JAMES C. DOBBIN (1814-1857). Dobbin served as Franklin Pierce's Secretary of the Navy. He instituted many reforms, including the forced retirement of many old and ineffective Navy officers.


Navy Secretary James Dobbin Signed Letter

JAMES DOBBIN. LS. 1pp. 7 3/4" x 9 3/4". Navy Department. August 15, 1856. A letter signed "J. C. Dobbin" as Secretary of the Navy. He wrote to "Maj. George F. Lindsay Quartermaster Marine Corps": "In the communication addressed to relation to the claim of Creevy and Farwell, you were directed 'to inform the Department why Capt. Sutherland was not furnished at the proper time with the necessary funds for the payment of the claim, and also state the time when the funds were furnished him for the purpose.' Your reply does not meet that point, and your attention is specifically called to it. An early answer is desired." The letter is in fine condition with white paper and dark ink.
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