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Silas Wright Jr.

SILAS WRIGHT, JR. (1795-1847) American politician. Wright served as a New York Senator and as Governor of that state. Autograph Letter Signed, "Silas Wright, Jr." One page, 8" x 10". Comptroler's Office. Albany. August 6, 1832. Addressed on integral leaf. With circular "ALBANY" postal cancellation. Wright writes, in part: " ... I now send you enclosed the tax bill of Wm Rhinelander & Bayut [?] and Rhinelander made according to the list ... The delay of these bills has arisen from the delay in the completion of our annual tax book for 1831 ... No interst is cast upon the tax of 1831 and none will be demanded if paymnt is made by the date above mentioned ... " Paper loss from wax seal. Some minor staining. Overall Fine.
Catalog: # AM-1217
Topic: Political/United States
Price: $65.00

Silvanus Bourne

SILVANUS BOURNE (abt.1756-1817): Consul to Cap Francois. From 1794-1797, he was appointed vice consul of Amsterdam and from 1797-1816, he was consul general in the same city and was appointed consul general to the Batavian Republic. In 1817, he became agent for seamen at The Hague. One page Autograph Letter Signed by Silvanus Bourne with integral address leaf addressed, interestingly, to Silvanus Bourne, Boston, with his Free Frank “S. Bourne.”   Dated Philadelphia May 3rd 1792:  “My Dear Sir…I am compelled to inform you of the failure of your application for the office of T –n.  Mr. Dolton is this day nominated, having failed in the appointment of Director, it seems he is willing to accept of this office Tench Francis and Major Jackson also applied ‘tis said, but Dalton will obtain it; I sincerely feel for your disappointment, but doubt not you will soon obtain something worth receiving.  I believe your friends here are all disappointed in the Nomination.  Hope you found all your friends will on you arrival there.  We have agreed to adjourn on Saturday next…I will meet you in Boston…Yr. Friend Sincerely, S. Bourne.”  A curious letter. Mounted on edge to a heavy stock 19th century autograph book page.  In Fine condition.
Catalog: # AM-0213
State: Pennsylvania
Topic: Early America
Price: $200.00

Simon Lake Submarine Salvage Corp. Signed As Vice-President By Simon Lake

SIMON LAKE (1866-1945) Mechanical engineer and naval architect who competed to build the first submarines for the U.S. Navy. Partly-printed check drawn on The Milford Trust Compnay payable in the amount $19.60. Check Signed as vice-president “Simon Lake.” Milford, Connecticut. April 23, 1932. Perforation cancellation. Overall Fine.
Catalog: # AM-1452
Topic: Signed Checks
Price: $25.00

Six Circulars From The Quartermaster General’s Office, Including Four

THOMAS S. JESUP. (1788-1860). American military officer known as the “Father of the Modern Quartermaster Corps.” 1) Printed Circular Signed, “Th. S. Jesup.” Three pages, 8” x 9 ¾”. “Quarter Master General’s Office Washington City.” January 25, 1848. The circular contains a message from Jesup as well as messages from Comptroller of the Treasury Department and the Attorney General’s Office relating to the illegality of making appropriations from the Quartermaster’s Department for the payment of claim by damages caused by soldiers in the service of the United States during the Mexican-American War. Some discoloration. Split at fold on page three. Else Fine. 2) Manuscript Circular Signed, “Th S. Jesup.” One page, 8” x 9 ¾”. “Q.M. Genl. Office Washington City.” March 19, 1849. This circular details the recent failure of the department’s officers to forward a personnel list and orders that such action be immediately undertaken. Fine condition 3) Printed circular signed, “Th. S. Jesup.” One page, 8” x 9 ¾” “Quarter Master General’s Office Washington City.” March 9,1848. The circular forwards the recent decision by the Adjutant General’s Office that a bounty may be paid for the apprehension of volunteer deserters in the wake of the Mexican-American War. Fine condition. 4) Printed Circular Signed, “Th. S. Jesup.” One page, 7 ¾” x 10”. “Quarter Master General’s Office Washington City.” July 11, 1849. The circular requests a list of all individuals employed by the Quarter Master Corps in compliance with Congress’ resolution to “compile and print, one in every two years, a register of all officers and agents, civil, military, and naval, in the service of the United States.” Some dampstaining, else Very Good. 5) Printed Circular Signed, “Ch. Thomas Maj Q.M.” One page, 7 ¾” x 10”. “Quarter Master General’s Office Washington City.” February 24, 1848. Circular requests that a full and complete report of all public property in possession of recipient be completed as well as a monthly & quarterly report as ordered by Major General Jesup. Fine Condition. 6) Manuscript Circular. One page, 7 ¾” x 10”. “Quarter Master General’s Office Saint Louis Mo.” June 18, 1849. The circular inform the Assistant Quarter Master of the U.S. Army that no more payments will be made until funds are placed in the hands St. Louis’s Quarter Master. Some discoloration, else Fine.
Catalog: # AM-0559
State: District Of Columbia
Price: $750.00

Southern Writer Erskine Caldwell Signs A Check

ERSKINE CALDWELL. ADS. 1pp. 6 1/4" x 2 3/4". Augusta, Maine. January 2, 1937. A "First National Granite Bank" check signed by Erskine Caldwell and completely engrossed by him. The check has some even toning and punch cancellations that touch the engrossment but not the signature; the overall condition is fine.
Catalog: # AM-0064
Topic: Signed Checks
Price: $200.00

State of New York Certificate Of Audited Or Revised Claims For The War Of 1812 Signed By Frederick Townsend

Frederick Townsend (1825–1897) was a Union officer in the American Civil War. He founded and was Colonel of the 3rd New York Regiment, and later served with the US Army's 18th Infantry, where he was brevetted a brigadier general. Townsend served three terms as Adjutant General of the State of New York, from 1857–1861, and again in 1880. DS. 1 page. 7 ½” x 3 ¾”. Albany, July 4, 1859. Engraved state seal of the New York in upper left corner. “We the undersigned pursuant to Chapter 176 of the Laws of 1859, passed April 8, 1859 do hereby certify that we have audited the revised claim of Peter Stoutinburgh,Jr. N.Y. and that there is due to him the sum of sixty dollars 50/100 with interest at the rate of six per cent per annum from Aug. 1, 1858 for contingent expenses adjudged to him by us in pursuance of the provisions of said act. Signed by Townsend as Adjutant General of New York. The act referred in the document referred to is detailed in the New York statutes: “ The various acts amendatory of the same authorized and required the commissary-general and adjutant-general of the State to audit and settle the amount properly chargeable to the State of New York for the services and contingent expenditures of the volunteers and militia of said State called out for its defense during the late war (the term “late war” means the second war between the United States and England, known as the War of 1812).” Fine.
Catalog: # AM-1538
State: New York
Topic: War of 1812
Price: $65.00

Tasker H. Bliss

TASKER H. BLISS (1853-1930) US general and diplomat. He served in the Spanish–American War, in 1902 negotiated the treaty of reciprocity with Cuba. Towards the end of World War I he was chief of general staff in Washington 1917–18, represented the USA on the Supreme War Council in 1918, and was chosen as one of the five US delegates to the Inter-Allied Peace Conference in Paris in 1919. Clipped Autograph. 5”x 2”. “Tasker H. Bliss” above typed “General, Chief of Staff. U.S.A. Permanent American Military Representative.” Fine.
Catalog: # AM-1654
Topic: World War I

The Assassin Of James Garfield Receives Settlement On Behalf Of His Client In A Forged Check Case

CHARLES GUITEAU (1841 - 1882). Assassin of President James Garfield. An interesting ADS in which Guiteau, serving as an attorney for his client who has received a forged check; “Rec’d $5 in settlement of Pyne & Miller’s claim of $17.60 in an alleged forged check for that amt. Issued by Lynch Bros. Dated 14 Sept. 1876. Charles J. Guiteau, atty…” Accompanied by the original check which was the subject of the forgery as well as a contemporaneous envelope written “Autograph of Chas. J. Guiteau, the murderer of Prest. Garfield”. All are wonderfully framed in a gold gilt with a cranberry colored matting. An unusual combination. Fine.
Catalog: # AM-0842
Condition: Fine
Topic: Crime History
Price: $2400.00

The Boston Art Club Seeks To Expand Their QuartersThrough The Purchase Of Property Held By The Massachusetts Bicycle Club

[Bicycle History – Boston]. DS. 8” x 36”. Boston, Mass. October 29, 1888. This document calls for the membership to back the proposed purchase of a building adjacent to the club’s building for the purpose of expansion. “In the opinion of many …the present building is already quite inadequate for the use of the club; and they feel certain, that if in the future, the club is to take and maintain a high position and rank among the institutions of similar character in the country, a larger building and more ample accommodations will be necessary….” The Massachusetts Bicycle Club was founded on January 10, 1879. It was headquartered on Newbury Street in Boston and by 1885 boasted a membership of 225. Signed at the conclusion by 30 members of the club in support of the acquisition. An interesting early bicycling related document. Fine.
Catalog: # AM-1530
State: Massachusetts
Topic: Sports
Price: $245.00

268 Items.  Showing Items 226 thru 234.
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