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NewColonial Rhode Island Six Shillings Note

Colonial Rhode Island 6 shilling note. Fr# RI-296. 1786. UNC. Nice margins and a bold printing.
Catalog: # AM-3601
State: Rhode Island
Topic: Colonial Currency
Price: $275.00

NewCommercial National Bank of Charleston, South Carolina

1916. South Carolina. Stock certificate for 20 shares. Extremely Fine.
Catalog: # SB-5889
State: South Carolina
Topic: Banking
Price: $49.00

NewCyrus Field Signed Check– Promoter of the Atlantic Cable

FIELD, CYRUS W. (1819-1892). Capitalist; Telegraphy pioneer; Promoter . Field was the driving force behind the first telegraph cable across the Atlantic ocean. After unsuccessful attempts in 1857-58, Field succeeded in laying a working cable between Ireland and Newfoundland in August 1858, only to have it fail four weeks later. He finally succeeded in laying a working cable in 1866. Field then went on to help establish elevated railroads in New York City, and to collaborate with Jay Gould in various railroad projects. Document Signed. 7 ¼” x 2 5/8”. New York, March 13, 1879. Partly-printed check drawn on the National City Bank payable to Colonel Geo. E. Waring, Jr. in the amount of $250.00. Attached adhesive revenue. Bank punch cancellation. Fine.
Catalog: # AM-0547
Topic: Signed Checks

NewExplorer Frederick Albert Cook Promotes Stock in A Film Company

Frederick Albert Cook 1865 – 1940 was an American explorer, physician, and ethnographer, noted for his claim of having reached the North Pole on April 21, 1908. This was a year before April 6, 1909, the date claimed by the American explorer Robert Peary, and the accounts were disputed for several years. TLS 2pp 8” x 10” Chicago May 11th, 1915. A typed letter signed “F A Cook” to My dear Wyckoff. …”I had hoped that you could at least accompany us on the “Round the World Tour” even if you did not care to plunge into the life enraptured wilderness about Mr. Everest. This would give you seven months of physical ease and mental recreation, but if you cannot make this possible, don’t you want to take a persona and financial interest in the motion pictures phase of the project?...Cook continues on promoting stock in The Orient Film Company "to make, market and hold, the motion pictures of the Mt. Everest and Around the World Expedition. Folds. In Excellent condition.
Catalog: # AM-3433
State: Illinois
Topic: Business
Price: $350.00

NewJames Russell Lowell Signature Cut From A Letter

James Russell Lowell (1819 – 1891). American poet, editor, diplomat. Signature cut from the conclusion of a letter. Overall 4” x 1 ¼”. “Very sincerely, yours, J. R. Lowell”. Fine.
Catalog: # AM-3618
Topic: Literary
Price: $90.00


HARRY FOOTE HODGES (1860-1929), US Army officer. Served in the Spanish-American War and with the AEF in WW I. Also served as engineer in charge of locks, dams, and regulating works on the Canal, 1907. Autograph Letter Signed. Washington, D.C. March 21, 1915. 2 pp 5" x 8". On "War Department Office of the Chief of Engineers" letterhead to a Mr. Wheeler as he is about to command the North Atlantic Coast Artillery district: "...Thank you many times for your note of congratulation. It was very welcome. Of course we are greatly pleased with the promotion and circumstances surrounding it, albeit it takes me away from my engineering duties. We go shortly to Fort Fulton, at Willets Point, where I am to command the North Atlantic Coast Artillery district, extending along the coast to include Portland, Me. and the Southern entrance to New York Harbor. The news you give of David is rather startling. We hope most sincerely that his service will prove of benefit to himself, as it will to others, and that he will suffer nothing in person from his effort to be of help." Mounting traces to last empty page. Very Good.
Catalog: # AM-3599
State: District Of Columbia
Topic: Military History
Price: $125.00

NewMobile and Girard Rail Road Company Bond

1866, Alabama. $500 bond bearing interest at 8%. Vignette of steam locomotive. Attached adhesive revenue. Punch cancelled and Fine.
Catalog: # SB-5893
State: Alabama
Topic: Railroad
Price: $85.00

NewPhilip Barton Key Details The Payments Due For The Purchase of Twelve Slaves – His Murder by Daniel Sickles was the First Successful Use of the Temporary Insanity Defense in American History

Philip Barton Key (1818 – 1859). U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia, Son of Francis Scott Key. He was murdered by Congressman Daniel Sickles who successfully utilized the temporary insanity defense for the first time in United States history. Document Signed. 2 pages, both sides of a single sheet. 8” x 13”. “Thomas Henry Johnson of the State of Louisiana, on the 26th March 1839, purchased from Mr. Jane Clements of Georgetown, District of Columbia, twelve certain Negros and for the payment of the price thereof, executed in favor of said Mrs. Jane Clements eleven promissory notes, nine of which remain unpaid…” The dates and amounts of the remaining notes are detailed. The body of the document is accomplished in a secretarial hand with Key signing at the conclusion.
Catalog: # AM-3604
Price: $350.00

NewPromissory Note Endorsed by Admiral David Farragut

DAVID FARRAGUT (1801-1870). An American admiral during the Civil War, Farragut is best remembered for his actions against New Orleans and Mobile Bay. He quipped “Damn the torpedoes! Full speed ahead!” DS. 1pp. 8” x 3 1/2”. Washington D.C. Sept 28th 1866. A partly printed promissory note signed “D. G. Farragut” on the verso. A man agreed that “two months after date I promise to pay to the order of David G. Farragut Forty Dollars with Interest”. Black on thin white paper with an engraving of an allegorical woman in the top right corner and a steamship in the lower center. Farragut’s signature is dark and it is in very fine condition.
Catalog: # AM-3603
Price: $375.00

48 Items.  Showing Items 19 thru 27.
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