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Commander In Chief Of The Pacific Fleet

HUGH RODMAN (1859-1940) Rear Admiral in the US Navy. Served during the Spanish-American War and World War I. In 1917 Admiral Rodman served as Commander, Battleship Division 9, Atlantic Fleet, in his flagship, New York. Ordered to European waters late in the year, his division joined the British Grand Fleet at Scapa Flow and became the 6th Battle Squadron, British Grand Fleet, under Admiral Sir David Beatty. In 1919 he became Commander-in-Chief, Pacific Fleet. In 1923, he accompanied President Warren G. Harding on his ill-fated inspection of Alaska. In 1937, he represented the U.S. Navy at King George VI’s coronation ceremonies in London. The destroyer Rodman (DD-456) and the transport Admiral Hugh Rodman (AP-126) were named for him. Autograph Letter Signed. 1 p. 4¼” x 7”. On “The Autograph Collection of Howes Norris, Jr.” Letterhead, he replies to the collector’s request: “Autograph of Hugh Rodman, Rear Admiral, U.S. Navy / Late Commanding the U.S. Battleship Squadron operating with the British Grand Fleet against the German High Seas Fleet. The latter surrendered Nov. 21, 1919.” Atop is the date February 20, 1919, probably the date the collector sent it to him. Mounting traces on back. Fine.
Catalog: # AM-1659
Topic: World War I
Price: $125.00

Commentary On Recent Publications Concerning The Quakers During The Early 19th Century

Autograph Letter Signed, "A. Sherman, Jr." Three pages, 7 7/8" x 9 3/4". New Bedford. January 8, 1826. Addressed on integral leaf. With circular, black "New Bedford," and straight, black "Paid" postal cancellations. Sharman writes, in part: " ... I have lately been reading a volume of Sermons, delivered by Stephen Crisp, republished in England, by Wm. Alexander in 1823, as a second volume of "Scripture Truths Demonstrated," in the advertisement to which, it is observed, "The Editor had contemplated an addition to this volume, of a Biographical Memoir, but in the progress of that work, by a friend, who, from the estimation in which he held the character of Stephen Crisp, had volunteered his services in preparing it, this Memoir is found too considerable for an appendage to the present volume, and is likely to form a third volume of the 'Biographical Notices of Members of the Society of Friends' of which two volumes prepared by Henry Tuke, have been already published" ... When convenient to thee to write, I should glad to hear particularly from our friend David Bufferon [?] I have often thought of him, since the serious accident that befell [sic] him ... I have no doubt that he bears his confinement with patient resignation and have as little doubt that his friends manifest their sympathy by frequent calls to see him .... I have recently read, with much satisfaction, the Life of Mary Dudley, an edition of which had been printed at Philada - She was indeed a worthy Friend, on the good old foundation - one who stood valiantly in her day for the cause of Truth, and travelled and labored much in the promotion of it ... Mary Newhall is now here (unless she has returned within a day or two past) on a visit- She has not been at our meetings; but was last first day afternoon, at the Unitarian ... " Great Quaker content . Paper loss from wax seal. Some minor toning at edges. Overall Very Fine.
Catalog: # AM-1228
Topic: Content Letters
Price: $450.00

Copper Plate Engraving Proof Of John Henry Wigmore Signed By Wigmore And The Engraver Franklin Wood

17” x 22” Engraving proof of John Henry Wigmore by Franklin Wood. Proof signed at bottom edge by both FRANKLIN TYLER WOOD (1877-1945) Graphic Artist and JOHN HENRY WIGMORE (1863-1943) U.S. jurist and expert in the law of evidence. Some very light toning. Stamp at bottom border. Overall Very Fine.
Catalog: # AA-0187
Topic: Political Americana

Copper Plate Engraving Proof Of Roscoe Pound Signed By Pound And The Engraver Franklin Wood

17” x 22” Engraving proof of Roscoe Pound by Franklin Wood. Proof signed at bottom edge by both FRANKLIN TYLER WOOD (1877-1945) Graphic Artist and ROSCOE POUND (1870-1964) American legal scholar and educator. Light toning at edges. Bumping at corners. Stamp at upper left corner. Overall Fine.
Catalog: # AA-0185
Topic: Political Americana
Price: $195.00

Cornelia Otis Skinner

(1899–1979) was an American author and actress. Skinner was the daughter of the actor Otis Skinner and his wife Maud (Durbin) Skinner. After attending the all-girls' Baldwin School and Bryn Mawr College (1918-1919) and studying theatre at the Sorbonne in Paris, she began her career on the stage in 1921. She appeared in several plays before embarking on a tour of the United States from 1926 to 1929 in a one-woman performance of short character sketches she herself wrote. She wrote numerous short humorous pieces for publications like The New Yorker. 4” x 6 ½” n..p. An autograph album page signed “To Mrs. Higler, with every good wish, Cornelia Otis Skinner, January 1933”. It is signed on the back by her father OTIS SKINNER (1858-1942) was an American actor. Fine
Catalog: # AM-1646
Topic: Literary
Price: $45.00

CT. Bill Of Exchange Signed By Enos Doolittle, Noted American Silversmith And Clockmaker

ENOS DOOLITTLE (1751-1806) American silversmith and clockmaker. Partially Printed Document Signed, “Enos Doolittle.” One page, 8” x 4 ¼”. Hartford. November 11, 1779. The document reads, in part: “RECEIVED of JOHN LAWRENCE, Commissioner of the Loan Office for the State of Connecticut, One Sett of Bills of Exchange for Seventy four dollars it being interest arisen on one continental certificate in favour of Mr. George Butler Dated June 12th 1777 from 12 June 1778 to the 12 of June 1779 … Enos Doolittle.” Enos Doolittle, a nephew of printer and clockmaker Isaac Doolittle, made and repaired clocks and compasses in Hartford, Connecticut. In addition, he produced bells in partnership with Jesse Goodyear.
Catalog: # AM-1718
State: Connecticut
Topic: American Revolution
Price: $450.00

Cyrus Field Signed Check– Promoter of the Atlantic Cable

FIELD, CYRUS W. (1819-1892). Capitalist; Telegraphy pioneer; Promoter . Field was the driving force behind the first telegraph cable across the Atlantic ocean. After unsuccessful attempts in 1857-58, Field succeeded in laying a working cable between Ireland and Newfoundland in August 1858, only to have it fail four weeks later. He finally succeeded in laying a working cable in 1866. Field then went on to help establish elevated railroads in New York City, and to collaborate with Jay Gould in various railroad projects. Document Signed. 7 ¼” x 2 5/8”. New York, March 13, 1879. Partly-printed check drawn on the National City Bank payable to Colonel Geo. E. Waring, Jr. in the amount of $250.00. Attached adhesive revenue. Bank punch cancellation. Fine.
Catalog: # AM-0547
Topic: Signed Checks

Days After The War In Europe Ends, The Vice President Of Reynolds Metals Writes To Submarine Inventor Simon Lake About "The Salvage Operation"

TLS. 1pp. 8 1/2" x 11". Richmond, Virginia. May 15, 1945. A typed letter signed "J. Louis Reynolds" as Vice President of the "Reynolds Metals Company". He wrote to the noted submarine inventor SIMON LAKE: "Mr. Blackwelder had to make a trip to Mexico in connection with the establishment of a plant there. Now that he has returned and the war in Europe is over, I think we should soon be in a position to start something on the salvage operation. There should be no objection now from the Navy since there is no danger of attack on the Atlantic Coast. I expect to see some officials in Washington within the next week or two and I will let you hear from me as soon as plans are made." The letter has light browning to the edges and is in fine condition; the original envelope is included.
Catalog: # AM-0574
Topic: Business
Price: $750.00

Document Signed by Declaration of Independence Signer William Floyd and FDR's Great-Great Grandfather, Isaac Roosevelt

WILLIAM FLOYD (1734-1821) Signer of the Declaration of Independence and a U.S. Representative from New York. Document Signed, “Wm. Floyd.” One page. Poughkeepsie, New York. October 25, 1781. Countersigned “Isaac Roosevelt” by ISAAC ROOSEVELT (1726-1794) American merchant and politician. Roosevelt was the great-great-grandfather of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. The document reads: “We the Commissioners appointed by the virtue of an Act Entitled An Acct for Procuring moneys on Loan and Clothing for this State passed in March 1781 Do Hereby Certify that the State of New York is Indebted unto Elnathan Parsons of Long Island for Sundry Goods Purchased of him by Messrs John Grenell and John Davis for the use of this State on the 10th day of April 1781 in the Sum of Fourteen pounds and Fourteen shilling in Current money of New York, payable in Specie on the 10th day of July the next Ensuring and in default there of Interest at 7 pct Annum to be allowed from the said 10th day of July until paid. In Witness whereof we have hereunto sett our hands at Poughkeepsie in the State of New York this 25th day of October 1781.” Very Fine.
Catalog: # RN-48
State: New York
Topic: Signers - Declaration
Price: $2500.00

248 Items.  Showing Items 82 thru 90.
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