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National Galaxy Featuring Engravings And Biographies Of America’s First Ten Presidents

Printed J. Greenleaf Broadside. One page, 28 ¾” x 21 ½”. With ornate black & white border. Boston. 1849. There are 10 N. Dearborn steel engraved portraits of the presidents and a printed biography of each. Published by J. Howe, Boston.

This broadside is especially unique in that each of the 10 portraits were printed separately and then mounted in the proper place on the broadside sheet bearing the presidents’ biographies. This process ensured that the publisher could achieve a life like image of the subjects far superior to alternate method using woodblock engravings. Some paper loss and dampstaining at edges. Else Very Fine.

Catalog: # AA-0182
Topic: Broadsides
Price: $1900.00

Navy Ships’ Memorial Covers

Collection of 50 FDCs and postal covers cancelled on as many different battleships, cruisers and other naval craft that were destroyed by the enemy during WWII. Attractively contained in ring binder, arranged alphabetically, each with descriptive imprinted cards identifying the name and type of naval craft including the circumstances of its loss. A small sampling: USS Arizona (BB-39) “Battleship destroyed by Japanese aircraft bombs at Pearl Harbor, HI Dec 7, 1941” USS Indianapolis (CA-35) “Heavy cruiser sunk after being torpedoed by Japanese submarine I-58 in the Philippine Sea July 29, 1945”, USS Jacob Jones (DD-393)”Destroyer sunk after being torpedoed by the German submarine U-578 off Cape May, NJ Feb 28, 1942”, USS Juneau (CL-52) Light cruiser sunk by the Japanese submarine I-26 after being torpedoed during the Battle of Guadalcanal November 13, 1942”, USS Lexington (CV-2) ”Aircraft carrier sunk after being torpedoed by Japanese aircraft during the Battle of the Coral Sea on May 8, 1942”, USS Vincennes (CA-44) “Heavy cruiser sunk after being torpedoed by Japanese warships off Savo, Solomon Islands, August 9, 1942”, USS Little (DD-803) “Destroyer sunk after being hit by fur Kamikaze aircraft off Okinawa, Ryuku Islands May 3,1945”, etc., Fine Examples
Catalog: # AA-3013
Topic: Military History
Price: $1000.00

New Ipswich Celebrates The Centennial Of Its Organization Under The NH Charter

Printed Document. One page, 7 ¾” x 9 ¾”. New Ipswich. August 1, 1850. Addressed on integral leaf to “Rev. Mr. Hill, Colebrook NH.” With “BOSTON 28 AUG” postal cancellation. The document requests the presence of Rev. Hill and any friends at the centennial celebration. Some minor toning. Else Very Fine.
Catalog: # AA-0257
Price: $125.00

Philadelphia Seeks Information Concerning Insane Residents

Printed Document. One page, 7 ¾”x 9 7/8”. Philadelphia. December 30, 1838. The document seeks information “relative to the number and treatment of insane, idiotic, and fatuous persons in the Commonwealth, with a view to the amelioration of their condition” and poses eight questions regarding the number and treatment of those individuals. Two small splits at edge not affeting text. Else Very Fine.
Catalog: # AA-0256
Price: $195.00

Philadelphia, Germantown & Norristown Rail Road Company

1858, Pennsylvania. Early stock certificate for 10 shares. Black. Four bust portrait vignettes at the four corners including Geo. Washington and Wm. Penn. Small early train vignettes within the border. Vignette at center of an early train traveling through the countryside. Trimmed close at left margin. Contemporaneous ink spot at top margin. A Scarce and popular certificate. Punch cancelled and fine.
Catalog: # SB-5655
State: Pennsylvania
Topic: Railroad
Price: $175.00

Printed Broadside

Printed Broadside. 8 3/8” x 9 1/4”. New York. No date. Printed by Francis & Loutrel. The broadside offers the services of the law firm of Nettleton, Gilbert & Camp to those soldiers discharged on account of battle wounds who wish to receive a $100 bounty.
Based out of New York, the law firm of Nettleton, Gilbert & Camp offered to make collection of pay, bounties and pensions due to Union soldiers at reduced rates. Very Fine.
Catalog: # AA-0085
Price: $750.00

Printed Document Signed In Type By Santa Anna Days Before The Taking of Veracruz And His Promotion To The Rank Of Brigadier General

Printed Document. One page, 8 1/2"" x 12"", on laid paper. Veracruz. October 15, 1822. Signed in type by Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna. (1794-1876) Mexican political leader who greatly influenced Mexican and Spanish politics and government. During his forty year career, Santa Anna rose to the rank of both general and president. Over a period of twenty-two years, Santa Anna served as President of Mexico on eleven non-consecutive occasions. The Spanish document concerns a two percent tax placed upon gold and silver in relation to a loan of six hundred thousand pesos. Very Fine.

On October 25, 1822 Santa Anna would take control of Veracruz under orders from Mexico’s Emperor Iturbide. For this successful operation, Santa Anna was named brigadier general and Commander of the Province of Veracruz by Iturbide. Iturbide soon grew suspicious of Santa Anna’s power, quickly removing him from his command and ordering him to join the Junta de Guerra in Mexico City. Santa Anna refused to follow this order and instead returned to Veracruz where he proclaimed a Mexican Republic and declared Iturbide’s reign invalid in early December of 1822. With support growing quickly for a Mexican Republic, Iturbide was forced to abdicate on March 19, 1823. A fine document from an important period in the early life of Santa Anna.

Catalog: # AA-0043
Country: Mexico
Topic: Broadsides
Price: $900.00

Printed Invitation

Invitation to a picnic and ball at the headquarters of Colonel Percy Wyndham and his staff Printed Invitation. 4” x 2 1/2”. This invitation to a picnic and ball to be held on Bushrod Hunter’s estate on August 1, 1863 is extended to a Mr. H. Beaumont. Percy Wyndham (1833-1879) fought for France, Austria and for Garibaldi before joining the Union Army in 1861. Serving until late 1863, Wyndham’s most outstanding performance came during the Battle of Brandy Station. During this battle, he bravely led his cavalry directly into enemy lines, fighting hand to hand, and then ordered them to fight their way back out! Wyndham’s adventurous lifestyle continued until his death, which came when the hot air balloon he was riding in burst in midair while he was in India. Very Fine
Catalog: # AA-0273
Topic: Civil War
Price: $95.00

Railroad Executive Melville Ingall’s Contributing Membership Certificate For The Cincinnati Light Artillery Of The Ohio National Guard

Partly-printed membership certificate of the Cincinnati Light Artillery, Second Battery issued to M. E. Ingalls. MELVILLE INGALLS (1842 – 1914). Railroad executive. 12 ½” x 9 ¼”. “This is to Certify that M. E. Ingalls has been duly elected and enrolled as a Contributing Member of the Cincinnati Light Artillery, Second Battery, O.N.G.” This piece originated from a group of Ingalls papers and documents that surfaced some time ago. Imprinted red eagle at top right. Embossed gold seal at lower left. Excellent condition
Catalog: # AA-0251
Price: $150.00

111 Items.  Showing Items 82 thru 90.
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