and Jeff. Signed photo. 5” x 7 ¼”. Inscribed and Signed, “With Best Wishes to Bernard Baker, Al Smith”. Excellent.
Catalog: # WT-13
State: New York
Topic: Cartoonist
Price: $90.00

Certificates Of Exchange Signed By Two Prominent Coiners Of Connecticut Coppers: Samuel Bishop And Jeremiah Platt

SAMUEL BISHOP Connecticut investor and co-founder of The Company for Coining Coppers. Partially Printed Document Signed, “Saml. Bishop.” One page, 7 ¾” x 4”. Hartford. October 30, 1779. The document reads, in part: “RECEIVED of JOHN LAWRENCE, Commissioner of the Loan Office for the State of Connecticut One Sett of Bills of Exchange for Eighteen Dollars … being for the interest arisen on one Continental Certificate in favour of Mr. Philip Rexford… Saml. Bishop” JEREMIAH PLATT New York merchant and early coiner. Partially Printed Document Signed, “Jeremiah Platt One page, 8” x 4 ¾”. Hartford. March 1, 1779. The document reads, in part: “RECEIVED of JOHN LAWRENCE, Commissioner of the Loan Office for the State of Connecticut, Five Setts of Bills of Exchange for 3 dollars each and one Sett for twenty four Dollars … being for Interest arisen on Nine Continental Certificates, in favor of Mr. Eliphalet Brush …. Jeremiah Platt” In October of 1785, Samuel Bishop and three investment partners were granted the privilege of coining coppers by the state of Connecticut. Bishop and the others involved were not coiners themselves, rather they hoped to turn a profit from the undertaking. Soon thereafter, three additional investors and Abel Buell, a silversmith and diemaker and the only partner to actually participate in the daily operations of the enterprise, joined Bishop and the others, marking the birth of The Company for Coining Coppers. The company continued steady production of Connecticut coppers into the summer of 1786 when their operations were suspended and then subcontracted for a period due to a lack of copper. Following this six week subcontract, the original partners again assumed control of the company until it was dissolved and reorganized as James Jarvis and Company in June of 1787. This reorganized company was based out of in a complex owned by mintmaster Samuel Broome, partner of Jeremiah Platt, Jarvis’ father-in-law. Platt and Broome, both affluent New York merchant, soon subcontracted the coinage business from Jarvis, expanding minting to three locations: Morris Cove, Westville, and New Haven. According to available records, it appears that the majority of Fugio cents and Connecticut Coppers from this period were coined by Broome and Platt, with the co-founder and diemaker of the now defunct The Company for Coining Coppers, Able Buel, acting as a principal die-sinker. JOHN TRUMBULL (1750-1831) American poet, state attorney for Connecticut, member of the Connecticut Assembly, and a judge of the Superior Court. Partially Printed Document Signed, “John Trumbull.” One page, 3 7/8” x 7 ¾”. Hartford. November 25, 1779. The document reads, in part: “RECEIVED of JOHN LAWRENCE, Commissioner of the Loan Office for the State of Connecticut, Five Dollars & one third of a Dollar & Two Setts of Bills of Exchange for Eighteen Dollars each being the interest arisen on one Continental Certificate, in favour of Mr. Oliver Atwood … John Trumbull.”
Catalog: # AM-3445
State: Connecticut
Price: $750.00

Charles Cornwallis Denies Recruitment Deficiencies In His District To Home Secretary Charles Philip York

CHARLES CORNWALLIS 1st Marquess Cornwallis (1738-1805) British Army officer and colonial administrator. Cornwallis’ surrender at the Siege of Yorktown brought about the end of significant hostilities in North America during the American Revolution. Autograph Letter Signed, 8” x 12 ¼”. “Cornwallis.” Two pages, Culford. February 10th 1804. To Charles Philip Yorke (1764-1834) British politician who served as Home Secretary from 1803-1804. Cornwallis writes: “Sir I have received the honor of your letter (circular) dated the 1st instant; In answer to which I have in the first place to observe that Mr. Wright, as Clerk of the Lieutenancy of the Tower Hamlets has received no money on account of Bounties for Substitutes in the Army of Reserve. The Money retained by him from the Bounties of men enrolled for the Militia, has been invariably transmitted to the Paymasters of the Regiments, conformably to the directions of the Act of Parliament. By the Return which I have received of the deficiency of the Tower Hamlets for the Army of the Reserve, dated in the beginning of the present month, it amounted to fifty five men only, out of eight hundred men, the quota allotted by the Act of the 43rd … Cap. 82 Sec 2 for the Tower Hamlets and Liberty of the Tower, and not as your letter states, ‘included in the County of Middlesex and London. The Parishes of St George Bethnal Green and Christ Church have engaged to enroll twenty men on this day, so that the Deficiency at the present moment amounts to thirty nine men, which I trust, you will consider as proof that the district under my charge has not been wasting in point of execution in the present most important … conjuncture of Public Affairs, I have the honor to be, Sir, your most obedient and most humble servant, Cornwallis” A few slight tears. Mounting tape present at left edge of first page. One slight mounting strip on second page. Very Fine.
Catalog: # RN-184
Topic: American Revolution
Price: $950.00

Chauncey M. Depew ALS

Chauncey M. Depew. (1834-1928). United States Senator from New York. Autograph Letter Signed, “Chauncey M. Depew,” on New-York and Harlem Railroad Co. Attorney’s Office, Grand Central Depot, East 42nd Street letterhead. One page, 5 ½” x 8 ½”. New York. January 9, 1873. Depew writes to request a copy of a two volume work be sent to him via express. Extremely Fine.
Catalog: # AM-1139
Topic: Business
Price: $75.00

349 Items.  Showing Items 73 thru 81.
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