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Josiah James Evans Free Frank

Josiah James Evans (1786 –1858). U.S. Senator From South Carolina. Free Frank on Cut Panel. 5 ¼” x 3” “Free Josiah J. Evans, U.S.S.” Addressed to Henry C. Freeman, Esqr., Cincinnati, Ohio. Corners are round from trimming.
Catalog: # AM-1613
State: South Carolina
Topic: Political/United States
Price: $30.00

Junius Spencer Morgan

JUNIUS SPENCER MORGAN (1813-1890) American financier and banker. Autograph Letter Signed, "J.S. Morgan," on 22 Old Broad Street, London E.C. letterhead. One page, 8" x 10". London. October 20, 1881. Morgan writes to the Merchants National Bank, in part: " .. We beg to advise that we send Messrs Drexel, Morgan & co for your account by this mail Inspector's Certificate ... referred to in our letter of 15th inst. ... " Usual folds. Else Fine.
Catalog: # AM-1135
Topic: Business
Price: $750.00

Kate Field

(1838 - 1896). Journalist; Author; Lecturer; Actress. A prolific activist, Field involved herself in numerous causes, among them, temperance and Hawaiian annexation. ADS on paper mounted to an album page measuring 6 3/4" x 4" overall. “Union Square Theatre, Feb. 21 - 8 p.m. 2 reserved seats. Kate Field”. Fine
Catalog: # AM-1637
Topic: Literary
Price: $45.00

King Victor Emanuel E Of Italy Signs A Document

King Victor Emanuele of Italy. DS. 1 page. 9 3/4" x 14 1/4". Italy. September 13, 1874. A document signed by King Victor Emmanuel of Italy. It appears to be some type of award document. The overall condition is fine with light staining and a large, dark signature.
Catalog: # AM-0304
Topic: Political/World Leaders
Price: $125.00

Lafayette S. Foster Check

Norwich National Bank Check Signed by LAFAYETTE S. FOSTER (1806-1880) American politician and lawyer. Foster served in the U.S. Senate and on the Connecticut Supreme Court. 8” x 2 3/4” Norwich. April 1874. "Pay Town Tax or Bearer, Four hundred & seventy, 60/100 Dollars." Signed by Lafayettes Foster. Punch cancelled
Catalog: # AM-1434
State: Connecticut
Topic: Signed Checks
Price: $45.00

Lafayette Sabine Foster

LAFAYETTE SABINE FOSTER (1806 –1880) was a nineteenth-century American politician and lawyer from Connecticut. He served in the United States Senate from 1855 to 1867 and was a judge in the Connecticut Supreme Court from 1870 to 1876. ADS 1pp. 7" x 2 1/4". Norwich. Aug. 27, 1853. An autograph check signed “L. F.S. Foster”. The “Merchants’ Bank, Norwich” check paid “Backlin Matthewson or Bearer, sixty-two Dollars”. There is one slight cut cancellation but it is fine condition overall.
Catalog: # AM-0994
Topic: Signed Checks
Price: $50.00

Lansing Stout Free Franked Envelope

Lansing Stout (1828 - 1871). U.S. Senator From Oregon. Free Franked Envelope.7 ¼” x 3 ¾”. “L. Stout, M.C.” Addressed to George P. Moore, Ednay, Pocahontas Co., Virginia
Catalog: # AM-1611
State: Oregon
Topic: Political/United States
Price: $35.00

Levi Lincoln Jr. Cut Signature

Levi Lincoln Jr. (1782 - 1868).American lawyer and politician from Massachusetts. Served as governor and in the congress. Cut signature. 3 1/4" x 1 1/4". Mounted to a larger sheet with an engraved portrait measuring 5 1/2" x 8 1/2" overall. Fine.
Catalog: # AM-3035
State: Massachusetts
Topic: Political/United States

Louis F. Swift Signs An Agreement With The Maine Central Railroad

LOUIS SWIFT. DS. 2pp. 8 1/2" x 14". April 27, 1912. A partly printed agreement signed "L F Swift" between Swift and the Maine Central Railroad to have additional railroad track built at the end of the so-called "Armour track". It is in fine condition with two rust marks at top and one rust mark at bottom from paper clipping; they do not affect the signature.
Catalog: # AM-0597
Topic: Business
Price: $250.00

253 Items.  Showing Items 154 thru 162.
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