THOMAS FORTUNE RYAN (1851-1928). Ryan, a pioneer in New York City transit, is best remembered for creating the first American holding company, the Metropolitan Traction Company. Ryan started as a Wall Street messenger, went into the brokerage business and invested his profits in New York transit. He took those profits and expanded into tobacco, banking, railroading, insurance and utilities. He was often accused of illegalities, but was able to wriggle free each time.


Thomas Fortune Ryan Secretary Of The Kentucky Mineral And Timber Company, Signs A Bond

THOMAS FORTUNE RYAN. 1892, New Jersey. A $1,000 bond for the Kentucky Mineral and Timber Company bearing 5% interest for 15 years. It is signed by Thomas F. Ryan as secretary. Red borders and a red background on large white paper. Large company logo and engraving of surveyors working outside a mine entrance. Complete coupons to the right side. An outstanding example. Minor paper splits at folds else fine.
Catalog: # W1-0027
State: Kentucky
Topic: Famous People on Stocks and Bonds
Price: $350.00