Revolutionary soldier; Governor of Connecticut; Senator.


John Trumbull Signs an Appointment of Mathew Talcott To Serve As Major In The "Sixth Regiment of Horse and Foot" In The Colony Of Connecticut


Jonathan Trumbull (1710-1785). Wartime governor of Connecticut; Close friend of George Washington. DS. 1 page. 15" x 10". New Haven, November 4, 1774. Trumbull appoints a Matthew Talcott a Major in the Colony Cavalry; “ Whereas you are appointed tby the General-Assembly of said colony to be Major of the sixth regiment of horse and foot; in said colony; reposing special trust and confidence in you loyalty, courage, care, and good conduct; I do by these presents constitute and appoint you to be Major of the said regiment; you are therefore to take the said regiment into your care and charge as their Major, and carefully and diligently to discharge that care and trust in ordering and exercising of them both officers and soldiers in arms, according to the rules and discipline of war, keeping them in good order and government and commanding them to obey you as their major for his Majesty’s service, and they are commanded to obey you accordingly...."

Jonathan Trumbull is famous for his position as Governor of Connecticut both before and after the Revolutionary War. Known for his enormous levels of support for George Washington, Washington once called him “the first of the patriots.” Trumbull also served as the Continental Army Paymaster General in 1778. Due to unforeseeable family events, Trumbull was forced to retire early. However, he demanded that the remainder of his pay be distributed to the soldiers of the Continental Army. A fine Colonial military commission boldly signed by Trumbull. Clean center fold split professional restored. Fine.

Catalog: # AM-1831
State: Connecticut
Topic: Colonial America
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