Bingham, a close friend of George Washington was one of the most influential businessmen of the period. In 1781 he founded the first bank in the young nation, the Bank of North America. As well as being one of America's first millionaires, Bingham was a political and social giant.


A Rarely Seen William Bingham Check

WILLIAM BINGHAM (1752-1804). American statesman from Philadelphia who helped to found the first bank of the new nation. Autograph Pay Order Signed, “Wm Bingham.” One page, 7 ½” x 3 ¼”. “Black Point.” November 24, 1792. With docketing on verso. Bingham writes:   “Please to pay to Mr. William Lloyd on order five hundred & seventy dollars, for value received, which charge to Account   Your obed Serv. Wm. Bingham. Nicholas Law Esq. New York.”   A leading Philadelphia banker and financier who aided the Revolutionary cause, William Bingham was also a major land developer in the early years of the American nation, purchasing over 2 million acres in Maine in addition to land in upstate New York. Our note was drafted at Bingham’s recent New York purchase, where he established a country retreat on 200 acres of Black Point farmland that is today known as Bingham Hill. 
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