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The Philippines During WWII

Autograph Letter Signed, “Gene.” Four pages, 5” x 8”. Philippines. March 23, 1945. The letter reads, in part: “ … The people here are very friendly and generally speak good English the best part of it here is that we can hire our laundry done & fairly cheap too. We had to change our money to Pesos & Centavos because they don’t use American money here … Since we landed her we’ve had one air raid and that’s all we’ve seen of them since . While the Japs were here they forced the Filipinos to work for money which they printed and when they left the money automatically became worthless … I hope by now your snow is gone … it must have been an awful winter. I’d gladly give up all of this for it though … ” Extremely Fine.
Catalog: # AM-0119
Topic: World War II
Price: $175.00

Timothy Pickering Writes To John Pickering

TIMOTHY PICKERING. ALS. 1pp. 8" x 12 3/4". Philadelphia. July 11th 1795. An autograph letter signed "T. Pickering" to "John Pickering": "You will deem me a negligent trustee: but knowing it to be proper to make up Salary accounts at the close of a quarter, I waited accordingly. I have now the pleasure to inclose your Salary from Feby. 11th to June 30th inclusively, amounting to Three hundred and eighty six dollars & eleven cents in one post note...". The letter is in fine condition with dark ink.
Catalog: # AM-0147
Topic: Political/United States
Price: $375.00

To President Taylor Just Months Before His Death

[Zachary Taylor] 1850. Pennsylvania. 4pp. ALS from a Dr. A. D. Chaloner of Philadelphia written just months prior to Taylor’s death. “Philad. City Feb 15, 1850 Dear Sir, Soon another Anniversary of Buena Vista will be here, and as on that day, your voice encouraged your countrymen to daring deeds-may not those who in the political campaign sustained you be remembered? One who first battled in the whirl of politics to place you at our Country’s helm, as now his efforts may even now be rewarded. Respectfully, A.D. Chaloner, MD Respectfully, Yr. Obt Sert, Genl Z. Taylor Prest. U States Washington, DC.” A docketed notation on the verso states; “Philadelphia Feb 15, 1850 A.D. Chaloner Reminds the P. of himself.” Our research has found that a Doctor A.D. Chaloner, MD in Phil. wrote an article in 1849 in the Philadelphia Ledger on “TREATMENT OF CHOLERA” which is what is now thought to be a possible cause of Taylor’s death. Fold Marks. Fine.
Catalog: # AM-0914
Condition: Fine
Topic: Presidents and First Ladies
Price: $1500.00

Union Brevet Brigadier General Frederick Townsend

Frederick Townsend (1825 – 1897). Union Brevet Brigadier General during the Civil War. Founded the 3rd New York Infantry. Document signed. 1 page. Albany. July 5, 1859. Certificate for claimant for audited and revised claim of Thomas Southard, Hempstead for continuing claims related to the War of 1812. Signed by Townsend while serving as Adjutant General of New York. Excellent condition.
Catalog: # AM-3616
State: New York
Topic: Civil War
Price: $65.00

US Ambassador To Berlin During WWI – James Watson Gerard “On Account Of The Possible Trouble Here With Japan…”

JAMES WATSON GERARD (1867-1951) U.S. lawyer and diplomat. Appointed to the NY Supreme Court in 1908. Under President Woodrow Wilson he served as the American Ambassador to Germany from 1913 to 1917. On the declaration of war by the United States, he was recalled from his post of minister at Berlin and took up the practice of law in New York City. Autograph Letter Signed. August 18th 1916. 2pp. On “Embassy of the United States of America” letterhead. To Walter H. Page and Henry Van Dyke: “My dear Colleague: This is to introduce Dr. Jose Legaspi, He is a Filipino, studying in Berlin – On account of the possible trouble here with Japan – and the fact that to a strange people he might look rather Japanese, I sent him out of Berlin. Please help him. Communicate with his father etc. & help him if necessary. …J.W. Gerard.” On verso he writes again: “Dear Colleague, Mr. Legaspi has just brought this note to me. Our instructions are to forward the return of all such cases to America via England. I therefore send, and commend Mr. Legaspi to your kind care…” Gerard’s views of Imperial Germany at this time fit neatly into an age which historian Merle Curti characterized as “a struggle between darkness and light, barbarism and civilization.” Gerard gained particular notoriety for a speech given in 1917. During the course of his speech he feared for the possibility of up to half a million German- Americans rising up and wreaking havoc within the U.S. once General Pershing’s American Expeditionary Force (AEF) took part in its first major offensive against the German enemy. His solution was startlingly simple: to hang German-Americans from lamp posts. Unsurprisingly Gerard was unsuccessful in his bid for the Democratic Presidential nomination in 1920.
Catalog: # AM-1655
Topic: World War I
Price: $350.00

Virginia Congressman and Commander of the State Militia

Francis Preston (1765 – 1836). General. During the War of 1812 he commanded a regiment of Virginia troops. He commanded the Virginia state militia after the war and served as a congressman for two terms. ALS. Two pages, 7 1/2” x 9 1/4”. Salt Works. November 28,1797..” Preston writes to Col. Dana Henly of Knoxville, Tennessee, in part: “ … I gave you fifteen bushels of salt by a Mr. Shaddon intended more for you own private use than as it respected a supply to the public store for then I thought I could not procure wagons to carry the quantity intended … I must take this liberty to request you to have such a place made in the cellar as will contain about 300 bus the expenses of which I will cheerfully pay and that you will be so good as to keep the key until called for … ” Addressed on integral leaf. Usual folds. Slight paper loss at wax seal on address leaf. Overall Very Fine.
Catalog: # AM-1504
State: Virginia
Topic: War of 1812
Price: $245.00

W.B. Pierce Applies To Be A Naval Surgeon For The Union During The Civil War

Application submitted to the Examining Board of Naval Surgeons as Assistant Surgeon. 5 pages. June 5, 1864. Pierce provides answers to 8 questions. He was asked to “Describe the intestines large & small” and “Describe the physical qualities of hydrogen gas”. Fine, detailed medical content.
Catalog: # AM-1083
Topic: Civil War
Price: $225.00

W.K. Rogers Private Secretary To The President.

W.K. Rogers: Private Secretary to Rutherford B. Hayes. Autograph Page Signed “W.K. Rogers, Private Secretary to the President.” 6 ½ “x 8”. Fine.
Catalog: # AM-0115
Topic: Political/United States
Price: $45.00

Wadsworth A. Ward Applies To Be A Naval Surgeon For The Union During The Civil War

Application submitted to the Naval Examining Board for a position as Assistant Surgeon. 5 pages. December 4, 1861. Ward provides detailed answers to questions to 8 questions including subjects such as “the anatomy of the parts concerned in Tracheotomy” and “the functions of the kidneys.” Nice, detailed medical content.
Catalog: # AM-1074
Topic: Civil War
Price: $225.00

251 Items.  Showing Items 226 thru 234.
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