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Jared Sparks

JARED SPARKS (1789-1866). Sparks, a clergyman, was one of the first Americans to collect and catalog important American manuscripts. Clipped signature “Jared Sparks” next to a printed “President.” 4¾” x 1¾” Fine.
Catalog: # AM-0232
Topic: Religious History
Price: $50.00

Jean Baptiste Gouvion French Engineer Who Organized The Siege Works At The Battle Of Yorktown

JEAN BAPTISTE GOUVION (1747-1792) French soldier and engineer who served alongside American forces during the Revolutionary War. Gouvion worked to organize the siege works at Yorktown and was praised by Washington for his engineering and military prowess. Document Signed, “Gougion,” in French on Etat Major General letterhead engraved with a full-masted ship. One page. To Major General of the National Guard. The document reads: “Pass M. Tavernier sub-lieutenant* of the National Guard into the Champs de Mars where he is engaged in duties in relation to the Artillery engaged at the Federation of 14 Gouvion. * at the disposal of the General Staff” Gouvion’s map of the Battle of Yorktown, possibly for George Washington recently sold for $1.1 million. A scarce autograph of this important figure in Revolutionary War history. Very Fine.
Catalog: # RN-168
Topic: American Revolution
Price: $2000.00

Jesse Straus TLS

JESSE STRAUS. TLS. I pp. 5 1/2" x 8 1/2". New York. June 13, 1919. A typed letter signed "Jesse Isidor Straus" on his personal letterhead. Straus wrote to "Mr. Jason Rogers, The Globe": "I have your note. also the copy of your new book, 'Building Newspaper Advertising. I have not as yet had a chance to look at it but assure you that I will at the first opportunity, though I am afraid that may not be for the next two or three weeks." The letter is in outstanding condition with a bold signature.
Catalog: # AM-0166
Topic: Business
Price: $95.00

Jimmy Durante To An Autograph Seeker

Jimmy Durante (1893 – 1980). American actor, signer and comedian. ANS. 1 page. 8 ½” x 11” On imprinted St. Moritz Air Mail letterhead. “Dear Bernard, Well here is the autograph. I’ve got no pictures with me. Best Wishes, Jimmy Durante” Couple of tape stains from a previous mounting. Fine.
Catalog: # WT-11
State: New York
Topic: Actors/Actresses
Price: $90.00

John A. Andrews Cut Signature

John A. Andrews (1818 - 1867. was an American clergyman from Maryland. Serving as a minister at a vast array of various Churches, Andrews also authored multiple published books and sermons. Due to his efforts, Andrews was accepted as a lifetime member of the American Philosophical Society in 1787. Andrews can also be credited with establishing a college that is now known as the York College of Pennsylvania. Cut Signature. 4 3/4" x 1 1/4". Mounted to an engraved portrait of Andrews measuring 5 1/2" x 8 1/2" overall. Fine.
Catalog: # AM-3028
State: Massachusetts
Topic: Political/United States
Price: $50.00

John Bassett Moore

JOHN BASSETT MOORE (1860-1947). Moore was an American jurist who served on Hague Tribunal and the International Court of Justice. ALS 2pp. 51/” x 63/4”. New York. July 22, 1928. An autograph letter signed “J B Moore” to “Mr. Barrett”: sorry not to have seen you. This has been a rather trying summer. Besides the contrast with the low temperature at The Hague, to which I have become accustomed, I have been working harder, longer hours & more constantly than I could have wished. I have two volumes in type in the hands of the printer. I trust that you or your family are well. With congratulations on your appointment as counsel on the U.S. Agency…”. The piece is in extremely fine condition.
Catalog: # AM-0955
Topic: Political/United States
Price: $125.00

John D. Long ALS

JOHN D. LONG (1838-1915) U.S. political figure. Long served as Governor of Massachusetts and U.S. Secretary of the Navy. Autograph Letter Signed, "John Long" and "JDL" on his name-imprinted letterhead. Two pages, 4 1/2" x 6 7/8". Hingham, Massachusetts. January 30, 1915. Long writes, in part: " Let me thank you for the photographs. They not only prove the skill of the arist who took them , but ... the delightful occassion when Mrs. Long & I had such a pleasant lunch with you & Mrs. Blackmar ... It is a great virtue ot tell the truth. But I sometimes wish the photographic camera would indulge just a little in the fiction of flattery. It will not let up a hair on y more than three-score years ... " Overall Fine.
Catalog: # AM-1175
Topic: Political/United States
Price: $65.00

John Dix Signs A Canal Fund Check

JOHN DIX. DS. 1pp. 6 1/2" x 5". Albany. July 6th 1835. A check signed by "John Dix" and two other "Commissioners of the Canal Fund". The "New York State Bank" check paid "Richard Yates,Cashier or Order, Twenty four thousand six hundred Dollars". The cut cancellation does not affect anything. The signatures are dark and the paper is very white; the condition is excellent.
Catalog: # AM-0154
State: New York
Price: $125.00

John Greenleaf Whittier Signature

John Greenleaf Whittier was an American poet during the 19th century. Whittier was a well known abolitionist, especially in the 1830s. He is best remembered for his works Snow-Bound and for the words of the hymn Dear Lord and Father Mankind from the poem The Brewing of Soma. Later in his career, Whittier became one of the founding contributors of the magazine Atlantic Monthly. This piece is a signature by Whittier on a small index card.
Catalog: # AM-3076
Price: $45.00

298 Items.  Showing Items 154 thru 162.
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