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CT. Bill Of Exchange Signed By Enos Doolittle, Noted American Silversmith And Clockmaker

ENOS DOOLITTLE (1751-1806) American silversmith and clockmaker. Partially Printed Document Signed, “Enos Doolittle.” One page, 8” x 4 ¼”. Hartford. November 11, 1779. The document reads, in part: “RECEIVED of JOHN LAWRENCE, Commissioner of the Loan Office for the State of Connecticut, One Sett of Bills of Exchange for Seventy four dollars it being interest arisen on one continental certificate in favour of Mr. George Butler Dated June 12th 1777 from 12 June 1778 to the 12 of June 1779 … Enos Doolittle.” Enos Doolittle, a nephew of printer and clockmaker Isaac Doolittle, made and repaired clocks and compasses in Hartford, Connecticut. In addition, he produced bells in partnership with Jesse Goodyear.
Catalog: # AM-1718
State: Connecticut
Topic: American Revolution
Price: $450.00

Cyrus Field Signed Check– Promoter of the Atlantic Cable

FIELD, CYRUS W. (1819-1892). Capitalist; Telegraphy pioneer; Promoter . Field was the driving force behind the first telegraph cable across the Atlantic ocean. After unsuccessful attempts in 1857-58, Field succeeded in laying a working cable between Ireland and Newfoundland in August 1858, only to have it fail four weeks later. He finally succeeded in laying a working cable in 1866. Field then went on to help establish elevated railroads in New York City, and to collaborate with Jay Gould in various railroad projects. Document Signed. 7 ¼” x 2 5/8”. New York, March 13, 1879. Partly-printed check drawn on the National City Bank payable to Colonel Geo. E. Waring, Jr. in the amount of $250.00. Attached adhesive revenue. Bank punch cancellation. Fine.
Catalog: # AM-0547
Topic: Signed Checks

Cyrus West Field Signed Check

CYRUS WEST FIELD (1819-1892) American businessman and financier. The National City Bank check #3376 Signed “Cyrus W. Field.” New York. February 14, 1878. Revenue stamp affixed. Punch cancellations do not affect Field’s signature. This item has been encapsulated by PASS-CO, LLC. and is accompanied by a Certified Silver Pass.
Catalog: # AM-1280
Topic: Signed Checks
Price: $275.00

Days After The War In Europe Ends, The Vice President Of Reynolds Metals Writes To Submarine Inventor Simon Lake About "The Salvage Operation"

TLS. 1pp. 8 1/2" x 11". Richmond, Virginia. May 15, 1945. A typed letter signed "J. Louis Reynolds" as Vice President of the "Reynolds Metals Company". He wrote to the noted submarine inventor SIMON LAKE: "Mr. Blackwelder had to make a trip to Mexico in connection with the establishment of a plant there. Now that he has returned and the war in Europe is over, I think we should soon be in a position to start something on the salvage operation. There should be no objection now from the Navy since there is no danger of attack on the Atlantic Coast. I expect to see some officials in Washington within the next week or two and I will let you hear from me as soon as plans are made." The letter has light browning to the edges and is in fine condition; the original envelope is included.
Catalog: # AM-0574
Topic: Business
Price: $750.00

Document Signed by Declaration of Independence Signer William Floyd and FDR's Great-Great Grandfather, Isaac Roosevelt

WILLIAM FLOYD (1734-1821) Signer of the Declaration of Independence and a U.S. Representative from New York. Document Signed, “Wm. Floyd.” One page. Poughkeepsie, New York. October 25, 1781. Countersigned “Isaac Roosevelt” by ISAAC ROOSEVELT (1726-1794) American merchant and politician. Roosevelt was the great-great-grandfather of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. The document reads: “We the Commissioners appointed by the virtue of an Act Entitled An Acct for Procuring moneys on Loan and Clothing for this State passed in March 1781 Do Hereby Certify that the State of New York is Indebted unto Elnathan Parsons of Long Island for Sundry Goods Purchased of him by Messrs John Grenell and John Davis for the use of this State on the 10th day of April 1781 in the Sum of Fourteen pounds and Fourteen shilling in Current money of New York, payable in Specie on the 10th day of July the next Ensuring and in default there of Interest at 7 pct Annum to be allowed from the said 10th day of July until paid. In Witness whereof we have hereunto sett our hands at Poughkeepsie in the State of New York this 25th day of October 1781.” Very Fine.
Catalog: # RN-48
State: New York
Topic: Signers - Declaration
Price: $2500.00

Dr. Charles H. Wade

Letter of Application as an Assistant Surgeon in the Union Army. Four pages. Naval Hospital. New York. September 14, 1861. Wade answers eight questions, including ""What are the nerves of the tongue & their function?"" and ""Describe the anatomy of the ankle joint"" Very Fine.
Catalog: # AM-1138
Topic: Civil War
Price: $225.00

Drexel. Morgan & Company Files Suit For Collection Of A Note In Default

Manuscript Document Signed, “J. Pierpont Morgan.” Three pages, 7 5/8” x 11 1/2”. “Superior Court City of New York.” August 20, 1873. This document reads, in part: “…The plaintiffs are copartners doing business in the City of New York under the firm name and style of Drexel, Morgan & Company and that the defendants were at the time herein after mentioned co-partners doing business in the City of New York under the form and name and style of Hass & Co. That on our about September 3 1872, the defendants by their form name of J. Hass & Co. made and delivered their certain promissory note in writing- having date of that day, wherein and whereby, on demand, they promised to pay to Jacob Keller on order, Seventy two dollars U.S. Gold Coin, for value received. That thereafter and before the maturity of said note, the said- Jacob Keller endorsed and delivered the same, and the plaintiffs became and were and now are the owners and holder thereof. That on or about August 19, 1873, the said note was duly presented for payment and payment thereof demanded, and the same was not paid, and the said note was thereupon duly protected for such nonpayment. That the costs of such protests was one dollar and nineteen cents. That no part of the said note and the said cost of protest has been paid and the whole amount thereof with interest thereon from August 19, 1873 is and remains due and owing to the plaintiffs thereupon the plaintiff demand judgment against the defendants for seventy two dollars in Gold Coin of the United States with interest thereon from August 19, 1873 and also for the said $119 and the costs of their action. Tracy, Olmstead & tract Ptff’s Attys 50 Wall St. New York. City of New York U.S. John Pierpont Morgan being sworn says that he is one of the above plaintiffs and that the foregoing complaint is true to deponents knowledge, except as to those matter stated on information and belief and as to those matters he believe it to be true. Sworn before me this 20 day of August 1873 Alfred Taylor Notary Public N.Y. County. J. Pierpont Morgan.” It is interesting that all plaintiffs are named individually as follows; Joseph W. Drexel, John Pierpont Morgan, Francis A. Drexel, Anthony J. Drexel, John N. Robinson and James H. Wright. Collectively they are listed as Drexel, Morgan and Company in the filing. At the conclusion of page 3, the document is signed by J. Pierpont Morgan.
Catalog: # AM-1270
State: New York
Topic: Business
Price: $4900.00

During The Civil War, Bache Writes To Express His Support For A Benefit To Be Held For Wives And Children Of Volunteer Soldiers

Alexander D. Bache (1806 – 1867). Physicist, scientist, surveyor. As superintendent of the United States coast survey, he conducted detailed mappings of the United States coastline and constructed coastal fortifications. ALS. 1 page. 5” x 8”. To Mrs. B. B. French for committee; I shall be most happy to contribute in aid of the Fair which you propose to hold for aid to the wives & children of the District volunteers, & will use my influence with the officers of the Coast Survey for the same purpose. Yours respectfully, A. D. Bache” Mounted to a larger autograph album sheet. Some light mounting discoloration at left margin. Fine.
Catalog: # AM-1505
State: Pennsylvania
Topic: Naval History
Price: $225.00

Ed Begley Als To A Magazine Editor

Ed Begley. ALS. 1pp. 7 1/4" x 10 1/2". Merrick, L.I. April 11 1947. An autograph letter signed by Ed Begley on his personal letterhead. Begley wrote to PIC magazine editor Vic Wagner: "I am happily surprised and very proud that I have been placed on PIC's best performance honor roll. And I accept gladly your invitation to luncheon at Twenty-one. I have always wondered what the place looked like from the inside." The letter is in perfect condition.
Catalog: # AM-0370
Topic: Actors/Actresses
Price: $75.00

266 Items.  Showing Items 91 thru 99.
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