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A New Orleans And Ohio Telegraph Lessees Stock Signed By Norvin Green As President

NORVIN GREEN. (1818-1893).Physician; Legislator; Telegraph pioneer, becoming president of Western Union. Green had been involved in the early formative years of this company and in 1853, the New Orleans & Ohio Telegraph and the Louisville and New Orleans telegraph companies merged after a period of ruinous competition. Shortly after, Green and a group of other businessmen leased these lines for operation. A series of consolidations in the industry ultimately led to the formation of Western Union Telegraph which served the entire United States-an idea that Green was amongst the first to support. A truly important individual in the development of the telegraph industry.

1858, Louisville. Certificate for 100 shares of the New Orleans and Ohio Telegraph Lessees signed by "N. Green" as president. Black on white paper. Two vignettes of allegorical woman and one of an early steam locomotive passing a boat in a canal. Pen and cut cancelled. Light soiling, wrinkling and pinholes and in very good condition.

Catalog: # AM-0546
State: Louisiana
Topic: Telephone & Telegraph
Price: $450.00

A Pan American Airways Corporation Stock Issued To And Signed By L.L. Bean

L.L. BEAN. 1937, Delaware. Certificate for 40 shares of the Pan American Airways Corporation issued to and signed by "Leon L. Bean" on the verso. The stock has orange borders and background with a facsimile signature of Juan Trippe. The piece is lightly punch cancelled, including two small holes that barely touch Bean's signature. It is in very fine condition overall.
Catalog: # AM-0626
State: Delaware
Topic: Famous People on Stocks and Bonds
Price: $575.00

A Possibly Unique And Historically Significant Spanish Trading Company Stock Certificate Issued To The Queen Mother Of Spain, The Nation’s Most Powerful Woman Of The Period

1766, Spain. One share. Engraved vignette of the royal arms of Guipuzcoa with an extremely ornate border design depicting an indian, female figure, fruits, weapons and plants as well as a number of boxes of the company’s freight. Printed on vellum. Attached embossed white seal which also depicts the Guipuzcoa royal arms. The Caracas company was formed by a group of merchants in the Guipuzcoa province near San Sebastian, in the Basque region of Spain. Its primary purpose was trading with the Caracas province of Venezuela as well as the development of agriculture and the oversight of Orinoco river to the Hacha river in order to prevent illegal trading by the Dutch from Curacao. This company was the first of the great spanish overseas trading companies and the first Spanish trading company known to have issued public stock. At 21 Elizabeth Farnese (1692-1766), the Queen consort of Spain, was married to Philip V of Spain. Exerting great influence of the weak Philip, she strongly supported the policy of Alberoni, one aim of which was to recover the ancient Italian possessions of Spain (eventually both Sardinia and Sicily were seized by the Spanish). Elizabeth was such a staunch supporter of this policy that she even placed herself at the head of one division of the Spanish army as French forces advanced to the Pyrenees! Ultimately, Elizabeth's ambition was grievously disappointed. The Triple Alliance thwarted her plans, and in 1720 the allies made the banishment of Alberoni a condition of peace, and the Spanish were forced to abandon Sicily. In the end, all Elizabeth’s entreaties failed to prevent the abdication of Philip, who gave up the throne to his heir in 1724, and retired to the palace of La Granja. Seven months later, the death of the young king recalled Philip to the throne. During his declining years, Elizabeth directed the whole policy of Spain toward securing thrones in Italy for her sons. In 1736 she had the satisfaction of seeing her dreams realized with the accession of her son Don Carlos, later Charles II of Spain, to the throne of the Two Sicilies and his recognition by the powers in the treaty of Vienna. An important, early Spanish trading company stock and historically signicant issued to the most powerful woman in Spain at the time. Uncancelled and Extremely Fine.
Catalog: # SB-4100
Country: Spain
Topic: Early Trading Companies
Price: $14500.00

A Rare Chilean Bank Bond Proof By American Bank Note Company

18—. Santiago Chile. Bond for 1000 pesos bearing 5%. Green\Black. A fine engraving of a seated liberty and lion flanked by a railroad and ship scene. Smaller vignette of the bank building below and a fine engraved vignette of the Chilean coast at left. Unique. A few folds. Fine.
Catalog: # SB-4965
Country: Chile
Topic: Banking
Price: $195.00

A Rare Chilean Bank Stock Proof By American Bank Note Company El Banco Chileno Garantizador De Valores

18—. Santiago, Chile. 5% Stock. Green. Engraved vignette of coat-of-arms flanked by spread-eagle vignettes. Accompanied by two pages of hand drawn documents detailing the initial design of the certificate. Unique. Folds. Fine.
Catalog: # SB-4964
Country: Chile
Topic: Banking
Price: $225.00

A Rare Early Stock Certificate of The Howe Machine Company Stock Signed by Elias Howe’s Early Partner and Son-In-Law Levi S. Stockwell

1877, Bridgeport, Connecticut. Stock certificate for 794 shares. Black. Signed by Levis S. Stockwell as president. Elias Howe patented the lock stitch sewing machine in 1846, although it wasn’t until 1865 that he and the Stockwell brothers formed the Howe Machine Company and erected a factory at Bridgeport, Connecticut. In the first 6 months of 1871 it was reported that the factory could produce 1000 machines a day. The Stockwell brothers were both sons in law of Elias Howe marrying his only two daughters. ( Some pinholes at left and small paper loss at extreme top margin. A rare certicate from this important and well-known company. Overall Fine.
Catalog: # SB-5626
State: Connecticut
Topic: Famous People on Stocks and Bonds
Price: $575.00

A Rare Variety Early Vermont Railroad Stock

1853, Vermont. Stock certificate for 5 shares of Western Vermont Rail Road Co. Black. Vignette of a steam locomotive at left, state seal at upper center. Litho. Rich. & Laurel, New York. Imprinted red seal at lower left. Completed in 1852, the road operated between Bennington and Rutland, Vermont. Uncancelled and Extremely Fine.
Catalog: # SB-5659
State: Vermont
Topic: Railroad
Price: $245.00

A Rare Western Mining Certificate, New York & Utah Prospecting & Mining Company

1867, Utah. Stock certificate for 1000 shares. Vignette of mining scene at top center. Attached adhesive revenue stamp at lower left. A rare western mining company. Uncancelled and extremely fine.
Catalog: # SB-1803
State: Utah
Topic: Mining
Price: $450.00

A S.A. De Gymnastique Medicale Mecanique Bond

1880, Paris, France. A bond for 500 francs. Peach background and black text on white paper. Interesting vignettes at top and bottom center margins and left and right center margins depicting early health machines, some of which look quite painful. Litho. Scalloped left edge with complete coupons attached at bottom. Uncancelled and in extremely fine condition.
Catalog: # SB-3139
Country: France
Topic: Medical History
1810 Items.  Showing Items 19 thru 27.
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