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NewPromissory Note Signed by N.H. Governor Ichabod Goodwin

Ichabod, Goodwin (1794 – 1882). Governor of New Hampshire. July 25, 1863. Promissory note signed by Goodwin with the Boylston Fire and Marine Insurance Company. Attached adhesive revenue stamp. Punch cancelled. Fine.
Catalog: # AM-3617
State: Massachusetts
Topic: Political/United States
Price: $45.00

NewSecurity Mortgage and Trust Company of Dallas Texas

1888, Texas. Stock certificate for 50 shares. Vignette of Texas Star. Litho. Very Fine.
Catalog: # SB-5885
State: Texas
Topic: Banking
Price: $65.00

NewSigned Twice By Zebulon Pike of Pike’s Peak Fame

Zebulon Montgomery Pike (1779 – 1813). American brigadier general, explorer. Pike’s Peak in Colorado is named after him. Document Signed. 1 page. 1809. 12” x 7 ¾”. While Pike was serving as a Major in the 6th Regiment of Infantry he certifies the accuracy of his pay and reimbursement for supplies due from “the 1st April to the 31 May 1809, Inclusive.” Signed twice, at lower right and left. Folds. Excellent Condition.
Catalog: # AM-3434
Price: $750.00

NewSimon Bernard – Napoleon’s General of Engineers – Designed U.S. Coastal Defenses

Simon Bernard (1779 – 1839). French general of engineers, aide –de-camp to Napoleon, left France for America after the 2nd abdication and became Brigadier-general of engineers in the U.S. Army to improve costal defenses. He designed Fort Monroe, Fort Wool, Fort Adams and Fort Morgan, among others. Document Signed. Washington, January 5, 1819. 7” x 2 ¾”. Partly-printed check drawn on the Office of Discount & Deposit of the Bank of the United States payable to General S. Bernard in the amount of $514.54. Endorsed on verso by Bernard . Some light mounting residue. Cut cancellation
Catalog: # AM-3609
Price: $225.00

NewSir Ernest Oppenheimer Autograph – Controlled DeBeers

Ernest Oppenheimer (1880 – 1957). Diamond and gold mining entrepreneur, financier. Founded Anglo American Corporation of South Africa and Controlled DeBeers, the diamond syndicate. Signed Album page. 6” x 4 ½”. The typescript at bottom indicates that he signed it at Johannesburg, South Africa on December 5, 1950. Fine autograph.
Catalog: # AM-3606
Topic: Mining
Price: $175.00

NewSouth Carolina Politician Pierce Butler References the Purchase of Slaves

Please to return my compts. to and thanks to Mr. Mien for his information respecting Mrs. Cunningham’s Negroes. If she saves them and makes a good use of them I am more gratified than by purchasing then. Pierce Butler (1744 – 1822). South Carolina planter and politician, delegate to the Constitutional Convention. A strong supporter of slavery, he was one of the largest slaveholders in America. ALS. 2 pages. Philadelphia April 22, 1807. Both sides of a single sheet. 7 ¾” x 9 ¾”. Butler writes to an unknown recipient; Dear Sir, Your favour, no 37, dated April 4 received the 20th, I should have answered to it the same day had I not been indisposed. I could have no pre-knowledge of my debt to you, it therefore could not be intentional on my part; on the other side is an order on Mr. King to instantly send you fifty or sixty barrels of rice; which you will please to dispose of for cash to reimburse yourself. I would order more rice to you were the Market of Savanah even the last rice lay months, if I recollect right, undisposed of your correctness and method, if I say nothing of personal esteem, would induce preferring you to any other person, but you cannot control or command purchasors- there is a greater demand and more Capital in Charleston. I congratulate you on the prospect of an addition to your domestick happiness; and I sincerely hope that your children may prove blessings to yourself and Madam de Villers; to whom I beg to tender my best respects. I observe what you say respecting the shipping of cotton. In a letter I sent by water. I wrote you to ship my cotton to Messrs. Charles Taylor & Co. the House of Harrison and Co. having dissolved; having after that received a letter from Mr. Rich Harrison, I altered my first intention, and wrote a short letter resigning to have my cotton shipped to Mr. Rich Harrison Mercht., Liverpool the last you will please to regard. I shall be mindful of your desire respecting Doctor Grant. The Schooner York being solely under your order, I trust she will do well; and pay for herself. When you see Judge Jones and Mr. McKey, two amiable men, assure them of my sincere regard. Please to return my compts. to and thanks to Mr. Mien for his information respecting Mrs. Cunningham’s Negroes. If she saves them and makes a good use of them I am more gratified than by purchasing then. I trust nothing will prevent my seeing you in Savannah the first week in November. I remain with sentiments of esteem and regard, Your Friend, Pierce Butler”
Catalog: # AM-3279
Price: $750.00

NewSt. Louis Transfer Railway Company Stock Certificate

1885, Missouri. Stock certificate for 1 share. Brown with embossed gold company seal attached at left. Vignette at top center of steam locomotive being loaded at station. Litho. Trances of stub glue at left.Pen cancelled and very fine.
Catalog: # SB-5892
State: Missouri
Topic: Railroad
Price: $65.00

NewStock Certificate Issued to and Signed by Augustus G. Paine, Jr.

Augustus G. Paine, Jr. (1866-1947). Prominent paper industrialist and bank official. March 10, 1923. Stock certificate issued to Paine and endorsed by him on verso. Punch cancelled.
Catalog: # SB-5899
Topic: Industrial
Price: $45.00

NewStock Issued to Levi P. Morton and Signed by William C. Van Horne

The Cuba Company Stock Issued to Levi P. Morton and Signed by William C. Van Horne 1900, New Jersey. Stock certificate for 1 share of The Cuba Company Issued to but not signed by Levi P. Morton, Vice-President of the United States under Benjamin Harrison. Signed as president of the company by William C. Van Horne. VAN HORNE, WILLIAM C. (1843 1915). Railroad executive. From a successful early career in railroad, Van Horne developed the Chicago, Milwakee & St. Paul Railroad system into a major competitor of James J. Hill's Great Northern. Hill was so impressed with Van Horne's skills, he recommended the latter as a director of the Canadian Pacific Railway, a position which Van Horne accepted. "The story of the building of the Canadian Pacific is mainly a history of his achievements in overcoming stupendous difficulties . . ." (DAB). A long period of success and growth followed and Van Horne resigned in 1899, only to begin a series of South American and Cuban ventures of which this Cuba Railroad was one. MORTON, LEVI P. (1824-1920). Investment banker; Vice-President of the United States; Minister to France. Morton launched his banking firm in 1863 after a previous business failure brought on by worthless Southern debts. "His mastery of the uncertain trends of finance after the Civil War was so complete that, in the operations under the refunding law of 1870, his firm . . with its London agent . . found itself, with Drexel, Morgan & Company on the upward curve, supplanting in some measure the firm of Jay Cooke, that had for ten years been dominant in American finance" (DAB). Served as Vice-President under Benjamin Harrison from 1889-1893.
Catalog: # SB-5897
State: New Jersey
Price: $125.00

48 Items.  Showing Items 28 thru 36.
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