JAMES MICHAEL CURLEY, (1874 - 1958).Elected mayor of Boston five times; Governor of Massachusetts for one term; U.S. Congress for two terms. Convicted in 1946 of mail fraud, Curley served five months in jail. His sentence was commuted by President Truman and he completed his last term as mayor.


Irving Trust Company Stock Issued To Boston's Corrupt Mayor, James M. Curley

1932, New York. Stock certificate for 100 shares. OrangeBlack. Engraved vignette of seated liberty flanked and state seal. Issued to JAMES M. CURLEY (1874-1958) and signed by him on the accompanying stock power. A popular though corrupt mayor, while in office Curley was convicted of mail fraud and served five months in prison. When he was fined $30,000 for another legal infraction, thousands of citizens donated money to pay the fine. Punch cancellation not affecting signature. Fine.
Catalog: # SB-2528
State: New York
Topic: Famous People on Stocks and Bonds
Price: $195.00