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General John Morin Scott Cut Signature

General John Morin Scott (1730 – 1784). Brigadier general during the American Revolution, delegate to Continental Congress. Signature cut from the conclusion of a letter. 3 ½” x 2”. “Jno. Morin Scott”. Tipped onto another sheet of paper. Fine.
Catalog: # RN-120
Topic: American Revolution
Price: $225.00

General Nathan Kimball To General Taylor

[ZACHARY TAYLOR]1848. Indiana. 4 pp. A outstanding letter of rarely seen content related to the Mexican-American War with fascinating content regarding "slanderous" comments made by General Taylor against the 2cd Indiana Regiment in the Taylor’s heroic and legendary Battle of Buena Vista, the victory which arguably gave him the Presidency:

"Fredericksburg Washington County Indiana August 17, 1848

You will pardon the liberty I take in addressing you this, asking of you an answer in regard to a subject which you have already been troubled considerably about and which you have already answered satisfactorily to most whigs – to wit. The incorrectness of your report in relation to the conduct of the 2cd Ind. Regiment in the great battle of Buena Vista Feby 22nd & 25th. 1847.

You are aware that the leaders of the Cass party in Indiana are endeavering to injure your prospects in the state by Charging you with having slandered the 2cd Regt of Indiana and Vol. (Col Bowles) in your report, this charge is clearly and satisfactorily settled by your letters to Hon G.G. Dunn M.C. as also – the charge “that you neglect and refuse to correct said report having the proper Datta before you by which you can correct.” But the charge is still made against you ; & it is said by persons who contributed to those reports – that the proceedings of the Court of enquiry which was had for Genl Lane (?) & Col. Bowles & the supplemental report of Lane – were forwarded to you and that they contain the datta for a connection of your report of that battle – as relates to the conduct of that Regiment. But that you still refuse to correct.” Now General I am an humble one – a supporter of the “Taylor & Fillmore” ticket. I am an Indianan & I was in the Battle of Buena Vista & a member of the 2cd Ind Regt. I had the honor to command a company – being its Capt and I know the conduct of the regiment during that day having joined the Regt of Mississipians, under Col. Davis with a portion of my company after the retreat of our regt & I remained with Col. Davis commanded until our regt was rallied & brot back by Lt. Col Haddon & even then my Company continued next to the flank of Col. Davis regt. I do know that the Regt of Col Bowles – retreated by orders - & that it was rallied again – but Col Bowles neglected to join it & thus it was unrecognized – as a distinct regt. Altho it participated in every engagement but one – in which the Miss. Regt. Was engaged- It was in the engagement when the charge by the Lancus was made against Miss. & third Ind. Regt. & contributed in the glorious repulse of the Mexicans – But this is rather foreign to the purpose.

I am anxious to know whether or not you have officially received the supplemental report of General Lane of the proceedings of the Court of Inquiry – in the Cause of Lane & Bowles & also whether or not one or both of those documents don’t furnish sufficient evidence of the gallant bearing & good conduct of the 2cd Ind Regt. To cause you to make a supplemental or a corrective report to the Detailed report made by you in regard to that regt. in the battle of Buena Vista.

The Leaders of the Cass party are denouncing you on that account. They denounce & stigmatize all of us who support you – as cowards & slanderers – As I was in that battle and knew the conduct of that regt - & the causes that produced the misfortunes of our regt – and the cause of your making your detailed as you did – I have been called upon to take the stump by your friends & by my own desire to see your cause successful & the truth to triumph by lending my feeble aid – this I have done, but I have been assailed on all hands, by the papers and stump orators of the opposition. I have told the people that you were not to blame – that your report was made up from the reports of your subordinates. Wool, Lane & c. I have compared all of the reports and have shewn that yours is milder than any other. They say in answer that – now having all the proper & sufficient datta to go upon you refuse to correct. I point them to your letter to Dunn – they still say that you now have those proper documents & still you refuse – Genl Lane, Col Lane, are now making speeches in this state – in which you are barely slandered & denounced – because – as they say – you refuse to do Justice to Indianians who fought bravely at Buena Vista – because you don’t correct your detailed report of that glorious battle & they say you have the proper & sufficient official datta to enable you to correct that report.

General – you can immagine our feelings here when we hear all this – having been under you – having served under you in that battle & venerating you as I do- it goes hard to hear this, and I wish you to condescend to answer this that I may meet your enemies - & the enemies of my state – these barely fawning sycophants – I know that you are willing to do Justice to my brave associates in arms of the 2cd Regt. Ind. Volunteers & that you will do it in an individual capacity in answering this - & officially if you have the proper official datta to go upon – I enclose a paper notice of my efforts in your behalf, and I do hope that you will pardon the (liberty) I have taken in thus addressing you that you will grant me an answer, for by it we will be able to defend you and ourselves.

Accept General appearances of high consideration & esteem and my wishes for your success & happiness and believe sir Respectfully Your Obt Servt Nathan Kimball
Late Capt. G. Comp. 2nd Ind Vol.

PS You will see on the first page of the paper and article over the signature of “Justice” which I wrote & also on 2nd page an editorial in relation to my effort on the stump. N Kimball.” On reverse: “Majr Genl Zachary Taylor Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Frederickburg, Ind August 17, 1848 Nathan Kimball Late Captain 2cd Ind Vol. In regard to the battle of B.V.
To be attended to Baton Rouge from Indiana Troops
" 4 pp. Integral address leaf. Included with the letter is the page from “The Salem News” (Salem Indiana, Tues. Aug 1, 1848) that General Kimball refers to, where he is anonymously published as “Justice.” A docketed postcript in Taylor's hand states “To be attended to Baton Rouge, from Indiana Troops”.
Extraordinary first-hand account of the Battle of Buena Vista and a fantastic demonstration of political support for the future president. Fine.
Catalog: # AM-0915
Condition: Fine
Topic: Presidents and First Ladies
Price: $2500.00

General Wadsworth Forwards Proceeds of Tory Estates to The State of Connecticut

American Revolution. Tory Estates. Manuscript document. 8 ¼” x 6”. “Recd of Gen’l James Wadsworth five hundred and seventy pounds, nine shillings and three pence in bills of this state & Pay table orders, which was received towards the avails of confiscated Estates. I say rec’d for the use of the State of Connecticut this 11 Feby. 1782…” In May of 1775,Connecticut passed an act allowing for the confiscation of real estate of convicted Tories which was amended to include personal property the following year. During the course of the war Connecticut made liberal use of the statute. Fine.
Catalog: # AM-3407
Topic: American Revolution

George Hoar Declines To Deliver An Address On John Hancock

GEORGE HOAR. TLS. 1pp. 8" x 10 1/4". Washington, D.C. January 14, 1896. A typed letter signed "Geo F. Hoar" to "Walter Gilman Page": "I do not think I can undertake to deliver the oration upon John Hancock. My duties in the Senate will require all my time and strength for the coming winter and spring, and perhaps far into the summer. If Gov. Greenhalge, or Lt. Gov. Wolcott, would undertake it, there would be an admirable oration. And it would seem proper that the Governor, as successor of John Hancock, who was the first Governor under our Constitution, should pronounce the address. I know how much he is burdened by such duties. But he is a man of great native oratoric capacity, and I suppose does such duties quite easily." The letter is glued down to a board and is in fine condition.
Catalog: # AM-0211
Topic: Political/United States
Price: $75.00

George Santayana

An Envelope Addressed To The Mark Twain Society And Signed By George Santayana In The Return Address. GEORGE SANTAYANA (1863 - 1952). Philosopher. Envelope is autographed with the return address. 6” x 5”. Addressed to Mr. Cyril Clemens at the Mark Twain Society in Webster Groves, Missouri. Cyril Clemens, a relative of the famous writer, founded the society to keep the memory of Twain and his work alive.
Catalog: # AM-1205
Topic: Literary

Governor General Of India Marquis Of Wellsley

Governor General of India and Lord Lieutenant of Ireland. 3 1/4” x 2 1/2”. Cut signature from the conclusion of a letter. “Wellesley”. Mounted to another sheet of paper. Very Fine.
Catalog: # AM-0874
Price: $65.00

Grace Larue

[Entertainers]. An album page signed by two famous actresses. GRACE LARUE (1882-1956) was an American actress, singer, and Vaudeville headliner. An autograph note signed ”Most Sincerely to Mrs. Higler Grace LaRue 1919 on an album page. The verso is signed by ELSIE JANIS (1889–1956) was an American singer, songwriter, actress, and screenwriter. Entertaining the troops during World War I immortalized her as "the sweetheart of the AEF" (American Expeditionary Force).The overall condition is very fine
Catalog: # AM-1644
Topic: Entertainment
Price: $35.00

Graphic New York Public School Attendance Certificate Boldy Signed By Peter Cooper

PETER COOPER (1791-1883). Manufacturer; Inventor; Philanthropist. DS. 1 page. 7 ½” x 9 ¼”. December, 1846. Presented to “Maria Nunns as a testimonial of the approbation of her Teacher & the School Committee for regular & punctual attendance…” Excellent condition and great for display
Catalog: # AM-1748
State: New York
Topic: Science and Inventors
Price: $275.00

Grover Cleveland Signed Presidential Appointment For An Army Assistant Surgeon General

Grover Cleveland (1837-1908). Twenty Second and Twenty Fourth President. DS. 1pp. 15 ¼” x 19 ¼”. January 23, 1888. “Know Ye, That reposing special trust and confidence in the patriotism, valor, fidelity, and abilities of Charles Page I have nominated and by and with the advice and consent of the Senate do appoint him Assistant Surgeon General with the rank of Colonel in the service of the United States….” Signed by Grover Cleveland and William Endicott as Secretary of War. Folds and slight paper loss at blue seal. Avery crisp and clean high ranking medical appointment.
Catalog: # AM-1783
State: District Of Columbia
Topic: Presidents and First Ladies
Price: $1000.00

267 Items.  Showing Items 118 thru 126.
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