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C.N.Nelson Lumber Co.

'FWeyerhaeuser & FredEWeyerhaeuser'
Catalog: # MH464
Date: 1896
Location: MN
Cancellation: Sign
Condition: EF
Price: $2000.00

Carter's Bonded Warehouse Receipt Signed By Jimmy Carter

JIMMY CARTER (1924- ). Thirty-ninth President. Carter began in the peanut business and was elected Governor of Georgia. DS. 1pp. 7 1/4” x 3 1/4”. Plains, Georgia. 10-3-1963. A partly-printed “Carter’s Bonded Warehouse” receipt signed “James E Carter Jr”. Carter stored in his warehouse one bale of cotton, weighing 463 pounds, for “Governor Wilson”. The document has some computerized punch holes and a couple of stamps, but they do not affect Carter's signature. A fine piece from his pre-Presidential career.
Catalog: # MH307
Date: 1963
Location: GA, Plains
Cancellation: Stamp
Condition: VF+
Price: $225.00

Cedar Rapids & Missouri River RR Co.

Train x2, portrait, 'JohnIBlair' x2
Date: 1868
Location: IA, Cedar Rapids
Cancellation: Hole
Condition: VF
Price: $90.00

Chicago & Rock Island RR Co.


1854, Illinois. Stock certificate for 4 shares of the Chicago & Rock Island Rail Road Co. Black on light blue paper. Signed as president by JOHN BLOOMFIELD JERVIS (1795-1885). Engineer, Chief engineer of the eastern division of the Erie Canal enlargement, one of America’s truly important early railroad engineers. Lightly pen and punch cancelled.

Catalog: # MH407
Date: 1854
Cancellation: Hole
Condition: VF+
Price: $25.00

Chicago, Burlington & Northern RR Company Stock Signed as President by John Murray Forbes


1887, New Jersey. Stock certificate for 5 shares of the Chicago, Burlington and Northern RR Co.. Green/Black. Attractive engraved steam locomotive vignette. Signed as President by JOHN MURRAY FORBES (1813 -1898); Railroad executive; Businessman; Public servant. Having accumulated a substantial fortune by 1846, Forbes turned his considerable talents to railroad construction and financings. He was the prime mover in purchasing and completing the unfinished Michigan Central RR, and constructing the roads which formed the nucleus of the Chicago, Burlington & Quincy RR, of which he became president in the late 1870s. Always public-spirited citizen, Forbes made certain that the railroads in which he had an interest displayed a character and stability which significantly distinguished them from most of the other railroads of the day. His civic involvement began at the start of the Civil War, when he helped put the state of Massachusetts prepare for war, and he was instrumental in organizing the state's black regiments. In 1863, he was sent to England to block construction of, or to purchase, the so-called Laird rams that we being built there for the Confederacy. Throughout the war, his advice was constantly sought by all branches of government. A longtime member of the national executive committee of the Republican party, he broke with the party upon its nomination of James Blaine for the presidency in 1884. Stamp and punch cancelled.

Catalog: # MH484
Date: 1887
Location: MA, Boston
Cancellation: Hole
Condition: EF
Price: $75.00

Distillery Warehouse Stamp

Portrait ZTaylor, 'WmHTaft' collr.
Catalog: # MH308
Date: 1882
Cancellation: Hole
Condition: VF+
Price: $75.00

Emmett Kelly check


1964, Florida. Partly-printed check payable to Montgomery Roberts in the amount of $100.05, drawn on Palmer First National Bank & Trust. Black on yellowpaper. At top left, a great photovignette of Kelly dressed as the sad-faced Weary Willie, the character that Kelly made famous (and vice-versa). Signed as maker in red pen by EMMETT KELLY (1898 - 1979); American circus clown. Kelly, whose name for many years was virtually synonymous with the term 'clown', became famous as Weary Willie, a sad-faced hobo in ragged clothing. Kelly, who first created Willie as a cartoon character in 1920, later assumed the role of Willie with the Ringling Brothers circus, on television, in films and in Broadway shows. Light stamp cancellation barely affecting the first few letters in Kelly's signature. Bank stamp cancellation.

Catalog: # MH302
Date: 1964
Location: Fl, Sarasota
Cancellation: Stamp
Condition: EF

Extremely Rare And Early Stock Certificate Issued To And Signed On Verso By Walt Disney

Alleg.,"WalterEDisney, LillianDisney"
Catalog: # MH213
Date: 1926
Cancellation: I/NC
Condition: VF+
Price: $15000.00

Ford Motor Company of Canada Stock Signed As President By Henry Ford

"HenryFord" pres.
Catalog: # MH116
Date: 1907
Location: Can.,Walkerville
Cancellation: Pen
Condition: VF+
Price: $17500.00

47 Items.  Showing Items 10 thru 18.
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