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THE WALL STREET DAILY NEWS: "This paper has been excluded from Jay Gould and Cyrus W. Field's Elevated Road"

Wall Street Daily News. New York. Wednesday July 7, 1886. Four pages, 9 3/4" x 13 1/2". First page headlines include: "Another Western Union Market," "A Drought Panic in the Wheat Market," "Perfectly Honest" and "An Event Long Pending." Overall Fine.
Catalog: # AA-0101
Topic: Financial
Price: $125.00

Thomas Mellon & Sons Bank Check Book Containing More Than Three Hundred Unissued Checks

14” x 10” ledger containing check #s 2533 to 2895 in “T. Mellon & Sons Bank.” Three checks per a page. Yellow “United States Internal Revenue Documentary Stamp” at center. soiling and edge wear on some checks. Overall Very Good.
Catalog: # AA-0220
Topic: Banking
Price: $750.00

Three Items Related To The Whiskey Rebellion - A Choice Congressional Act Broadside Signed In Print By George Washwashington And John Adams For The Support Of The Military In Suppressing The Whiskey Rebellion Accompanied By Two Additonal Rebellion Items

1) Broadside – Act of Congress. One page, 8 1/2” x 12”. Philadelphia. November 3, 1794. The document reads, in part: “ … An Act making appropriations for the support of the military establishment for the year one thousand seven hundred and ninety five; and for the expenses of the militia lately called into the service of the United States … That there be appropriated for the pay, subsistence, forage and other expenses attending the militia in their late expedition to the western counties of Pennsylvania, a sum not exceeding one million, one hundred and twenty two thousand, five hundred and sixty nine dollars and one center …. For the pay, subsistence and forage of the militia of New-Jersey … For the pay, subsistence and forage of the militia of Pennsylvania … For the pay, subsistence and forage of the militia of Maryland … For the pay, subsistence and forage of the cavalry of Virginia …” The above appropriation regarding the expedition to the western counties of Pennsylvania provided payment to the troops that were mobilized during the Whisky Rebellion. Tipped to a mounting strip at left edge. Overall Extremely Fine 2) Autograph Letter Signed, “ Wm. Simmons.” Two pages, 8” x 10”. Accountants Office. October 17, 1797. Simmons writes to ALEXANDER JAMES DALLAS, in part: “I wrote you on the 16th Instant on the subject of accounting for the monies paid to you for the pay of the Pennsylvania quota of the Militia called out to suppress an insurrection in the western counties of the said state in 1794 to which letter permit me to repeat my request of your speedy attention. I take the liberty to enclose for Mr. Alexander Buchanan, a Captain in the aforementioned Militia who stands also charged with money paid him for arrears of pay due his company, which is yet unaccounted for on his part … forward it as speedily as possible, in case it is possible to make a settlement with him by the transmission of Voucher or otherwise …” Very Fine. 3) Document Signed, “Jacob Cable.” Two pages, 8 1/4” x 13 1/4”. No place. January 20, 1795. Addressed on integral leaf to “His Excellency Jno. H. Stone Esq. Governor of the State of Maryland.” The document reads, in part: “ … The Petition of Jacob Cable most Humbly Showeth That your petitioner was drafted to go against the insurgents and during his absence Rebecca Cable your Petitioners Wife sold liquor for the support of her family to Wit 3 small children. That at January Term 1795 your Pet was presented for selling liquors without License and was fined … Your Petitioner therefore prays the kind interposition of his Excellency and the Hon. Council in his behalf.” Statement from the Baltimore County Court on verso. Address leaf tipped to slightly larger sheet. Edge wear. Some paper loss. Separation at folds. Overall Very Good.
Catalog: # AM-1354
Topic: Early Imprints
Price: $4500.00

Waa-pa-shaw Soux Indian Chief Print

An attractive 13"x 20" print of WAA-PA-SHAW a Sioux Indian Chief. This superb example was published by F.W. Greenough of Philadelphia. Ideal for framing.
Catalog: # AA-0011
Topic: American Indian
Price: $450.00

Western Rail Road Corp. Issued to and Signed by George Washington Warren

1839, Massachusetts. Stock Certificate for 5 shares. Black. Issued to and signed by George Washington Warren (1813 - 1883) a Massachusetts attorney, jurist, and politician who served as the first mayor of Charlestown, Massachusetts. Signed as treasurer of the company by Josiah Quincy, Jr. (1772 - 1864). Politician, municipal reformer and college president. Minor paper loss at top center margin. A scarce, early railroad stock. Fine. Uncancelled
Catalog: # SB-4264
State: Massachusetts
Topic: Famous People on Stocks and Bonds
Price: $225.00

World War I Conscription Proclamation

Wonderful group of eleven proclamations announcing conscription. English language proclamation measures 8 3/4” x 20”. The remaining ten proclamations measure 12” x 19” and are printed in the following languages: French, German, Greek, Italian, Polish, Russian, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish and Yiddish. The English language proclamation reads, in part: ... all male persons between the ages of twenty-one and thirty, both inclusive, shall be subject to registration in accordance with regulations to be prescribed by the President; and upon proclamation by the President or other public notice... it shall be the duty of all persons of the designated ages, except officers and enlisted men of the Regular Army, the Navy, and the national Guard and Naval Militia while in the service of the United States, to present themselves for and submit to registrations under the provisions of this act ... The significance of this can not be overstated. It is a new thing in our history and a landmark in our progress. It is a new manner of accepting and vitalizing our duty to give ourselves with thoughtful devotion to the common purpose of us all. It is in no sense a conscription of the unwilling; it is, rather, selection from a nation which has volunteered in mass. It is no more a choosing of those who shall march with the colors than it is a selection of those who shall serve an equally necessary and devoted purpose in the industries that lie behind the battle line ... Clearly the foreign language proclamations were intended for distribution in areas that had large immigrant populations. Some edge wear. Overall Fine. An Extremely rare set!
Catalog: # AA-0077
Topic: World War I
Price: $3900.00

Yellow Ticket From The Impeachment Trial of Andrew Johnson

[ANDREW JOHNSON IMPEACHMENT]. Ticket to admit the bearer to a gallery supporting the impeachment of President Andrew Johnson. 3 1/2" x 2 3/4". Yellow. Andrew Johnson’s impeachment was possibly the most controversial issue for the country during Reconstruction. Due mainly because of Johnson’s violation of the Tenure of Office Act, the impeachment stacked “Radical Republicans” against Johnson’s far more moderate approach. The Tenure of Office Act prevented the President to remove certain people from office, most notably the Secretary of War. When Johnson replaced Edwin M. Stanton and replaced him with Ulysses S. Grant, the impeachment began to gain steam. Johnson also vetoed many of the civil rights acts that were passed through congress following the Civil War, which angered most of the country. Johnson survived the impeachment by one single vote. The piece is dated May 6, 1868 and is signed by in print by George T. Brown. He served as Senate Sergeant at Arms from 1861-1869. He is famous for his signature being on the Senate chamber gallery passes like this one. Excellent condition.
Catalog: # AA-0301
Topic: Presidents and First Ladies

“ An Act In Addition To The ‘act To Prohibit The Circulation Of Small Bills”

Printed Document. One page, 6” x 91/4”. No place. No date [mid-1830s]. The document concerns “ AN ACT IN ADDITION TO THE ‘ACT TO PROHIBIT THE CIRCULATION OF SMALL BILLS” It reads, in part: “ … it shall be lawful for the different Banks in this State to receive any Bill of the denomination of one or two dollars issued by a Bank in any other State. But Banks shall not pay or circulate the same …” This document is most likely from either New York or Connecticut. Enacted during the mid-1830s, this document offers an interesting snapshot of the precarious American financial situation in the period just prior to the Panic of 1837. Wrinkling. Paper loss at edges. Stain from paper clip. Some faded pencil notation in margins. Overall Very Good.
Catalog: # AA-0103
Topic: Financial
Price: $245.00

“National Peace Reunion” Invitation

Printed Invitation to “National Peace Reunion,” bearing an image of two men shaking hands at top left. Three pages, 5 ½” x 8 ½”. Louisville Ky. August 12th, 1872. Report of the committee within. Verso bears an ornate vignette of ferryboats and locomotives entitled, “Bridge over the Falls of the Ohio, Filled by Nature Bridge by Art.” Invitation is accompanied by two 5 ½” x 8 ½” invitations: an illustrated advertisement for the “National Industrial Exposition” and a print only advertisement for “The Fifteenth Annual Fair of the Louisville and Jefferson Co. Association.” Some staining, paper loss and wear. else Good.     
Catalog: # AA-0204
State: Kentucky
Topic: Miscellaneous
Price: $95.00

117 Items.  Showing Items 109 thru 117.
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