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New Anna Harrison Sends a Signature of William Henry Harrison to an Autograph Seeker

Anna Harrison (1775 – 1864). First lady during the one month term of William Henry Harrison. Grandmother of Benjamin Harrison and William Henry Harrison (1773 – 1841). Ninth President of the United States. ALS. 1 page. 7 ½” x 9 ¾”. Northbend, Sept. 19, 1850. An elderly Mrs. Harrison sends a cut signature of William Henry Harrison to William Pinkham, an autograph seeker; “Dear Sir, I haston to send you an autograph of my dear departed husband, tltho, I am now oblidg’d to cut them from letters & books, but I always feel anxious to comply with every request if I can. Wishing you health & every blessing I am sir, your friend. Anna Harrison.” Anna has attached to the letter a signature of William Henry Harrison which she has cut from a letter in her possession. One can only wonder if it could have been an ALS as president! During much of the nineteenth century it was a common practice by collectors to cut signatures from letters and documents and as a result, many great letters and documents of content have been lost forever. Folds. Excellent condition with a couple of light tape stains. A great Harrison item!
Catalog: # P9-6
Topic: Presidents and First Ladies
Price: $2250.00

New Continental Congress Thomas Fitzsimons Letter

Thomas Fitzsimons (1741 – 1811). Represented Pennsylvania in the Continental Congress, Constitutional Convention and the U. S. Congress. ALS. 1 page. No place. No date. 8” x 10”. To Frederick Smyth; “I had received the inclosed before your note of this morning reached me but I see no possible objection to your having … for bill of sale and shall apply for it as soon as I know your determination about the sale or division of the … Mr. Hill having … an omission in the … I returned it to Mr. Chew. Who added in all and only right which compleats the … I wish it had been more substantially right but every thing in the power of your Hmbl. Servt. was done to make it so. I am truly, Thos. Fitzsimons” Folds. Fine.
Catalog: # AM-3277
Topic: Colonial America
Price: $375.00

New Eisenhower Sends His Thanks to New Hampshire Senator Norris Cotton

Eisenhower, Dwight (1890 – 1969). Thirty-fourth President of the United States. Typed Letter Signed. On White House stationary. Dated at Gettysburg, August 13, 1959. 6 ¾’ X 9”. To longtime New Hampshire Congressman and Senator Norris Cotton; “Dear Norris: “For the Administration as a whole, as well as for myself, I want to say that your vote on the housing veto was gratifying indeed. It was particularly pleasing to me to note the cohesion on this issue among Republicans in the Senate. With warm regard…Sincerely, D.E.” The Senate had just voted to support the President’s veto on the Housing Act of 1959 and Ike here sends his gratitude for Cotton’s support. Center fold, Excellent condition.
Catalog: # P34-21
Topic: Presidents and First Ladies
Price: $350.00

New John Quincy Adams and Henry Clay Signed Ship’s Passport For the Brig Quito

John Quincy Adams (1767 – 1848) Sixth President of the United States and Henry Clay (1777 – 1852) U.S. Congressman, Senator and politician. Document Signed. February 13, 1826. 1 page. 11 ½” x 15”. Printed on vellum. Passport for the “Brig Quito of New York…of the burthen of one hundred thirty-eight 10/95 tons of thereabouts mounted with no guns…to pass her company passengers, goods and merchandize without any hinderance…” White wafer seal at lower left. Boldly signed by Adams and countersigned by Henry Clay as Secretary of State. But for a small loss of vellum at left center, this would be considered a choice example.
Catalog: # P6-4
Topic: Presidents and First Ladies
Price: $1750.00

New Neosho Valley Investment Company of Chetopa, Kansas

1895. Kansas. Stock certificate for 10 shares. Agriculture vignette. Litho. Some contemporary ink spots. Fine. Scarce.
Catalog: # SB-5884
State: Kansas
Topic: Banking
Price: $75.00

New Revolutionary War General Joseph Spencer Endorsed Note For Interest Due

JOSEPH SPENCER (1714-1789). Spencer was an American Major General in the Revolutionary War. He commanded a division during the defense of New York but was defeated while trying to take command of Rhode Island. Document Signed. 1 page. 8 ¼” x 3 ¼”. Hartford, Connecticut. February 7th 1781. Partly-printed note which “certifies that the Sum of seventy-two pounds six shillings and eight pence lawful money is due from the State of Connecticut unto Gen’l. Joseph Spencer for Interest due on Money Loaned to said State. Signed as treasurer by John Lawrence. Spencer has endorsed the note on verso.
Catalog: # AM-3294
Topic: American Revolution

New The Farmers Loan & trust Co. of Kansas – Anthony Kansas

1889, Kansas. Stock certificate for 2 shares. Prairie scene at top center. Litho. Very Fine. Very scarce.
Catalog: # SB-5887
State: Kansas
Topic: Banking
Price: $95.00

New1887 Thanksgiving Day Proclamation Signed By President Grover Cleveland

Grover Cleveland (1837 – 1908). Twenty-second and Twenty-fourth President of the United States. Document Signed. October 25, 1887. 2 pages. 8 1/8” x 13”. Printed proclamation recognizing and declaring Thanksgiving Day for “Thursday the twenty-fourth day of November next, as a day of Thanksgiving and Prayer…” Boldy Signed by Cleveland at the conclusion. Countersigned by Thomas F. Bayard as Secretary of State. A complete transcription follows below. By the President of the United States: The goodness and the mercy of God, which have followed the American people during all the days of the past year claim our grateful recognition and humble acknowledgment. By His omnipotent power He has protected us from war and pestilence and from every national calamity; by His gracious favor the earth has yielded a generous return to the labor of the husbandman, and every path of honest toil has led to comfort and contentment; by His loving kindness the hearts of our people have been replenished with fraternal sentiment and patriotic endeavor, and by His Fatherly guidance we have been directed in the way of national prosperity. To the end that we may with one accord testify our gratitude for all these blessings, I, Grover Cleveland, President of the United States, do hereby designate and set apart Thursday, the twenty-fourth day of November next as a day of Thanksgiving and Prayer, to be observed by all the people of the land. On the day let all secular work and employment be suspended; and let our people assemble in their accustomed places of worship and with prayer and songs of praise, give thanks to our Heavenly Father for all that He has done for us while we implore the forgiveness of our sins and a continuance of His mercy. Let families and kindred be reunited on that day and let their hearts, filled with kindly cheer and affectionate reminiscence, be turned to the source of all their pleasures and to the Giver of all that makes the day bright and joyous. And in the midst of our worship and enjoyments let us remember the poor, the needy, and the unfortunate; and by our gifts of charity and ready benevolence let us increase the number of those who with grateful hearts shall join in our Thanksgiving. In witness whereof I have set my hand and caused the seal of the United States to be hereunto affixed. Done at the city of Washington, this twenty-fifth day of October in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and eighty-seven, and of the Independence of the United States the one hundred and twelfth.
Catalog: # P22-1
Topic: Presidents and First Ladies
Price: $1250.00

NewA large Stock Certificate of the Indaian Farmer's Savings and Loan Association

1893. Stock certificate for 11 shares. Superb large vignette of Liberty, agricultural and manufacturing scenes. Litho. 13 " x 11". Extremely Fine.
Catalog: # SB-5890
State: Indiana
Topic: Banking
Price: $95.00

40 Items.  Showing Items 1 thru 9.
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