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Erasmus D. Skinner Applies To Be A Naval Surgeon For The Union During The Civil War

Application submitted to the Examining Board of Naval Surgeons as Assistant Surgeon. 3 pages. Naval Hospital. New York. September 18, 1861. Weeks is asked to give answers to 8 questions including “Described the Anatomy of the elbow joint?” He is unable to answer the three of the questions: “What are the tests for arsenious acid?” “What are the constituents of the gastric juice?” and “State by symbols the compounds of Oxygen with Nitrogen?”
Catalog: # AM-1093
Topic: Civil War
Price: $225.00

Explorer Frederick Albert Cook Promotes Stock in A Film Company

Frederick Albert Cook 1865 – 1940 was an American explorer, physician, and ethnographer, noted for his claim of having reached the North Pole on April 21, 1908. This was a year before April 6, 1909, the date claimed by the American explorer Robert Peary, and the accounts were disputed for several years. TLS 2pp 8” x 10” Chicago May 11th, 1915. A typed letter signed “F A Cook” to My dear Wyckoff. …”I had hoped that you could at least accompany us on the “Round the World Tour” even if you did not care to plunge into the life enraptured wilderness about Mr. Everest. This would give you seven months of physical ease and mental recreation, but if you cannot make this possible, don’t you want to take a persona and financial interest in the motion pictures phase of the project?...Cook continues on promoting stock in The Orient Film Company "to make, market and hold, the motion pictures of the Mt. Everest and Around the World Expedition. Folds. In Excellent condition.
Catalog: # AM-3433
State: Illinois
Topic: Business
Price: $350.00

Fine ALS By Colonial Printer Isaiah Thomas Discussing The Printing of Sermons With A Scarce Free Frank as Postmaster of Worcester, Massachusetts

Isaiah Thomas (1749 – 1831). Colonial printer, the foremost of his day, publisher, helped Paul Revere warn of the British approach to Boston and served as a minuteman, founder of the American Antiquarian Society. Autograph Letter Signed, 1 ½ pages 4to, Worcester, Aug. 30, 1794 to Rev. Dr. Joseph Lathrop concerning the publication of his sermons. “…I lament I had not time to call on you. I shall immediately issue proposals for printing the second volume of your sermons, and will forward a number of them to you.” Fine, with the integral address leaf Free Franked by Thomas as Worcester’s first Postmaster, with a very rare straight line “Worcester Sept. 1” postmark. Lathrop, one of the most prominent Congregational ministers of his day, published seven volumes of sermons from 1796 to 1821, probably all printed by Thomas. Letters of Thomas are quite scarce.
Catalog: # AM-1768
State: Massachusetts
Topic: Early America
Price: $2400.00

Fine Letter Edward Augustus Holyoke Signed Debt Payment Confirmation

This letter was written by famous doctor Edward Augustus Holyoke in 1803 confirming payment of debts that were owed to him by one Aaron Wait for medicine and treatment. It is signed clearly by Holyoke. Holyoke is best known for his work with the smallpox epidemic. He allowed for Dr. Nathaniel Perkins to inoculate him with the disease and survived the treatment. Due to his survival, Holyoke was able to convince six hundred of his own patients to inoculated with only two of the patients dying. Essentially, Holyoke can be contributed with developing the first steps of a smallpox vaccine and later was able to further develop the vaccine. Transcript: "Salem M. Aarn Wait to E.A. Holyoke, From Oct 29, 1800 to Medicines administered and attendance to November 15, or his family. £3.11.18 December 24, 1803 received payment, E.A. Holyoke"
Catalog: # AM-1824
Price: $950.00

Four Days After The Battle of Peekskill, Lansing Provides Details Of The Action

John Ten Eyck Lansing, Jr. (1754 – 1829). New York politician and lawyer, military secretary to General Philip Schuyler, New York representative at the Constitutional Convention in 1787. ALS. 2 1/2 pp. With integral address leaf to Colonel Richard Varick franked by Lansing. Kingston, March 27, 1777. “I arrived here last night and found your sisters & brother well. Nothing material here as yet occurred in our travels. The General got the start of us and arrived six hours before us at this place.” “The Detachment of the enemy’s forces which landed at peek’s Hill were drove back by Colonel Willet with only 84 men although theire number was 600. in less than three hours after Colo. Willett made his appearance the enemy had embarked & unfurled their sails. This was done with such evident precipation and confusion as plainly indicated in their terror. This account is confirmed by several persons from peek’s Hill. The British Forces lost three men who were killed and one taken prisoner.” “Your Friend Nic. Fish has by his merit acquired a majority in one of the Regiments of this State. General Scot is a peek’s Hill. I have sent you letter to him by Capt. Bleecker. Inclosed you have a letter from Mr. Livingston. I have by the General’s direction desired Colo. Lewis to pay you the money mentioned therein.” “Last night Mr. Carter arrived and delivered me your favor of the 26th day by which I had the pleasure to learn that every thing at Albany is in status quo. Whatever I can do to induce the General to solicit an Increase in your pay and that of your assistants shall not be neglected.” “I thank for the information that Miss -----is well, as your motives are evidently to give me pleasure by it. Mr. Carter I will pay. Our General is very well long, very long may he continue so.” “Preay present my best Respect to Mrs. Schuyler & the young ladies & believe me unfeignedly & respectfully, Your Friend and very hble. Servant, J. Lansing Junr.” Lansing has added a lengthy postscript; “...The story marker is not home but the storys shall be left at his house. Not a word of direction do I see among the memorendums relative thereto. I doubt much whether we will take the route of New Windsor, if we do, I shall not fail to procure the articles mentioned in the Mem. you enclosed if possible. The flower seed for the young ladies I inclose, Yours, J. L. Junr.” A fine battle content letter by this prominent New York figure. There is some paper loss at left and right, not affecting the text of the letter. Additionally, old scotch tape repair remains with its usual discoloration.
Catalog: # RN-216
State: New York
Topic: American Revolution
Price: $2500.00

Fourteen White Witnesses Sign An Affidavit Affirming That A Negro Man’s Death Was By “Visitation From God”

Manuscript Document Signed by fourteen witness. One page, 7 3/4”x 12 1/2”. New York. January 26, 1809. The document reads, in part:
“ … William Willess Coroner for the Said City and County Upon the View of the body of Murry Doty a black man then and there lying dead … Upon the oaths of … Good and lawfull men of the city … being sworn and charged to enquire on the part of the people of the state of New York when where how and after what manner the said Murry Doty came to his death Do say upon their oaths Aforesaid that the said Murry Doty on the twenty sixth day of January … was found dead in the said second ward and he having no marks appearing on his body or elsewhere that he died by the visitation of God in a natural way … ” The Fourteen witnesses have signed and affixed their seal to the bottom of document in two rows of seven. Some toning and numerous blind-embossed seals, some of which have cut document at points.
Catalog: # AM-1163
Price: $450.00

Framed Wartime Print of Winston Churchill Signed By The Artist, Arthur Pan

ARTHUR PAN (1920-1960) Hungarian artist and portrait painter. Vintage Black-and-white war-date reproduction of Pan’s famous portrait of Winston Churchill Inscribed and Signed, “With love to my dear friend Ella, A. Pan. 22.7.45” No place. July 22, 1945. Printed quotation from Churchill at lower right border: “We are all of us defending … a Cause … The Cause of Freedom and of Justice, of the weak against the strong; law against violence; mercy and tolerance against brutality and iron bound tyranny Winston Churchill December 5th 1942." Framed to 27 1/2" x 24 1/2" Some wrinkling.
Catalog: # DC-18
Topic: Artists
Price: $500.00

Free Love Advocate And Founder Of The Oneida Community, John Noyes, As Leader Of The Putney Bible School, Noyes’ First Communal Community

JOHN NOYES (1811-1886) American utopian socialist. Noyes founded the Oneida Community in 1848 and coined the term “free love.” Best known for the production of tableware, the Oneida Community also practiced complex marriage, in which all women of the community were wives of all the men and all men of the community were husbands of all the women. Autograph Document Signed, “John Noyes.” One page. 7 ½” x 4” Putney, Vermont. Jan. 14, 1841. The document reads: “Cashier of Cheshire Bank Pay the Bearer. The dividend now due me at your Bank. John Noyes.” After his expulsion from Yale and the revocation of his preachers license in 1834, John Noyes returned to Putney Vermont where he continued preaching. Soon after his arrival, Noyes’s Putney community began to take shape. Started in 1836 as the Putney Bible School, the community became a formal communal organization in 1844, practicing complex marriage and male continence. In 1847, Noyes was arrested for adultery and warrants for several of his followers were issued. Within the year, the group fled to Oneida, New York, where they established a communal community that survived until 1879. An interesting and rare autograph.
Catalog: # AM-1714
State: Vermont
Topic: Religious History
Price: $575.00

Future King Edward VIII Signs A Large Card On The Day He “Received The Service Men And Scouts”

Edward VIII (1894 – 1972). King of England, abdicated the throne to marry American socialite Wallis Simpson. A large, boldly penned card. 11 ¼” x 7 ½”. Signed by Edward while he was the Prince of Wales. “H.R.H. The Prince of Wales visit to Marden Bradley, July 19, 1923. When he received the ( ) Sevice Men and Scouts.” An interesting item for the collector of royalty or scouting. Excllent condition.
Catalog: # AM-1799
Topic: Royalty
Price: $575.00

248 Items.  Showing Items 100 thru 108.
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