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Civil War General Eugene Carr Handwrites And Signs A Check

EUGENE A. CARR. ADS. 1pp. 7 1/2" x 2 3/4". Washington, D.C. Sept 5th 1910. A "Riggs National Bank" check signed by "E. A. Carr". The check, completely engrossed in Carr's hand, "Pay to the order of W. Rothwell & Sons Plumbers sixty and 25/100". The check has a fine decorative border and an engraving of a bank in the left margin and the punch holes affect the engrossment but not the dark signature.
Catalog: # AM-0134
Topic: Signed Checks
Price: $200.00

Civil War General John Dix ALS

JOHN ADAMS DIX (1798-1879) American politician from New York. Dix served as Secretary of the Treasury, U.S. Senator, Governor of New York, and a major general in the Union Army. Autograph Letter Signed, “John A Dix.” One page, 7 7/8” x 9 7/8”. Washington. March 6, 1847. Dix writes to “Wm. Hogan, Esq”: “Dear Sir, I have been wholly unable to write to you in consequence of the pressure of my engagements. The committee on the Judiciary were prepared to make an adverse report on your memorial; but I proceeded in obtaining from the Chairman an assurance that they would only ask to be discharged from further consideration of it. So, no prejudice against the application will be felt, when it is renewed, in consequence of the action of the Committee. In haste, Respectfully yours, John A. Dix”. Accompanied by a steel engraved portrait of Dix. Folds. Fine.
Catalog: # AM-1702
Price: $175.00

Col. Frank A. Barton Signs Rifle Range ROTC Cards

COLONEL FRANK A. BARTON was one of the first Cornell students to receive an army commission in Cornell’s Military Science Program and was the first ROTC commandant at Cornell (1904 to 1908). Cornell’s Barton Hall is named in his honor. Two partially printed ROTC Cornell University Cards Signed “Frank A. Barton.” Each 5” x3”. These cards were issued for use of the rifle range. Both Fine.
Catalog: # AM-1652
Topic: Military History
Price: $75.00

Colonial Governor Gurdon Saltonstall Appoints A Lieutenant In The Second Company Of Stratford in 1714

Gurdon Saltonstall (1666 – 1724) Colonial Governor of Connecticut, serving in that position from 1708 until his death in 1724. DS. 1 page. 12 ½” x 8”.New Haven, Oct. 14, 1714. An early American military appointment in which Saltonstall appoints “James Lewis…being by the Generall Assembly of this Colony accepted to be Lieutenant of the Second Company or Train band in the town of Stratford, reposing Special Trust and Confidence in your Loyalty, Courage and good Conduct, I do by virtue of the Letters Pattents from the Crown of England me thereunto enabling appoint and Impower you to take the said Trainband into your care and charge as their Lieutenant…” Overall toning due to a previous framing, some archival tape repairs on verso along a few fold splits and light dampstaining at right margin The text remains bold. Countersigned by Colonial Secretary Hezekiah Wyllys. A decent and fairly early American military appointment signed by this scarce Colonial governor.
Catalog: # AM-1814
State: Connecticut
Topic: Colonial America
Price: $1250.00

Colonial Governor James Delancey


JAMES DELANCEY (1703-1760) Acting colonial governor of the Province of New York and a leading figure in the area's development. Autograph Document Signed, "James Delancey." One page, 4" x 6 1/4" No place. No date [1736]. The documents reads: "Mr. A Horney The Tract of Glen & William Bowen as tenants in common. The Tract of four thousand acres to James DeLancey, John Lyndesay, Paschal Nelson & Jacob Glen to be held in like manner Yours James Delancey." Historical records indicate a 1736 transfer of ten thousand acres to James Delancey and the above listed common tenants, most likely the same acreage transferred in this document. A fine colonial land document that highlights the common practice of deeding large tracts of former Native American lands to oneself, one's friends and business associates. Very Fine.

Catalog: # AM-3290
Price: $575.00

Colonial Governor Jonathan Belcher

Jonathan Belcher (1682 – 1757). Colonial governor of Massachusetts, New Hampshire and New Jersey. Cut signature. 4” x 1 ½”. “J. Belcher”. Fine.
Catalog: # RN-308
State: Massachusetts
Topic: Colonial America
Price: $225.00

Colonial Governor Of New Hampshire John Wentworth

John Wentworth (1737 – 1820). Colonial Governor Of New Hampshire. Cut signature. 3” x 1 ¼”. Boldly penned, “Consented, J. Wentworth”. Fine.
Catalog: # RN-204
State: New Hampshire
Topic: Colonial America
Price: $175.00

Colorado Senator Henry M. Teller Cut Signature

Henry M. Teller (1830-1914).U.S. Senator From Colorado, Secretary of the Interior under Chester A. Arthur. Signature cut from a larger sheet. 7” x 2 ¾”. “H. M. Teller, Colorado”. Excellent.
Catalog: # AM-1614
State: Colorado
Topic: Political/United States
Price: $35.00

Commander In Chief Of The Pacific Fleet

HUGH RODMAN (1859-1940) Rear Admiral in the US Navy. Served during the Spanish-American War and World War I. In 1917 Admiral Rodman served as Commander, Battleship Division 9, Atlantic Fleet, in his flagship, New York. Ordered to European waters late in the year, his division joined the British Grand Fleet at Scapa Flow and became the 6th Battle Squadron, British Grand Fleet, under Admiral Sir David Beatty. In 1919 he became Commander-in-Chief, Pacific Fleet. In 1923, he accompanied President Warren G. Harding on his ill-fated inspection of Alaska. In 1937, he represented the U.S. Navy at King George VI’s coronation ceremonies in London. The destroyer Rodman (DD-456) and the transport Admiral Hugh Rodman (AP-126) were named for him. Autograph Letter Signed. 1 p. 4¼” x 7”. On “The Autograph Collection of Howes Norris, Jr.” Letterhead, he replies to the collector’s request: “Autograph of Hugh Rodman, Rear Admiral, U.S. Navy / Late Commanding the U.S. Battleship Squadron operating with the British Grand Fleet against the German High Seas Fleet. The latter surrendered Nov. 21, 1919.” Atop is the date February 20, 1919, probably the date the collector sent it to him. Mounting traces on back. Fine.
Catalog: # AM-1659
Topic: World War I
Price: $125.00

298 Items.  Showing Items 82 thru 90.
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