John Pierpont Morgan, Jr. (1867 - 1943). Born into one of America's most fabulously wealthy families John Pierpont Morgan Jr. followed his father into the family business becoming the senior partner of J. P. Morgan & Company upon his father's death in 1913. Considered by many to be the most powerful financial figure in the country after his father died, by 1933 he and his firm was reported to control one quarter of the total assets in the United States. An active and generous philanthropist, he gave away millions.


Historic Large Block Of Northern Pacific Shares Issued To J.P. Morgan & Co. During Morgan’s Reorganization Of The Struggling Railroad, Accompanied By A Transfer Reciept Signed By J. Pierpont Morgan Junior On Behalf Of The Morgan Company!

1896, New York. Important lot of twenty-three Northern Pacific Stocks, #059140, 059147-059159, 059164, 059166, 059173. Brown. Vignette of locomotive at center. Total purchase was for a staggering 332,885 shares! Attached to verso of stock #059173 is a transfer receipt Signed, “J.P. Morgan.” [JOHN PIERPONT MORGAN JR. (1867-1943). American financier and heir to J.P Morgan.] New York. May 7, 1897. Compounding the effects of mismanagement and low traffic, the Panic of 1893 threw the Northern Pacific railroad into bankruptcy and sparked an ongoing battle for control of the company among many of its prominent officers. This bitter struggle finally came to a head in 1896 when the company found itself under the guidance of two presidents in less than three months! In a historic move, J.P. Morgan took charge of refinancing and reorganizing the floundering railroad. Successfully allying with James J. Hill’s Great Northern system despite a protracted legal battle concerning the Sherman Antitrust law, Morgan, as he had with other struggling U.S. roads in the wake of the Panic of 1893, steered the Northern Pacific through “Morganization” and returned the long struggling railroad to profitability. The transferred shares in this extremely large transaction comprise a significant portion of Morgan’s holdings in the Northern Pacific during a transformative period of “Morganization” that ultimately brought that company back from a ruinous bankruptcy. An extraordinary piece of financial history so important to the re-organization of the company.
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J.P. Morgan Jr. Signs For The New York Trade School

Typed Document Signed. New York. December 31, 1897. 1 pp. 8" x 13". Legal document giving consent to the to Second Avenue Railroad Company to the New York Trade School signed “J.P. Morgan Jr.” It reads, in part: “The undersigned, the owner of the property known as the New York Trade School, lying on the East side of First Avenue, and extending from sixty-seventh to sixty-eighth Streets, in the City of “New York, hereby consents to the operation of the railroad of the Second Avenue Railroad Company or any portion thereof, by any power, other than locomotive steam power or overhead trolley, which may be approved by the Board of Railroad Commissioners the State of New York. PROVIDED HOWEVER, that this consent shall in no event be deemed to waive, release or affect any claim for damages the undersigned or its assigns may have against the said Company, which may arise or ensue by reason of such substitution and change of power or the operation of the said railroad...” The New York Trade School was originally called the Metropolitan Museum of Art. In 1881 it was renamed the New York Trade School to more precisely reflect its curriculum (after the art education program is moved to a separate school). Five years before this document was signed, Morgan’s father had offered the school a sizeable endowment. Over the next 60 years it gained a reputation as the nation’s leading trade school for American young men and the model upon which other trade schools are founded. With impressed seal and minor age wear to bottom third. Mostly Fine. An interesting Railroad, Art School & Morgan association with a scarce JP Morgan, Jr. signature.
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