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Devoe's Brilliant Oil Works, Brooklyn

A colorful printed advertising card measuring 9 3/4" x 5 1/2". Detailed depiction of the company's factories. At bottom left and right are various containers in which Devoe's oil was transported. The verso of the advertisement offers a description of the oil works as well as the company's product. Printed by Donaldson Brothers, Five Points, New York. Fine.
Catalog: # AA-0154
Topic: Advertising
Price: $90.00

Early Group Of Extension Of Bank Charters

1829, New York. 8 1/2” X 13 1/2”. Early 7 piece group of printed acts to extend bank charters in New York state in 1829. The acts are for the following banks; Bank of Columbia, Bank of Utica, Bank of Auburn, Bank of Newburgh, Middle District Bank, Bank of Genesee and Butchers and Drovers’ Bank, Nice early banking related memorabilia.
Catalog: # AA-0102
Topic: Financial
Price: $250.00

Election For NH’s Representative To Congress And For Electors Of President And Vice-president

Partially Printed Document. One page, 8 1/4” x 13 1/2”. New Hampshire. 1796. The document reads, in part: “ … Pursuant to an Act of this State, passed June 21st, 1792, directing the mode of choosing Representatives to the Congress of the United States. You are hereby required to notify and war a meeting of the inhabitants of said Plymouth … for the purpose of voting, by ballot for one of the following persons, viz. JONATHAN FREEMAN, Esquire, or PELEG SPRAGUE, Esquire … one of which is to be chose for a Representative of this state in the Congress of the United States … Given at the COUNCIL-CHAMBER in EXTER, this 24th day of September. In the year of our LORD, one thousand seven hundred and ninety-six … N.B. The meeting for the choice of Six Persons to be electors of a President and Vice President of the United States, is to be holden on the First Monday of November, agreeable to law … ” Usual folds. Some edge wear at left, not affecting text. Evans 25869, Bristol B8082, Shipton & Mooney 46520. Some light toning from a previous framing. Printed at Exeter by H. Ranlet. Overall Very Fine.
Catalog: # AA-0162
State: New Hampshire
Topic: Early Imprints
Price: $1250.00

Exceptionally Graphic Early Maritime Membership Certificate

Printed Document. One page, 41” x 30”. Black. Vignette of Charity and three children at top center. Detailed vignette of numerous pilot boats and other vessels at the entrance to New York Harbor. Designed and Engraved by Hoogland. The document serves to certify membership in the Pilots’ Charitable Society. Incorporated in 1817, the Pilots’ Charitable Society of New York sought to provide financial assistance to those pilots prevented from working due to age, sickness or any other cause (with the exception of drunkenness). In addition, it also provided financial support for the burial of members and the subsequent care of their widows and young children. Paper loss at edges, not affecting image or text. Else Very Fine.
Catalog: # AA-0067
Price: $400.00

Faux Gold Facsimile Of A Liberty Head Gold Piece

Faux gold facsimile of a Liberty Head Gold piece. 1 ¾” in diameter. Reserve reads “Views of Boston.” Coin opens to reveal an accordion fold series of 18 Boston landmarks and identifies Rand McNally & Co., Chicago as the coin’s manufacturer. Some minor edge wear, minor edge separation and color loss. Else Fine.
Catalog: # AA-0237
State: Massachusetts
Price: $245.00

Fine Miniature Constitution of the Confederate States of America 1861

This edition of the Constitution of the Confederate States of America was printed by S.S. Callender & Co in New Orleans in 1861. It includes all changes and legislation up to the Ordinance of Ratification pass by the Louisiana State Convention on March 21, 1861. According to Parrish and Willingham 12, only three existing copies of this edition exist. Furthermore, only twenty-nine university libraries in the country have it, and those that have it do not own hard copies. All twenty-nine libraries only have it on microform. The piece itself is twenty-nine pages and is 4”x3”.
Catalog: # AM-1828
Topic: Civil War

General Orders No 4

Printed Document. One page, 4 ¼” x 6 7/8”. War Department, Adjutant General’s Office, Washington. February 26, 1861. The document details regulations regarding Army uniforms. Paper loss at right edge, not affecting text. Else Very Fine.
Catalog: # AA-0270
State: Washington
Topic: Civil War
Price: $75.00

General Orders, Boston March 11, 1822 Concerning Military Court Martials

Printed Broadside. One page, 7 7/8” x 14”. Headquarters, Boston. March 17, 1822. The document reads, in part: “ Geneal [sic] Orders. The General Court Martial, of which Brigadier-General Appleton is President, having tried Colonel EPHRAIM WARD of the 4th regiment, 1st brigade, 5th division, upon sundry charges exhibited against him by Lieut. SOUTHWORTH ELLIS, junr. And Ensign BENNET BRIGGS of the same regiment … it appears, that, upon the first article of the complaint, in which it is alleged, in substance, that the respondent, in presiding at an election of compny officers, allowed several persons to vote who did not belong to the company …. And that he refused to receive the vote of one person who was duly enrolled … That, of the 4th article, expressed in the following words, ‘said WARD made his return, that said TINKHAM was duly elected Captain of said company, when he must have known that it was not the choice of said company that said TINKHAM should be their captain … the Court decided ‘that said WARD is guilty’. Wherefore the Court having taken into consideration the offence of which it hath adjudged COL. EPHRAIM WARD to be guilty, after full and mature deliberation thereon, sentenced him be reprimanded in orders … The elective franchise is dear to every elector’s heart … and all the regulations which have emanated from Head Quarters, on this important branch of service, are designed to elucidate and secure to electors this inestimable constitutional privilege … The same Court also tried Colonel JOSHUA HAMBLEM … Chares 1st Neglect of duty and disobedience of orders … neglecting to make the annual returns of his regiment … … Unmilitary conduct … For exercising a military command when he was under arrest … after a full and mature deliberation being had, did sentence him to be removed from office, and adjudged him to be disqualified for, and incapable of holding any military office, under this Commonwealth, for life … The same Court also tried Major FREEMAN FOSTER, Brigade Quarter Master … on the complaint of Brigadier General WILLIAM H. SUMNER … for neglecting to inspect the Military Stores … For neglecting, in the month of September last, to make out a return … it found the said Major FREEMAN FOSTER guilty, and sentenced him to be removed from office, and to be disqualified for, and incapable of holding any military office under the Commonwealth for the term of one year …” Nice court martial content, especially in regard to the two soldiers charged with neglect. Light toning at edges. A few folds. This broadside appears to be a printer’s draft copy, evidenced by the mistaken spelling of General, which has been noted and corrected in pen.
Catalog: # AA-0123
State: Massachusetts
Topic: Broadsides
Price: $175.00

Genio Scott Fall/winter 1844-45

Genio Scott]. 26 1/4” x 19 3/4” poster advertising American Fashions Fall & Winter 1844-1855 by Genio C. Scott, No 146 Broadway New York.” Wonderfully illustrated with twenty color drawings of the seasons’ fashions.

Genio Columbus Scott began his career in the fashion periodical business in New York City, publishing Scott’s Report of Fashions and The Monitor of Fashion. He also owned a clothing store on Broadway called Fashions. However, his true love was fly fishing. He wrote Fishing in American Waters (1875), illustrating it with 170 of his own pencil sketches. Cloth backed. Some edge wear. Overall Fine.

Catalog: # AA-0051
Topic: Advertising
117 Items.  Showing Items 46 thru 54.
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