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$1000 State Of Virginia Montgomery County Bond

1864, Virginia. State of Virgnina, Montgomery County Six Year $1000 Bond bearing 6% interest. Some soiling. Overall Fine.
Catalog: # SB-3696
State: Virginia
Topic: Confederate & Southern States
Price: $275.00

1876, Loan To The City Of Philadelphia Bond

1876, Pennsylvania. Bond for $8,000 bearing 6% interest. Black/White. Very attractive muti-vignetted certificate. Bust portrait vignettes of George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, William Penn and Henry Clay and city buldings at top center. Punch cancelled and very fine
Catalog: # SB-2913
State: Pennsylvania
Topic: Municipal
Price: $74.95

1950 Series G 1,000 Dollar Savings Bond

1950, United States. Series G savings bond. 7 x 4 . Left border engraved portrait vignette of Abraham Lincoln. Stamp and crayon cancelled. Rare!
Catalog: # SB-5544
Topic: U.S. Treasury
Price: $2900.00

3M - Minnesota, Mining And Manufacturing Stock Signed By Two Founders

1903, Minnesota. Stock certificate for 18 shares. GreenBlack. View of mountains with a smelting operation at center flanked by smaller views of miners at work in upper corners. Litho. If ever there existed a great American Corporation that should have failed in its early years, 3M is certainly it. Founded in 1902 by five Minnesota businessmen in the small town of Two Harbors, the company was formed to mine corundum, an ideal mineral for making sandpaper and grinding wheels. As mining and product sales were underway, the mineral turned out to be a lower quality mineral, causing poor product quality and sales. On the brink of failure, the company founders closed their mine, moved the company to Duluth, Minnesota and began the manufacture of sandpaper with abrasive materials purchased from outside sources. This certificate is signed by two of the company's founders, HENRY S. BRYAN, the first president of the company who had been involved in the railroad business, and JOHN DWAN, first secretary of the company and a local attorney. A superb early certificate signed by two founders of one of America's most dynamic corporations. Stamp cancellation not affecting signatures. Extremely Fine.
Catalog: # SB-3131
Cancellation: Stamp Cancelled
Condition: Excellent
State: Minnesota
Topic: Famous People on Stocks and Bonds
Price: $295.00

A Boston And Chelsea Railroad Company Stock Issued To And Signed By Gardiner G. Hubbard, The Founder Of The National Geographic Society And The Organizer Of The Bell System

GARDINER G. HUBBARD.(1822 1897) was an American lawyer, financier, and philanthropist. He was one of the founders of the Bell Telephone Company and the first president of the National Geographic Society.

1850, Boston. Stock certificate for 300 shares of the Boston and Chelsea Railroad Company issued to and signed "Gardiner G Hubbard" on the verso. Black on white paper. Receipt glued to the left edge and pen cancelled on the front not affecting the signature. Light soiling and in very good condition.

Catalog: # AM-0625
State: Massachusetts
Topic: Famous People on Stocks and Bonds

A Chicago, Rock Island And Pacific Bond Issued To And Signed By Standard Oil's Benjamin Brewster

Benjamin Brewster. DS. 1pp. 13" x 9". Illinois. December 3, 1889. A "Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific" bond for $5,000 issued to and signed by Benjamin Brewster. There is a railroad vignette in the upper right corner and a receipt glued to the left side. It has been punch and stamp cancelled, though not affecting Brewster's large signature. It is in fine condition overall.
Catalog: # W1-0005
State: Illinois
Topic: Famous People on Stocks and Bonds
Price: $125.00

A Choice Graphic Proof Stock Certificate For The Union Pacific Railway

188-, New York. Rare Proof Stock certificate for the Union Pacific Railway Company. Large, standing Liberty holding a shield and a flag with an eagle at her feet. Top center vingette of a steam locomotive. Folds. Uncancelled and fine. A gorgeous piece of railroad artwork!
Catalog: # SB-2503
State: New York
Topic: Railroad
Price: $2500.00

A Choice Set Of Five Different Northern Pacific Stocks

 Northern Pacific Railroad
A fine set of five different color varieties including both preferred and common stock certificates from the Northern Pacific Railroad. Bearing the engraved portrait of Frederick Billings, these certificates provide a wonderful example of the art of intaglio printing in the 19th century done by the National Bank Note Company. All extremely fine or better.
Catalog: # NP-1000
Condition: Extremely Fine
State: New York
Topic: Railroad
Price: $100.00

A Choice, Large Size Early French Phonograph Stock

1907, Paris, France. Stock certificate for 100 francs. Green Black. Wonderful art nouveau design depicting two female figures at sides. Nice large phonograph at lower left, early records at lower right and top center. Litho. Attached coupons at right. Uncancelled and Extremely Fine with one vertical fold. Superb for display
Catalog: # SB-1608
Country: France
Topic: Miscellaneous
Price: $275.00

1958 Items.  Showing Items 1 thru 9.
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