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1862 Items.  Showing Items 64 thru 72.
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American Real Estate Company, Inc.

1911, New York. Green/Black/White. $200 bond bearing 6% interest. Vignette of eagle with spread wings at top center. Row of coupons on right side. Very fine.
Catalog: # SB-1147
Topic: Real Estate/Land
Price: $75.00

American Visual Telegraph Company

1892, New Jersey. Stock certificate for 200 shares. Black with light blue background and attached embossed gold company seal at lower left. Vignette of an eagle perched on a mountain top at center. Uncancelled and very fine.
Catalog: # SB-5649
State: New Jersey
Topic: Telephone & Telegraph
Price: $225.00

American-Foreign Oil Corporation

1920, Virginia. Certificate for 20 shares in English and French. Orange border on white paper with black type. Top center vignette of a steam engine pulling a number of petroleum cars away; in the foreground is an oil field. Complete coupons attached to the right. Litho. Uncancelled and in very fine condition.
Catalog: # SB-3587
State: Virginia
Topic: Oil and Gas
Price: $45.00

An Attractive Greek Bank Stock With A Large Coin Vignette

1925, Athens, Greece. Bond. Multi-colored. Large center vignette of a an egyptian coin. Bottom border vignettes of various greek figures figures. Attached coupons. Stamp cancelled and very fine.
Catalog: # SB-3252
Cancellation: Stamp Cancelled
Condition: Very Fine
Country: Greece
Topic: Banking
Price: $75.00

An Early American Express Company Stock Signed By Fargo, Butterfield And Holland

1856, New York. Stock certificate for 4 shares. Black. Vignette of a rail yard and a ship yard with the “Saftey & Dispatch” seal at top center. . Signed as vice president by JOHN BUTTERFIELD, as Secretary by WILLIAM G. FARGO and as Treasurer by ALEX HOLLAND. FARGO, WILLIAM G. (1818 - 1881). Expressman. Fargo got his start in the express business at age 13 through a 30 mile mail route. Sometime later, William Fargo served as a messenger with Wells & Company, the first express company to venture west of Buffalo. Fargo became a partner in Wells & Company and, in 1850, they joined with two other express companies to form the American Express Company which covered the eastern sector of the United States; Wells, Fargo & Company, formed in 1852, covered the western sector. Wells went on to start his own firm, Wells & Company, which ran a route from Buffalo to Detroit, the first express company to venture west of Buffalo. As a young man, William Fargo served as a messenger with Wells & Company, and eventually became Wells' partner. In 1850, Wells & Company joined with two other express companies to form the American Express Company which covered the eastern sector of the United States, with the western sector being covered by Wells, Fargo and Company. BUTTERFIELD, JOHN (1801 - 1869). Expressman; Financier. Beginning his career in the express business as a stage driver, Butterfield soon held a share in the proprietorship he was working for. Shortly, most of the stage lines west of New York were under his control. In 1849, he formed the express company of Butterfield, Wasson & Co. and in 1850, upon his suggestion, a merger of his company, (Henry) Wells & Co. and Livingston, (William G.) Fargo & Co. formed the American Express Company. In 1857, they received the government contract for the first transcontinental stage line at $600,000 per year and resulted in the Overland Mail Company of which Butterfield was president. His activities stretched to steamboating, plank roads and railroads. Some light toning. Revenue stamp affixed. Uncancelled and fine. This item has been authenticated, graded and encapsulated by PASS-CO.
Catalog: # SB-4507
State: New York
Topic: Famous People on Stocks and Bonds
Price: $950.00

An Early French Privateer Share

A share for 1,000 francs in an expedition for J. B. Garrigou & Company.  1800. The corsair was bound for the L’Isle-de-France. A translation follows: ARMAMENT IN WAR AND GOODS Length from head to head. . . 88 feet  Width of main beam . . . .    22 feet, 6 inches Deep    in the hull    . .   . . . 9 feet  10 inches. This Ship was built and doubled with copper, it is made for a higher walk, — in the brig, & armed with guns and shells of 8 pounds, with the necessary number of men a similar expedition. We the undersign, Ship-owners of the Ship Adventure aforesaid, acknowledge to have received — the sum of a Thousand francs for an share or portion of interest that it represents in the armament of the aforesaid Ship, and because it is to take part this day, with the benefit or loss which will be able the result of the aforesaid, armament, according to the clauses and conditions of the leaflet of which it took note. Excellent.
Catalog: # SB-0113
Country: France
Topic: Maritime
Price: $1250.00

An Early Stock Certificate Issued To Elias Boudinot A President of Continental Congress And Signer Of The Peace Treaty Which Ended The War With Great Britain!


 1817. Newark, New Jersey. Stock Certificate for 2 Shares. Black White.  7 7/8”  x 5 ¾ “. Issued to Elias Boudinot, the tenth President of Continental Congress. In 1806, the New Jersey General Assembly chartered the Essex and Middlesex Turnpike. Elias Boudinot’s brother and future Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of New Jersey Elisha Boudinot was a commissioner and majority share holder of the company from its onset. Elisha was among a group of New Jerseyans authorized to “receive subscriptions for erecting a turnpike road, four rods wide, from the east end of the bridge over the Raritan river at New Brunswick, through Elizabethtown to Newark, in the count of Essex…” The subscription of stock was authorized at 3,000 shares of $50 each. The goal of the turnpike was to both improve the New Brunswick to Newark road and to connect that road with the Trenton and New Brunswick Turnpike in New Brunswick. A Choice rarity displaying this important early political investing in the growth of America. 

BOUDINOT, ELIAS  (1740-1821).  Revolutionary statesman.  Boudinot was a close friend of Washington's, and a tireless supporter of the Revolution and the fledgling federal government. Despite not signing the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, or the Articles of Confederation, he is one of the more important political figures from the American Revolutionary Era.  After serving as a delegate to the Continental Congress, Boudinot became the Secretary of Foreign Affairs.  Due to his immense successes in dealing with the aid provided by France, Spain, and Holland, Boudinot was selected to be the 10th President of the Continental Congress in 1782.  Boudinot singed the Treaty of Paris while in office as President of the Continental Congress in 1783.  After he served as President, Boudinot was elected as a U.S. Representative from New Jersey in 1789.  Although he retired after one term, George Washington appointed Boudinot to become Director of United States Mint.  Boudinot held the position from 1795-1805.  
Catalog: # SB-7400
State: New Jersey
Country: United States
Topic: Political/United States
Price: $2000.00

An Easton Baseball Club Stock Signed By Legendary Baseball Executive George Weiss

1940, Maryland. Stock certificate for 100 shares. Brown/Black. Signed as Vice-President by George M. Weiss (1894 - 1972). Elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1971, Weiss served as a long time director of the New York Yankees farm system and later as a highly successful General Manager for the club. Lightly pen cancelled and Extremely Fine.
Catalog: # SB-4124
State: Maryland
Topic: Sports
Price: $575.00

An Extremely Early California Gold Mining Stock Certificate

1851, California. Stock certificate of the Enterprise Quartz Company. Issued at Nevada, California. November 21, 1851. Printed by Nevada Journal Print. The company was located on Kentucky Ridge, Nevada County. Gold was discovered around 1850 - 1851 on Kentucky Ridge by one of the early 49ers, George Roberts. It is possible that the signature on this stock, E. W. Roberts is a relative. The Kentucky Ridge saw the first Black slaves brought in for mining purposes. "These Afro-Americans came to Nevada County from Georgia as the slaves of Colonel William F. English. English reportedly was a Georgia planter who sold his plantation in 1850, then journeyed to Philadelphia, where he purchased a ship to transport machinery and workers to California to establish a mining enterprise." While we've been unable to connect the Enterprize quartz specifically with English's slaves, it is possible that they worked the company mine. Stock certificates dated 1851 from a California gold mine are quite rare and this offers a fine opportunity to acquire a piece of the gold rush. Folds. Fine.
Catalog: # SB-4799
State: California
Topic: Mining
Price: $2000.00

1862 Items.  Showing Items 64 thru 72.
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