1821–1882. Photographer, worked for Matthew Brady’s studio until 1862. Second only to Brady for his fame and importance as a Civil War photographer. Published Gardner’s Photographic Sketch Book of the War. After the war Gardner finally traveled West to his promised land, photographing along the way.


Very Scarce Autograph Of Civil War Photographer Alexander Gardner

ALEXANDER GARDNER (1821 –1882) was a Scottish photographer who moved to the United States in 1856 where he developed his profession. He is best known for his photographs of the American Civil War, American President Abraham Lincoln, and the execution of the conspirators to Lincoln's assassination. Document Signed. Partly-printed bank check drawn on Riggs & Co. payable to Rebecca J. Ashley in the amount of $400. Accomplished in his hand and signed by Gardner as Secretary of The Masonic Mutual Relief Association of the District of Columbia. Printed on blue paper with a nice orange imprinted revenue at center. Bank cut cancellation just slightly touches Gardner’s signature. A very scarce and desirable autograph from this important Civil War photographer. PASS-CO Certified, Graded EF and Encapsulated.
Catalog: # AM-0982
Topic: Signed Checks
Price: $2900.00