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Abbott Laurence

Abbott Laurence (1792 – 1855). American businessman, politician and philanthropist. Founder of Lawrence, Massachusetts. ALS. 1 page. Boston, July 3, 1841. To John T. Adams, Washington, D.C. “I enclose a lwtter to Mr. Webster which please read and seal and send it to him or present it in person if you prefer it. We have nothing new here, Yours Truly, Abbott Lawrence” Folds. Fine.
Catalog: # AM-0073
State: Massachusetts
Topic: Business
Price: $125.00

Abbott Laurence ALS

Abbott Laurence (1792 – 1855). American businessman, politician and philanthropist. Founder of Lawrence, Massachusetts. ALS. 1 page. Boston Dec. 14th, 1849. To Henry C. Wiley, Esq., Saxton’s River, Vermont.; “I received your note in due course of mail and beg to state in reply that I believe General Taylor will redeem all the pledges we have made for him in the late political canvas. Please accept the assurances with which I remain dear sir, Your faithful obt. Servt. Abbott Lawrence” Folds. Fine
Catalog: # AM-0074
Topic: Business
Price: $125.00

Abolitionists, Whigs and The Mexican War

Autograph Letter Signed, “Geo. Haven.” Three pages, 7 ¾” x 9 ¾”. Meriden, MA. October 4, 1849. Addressed on integral leaf to “Liberty F. Thurber, Washington Vt.” Haven comments upon a suicide and later writes, in part: “ … Politics is what I don’t have much to do with now for I am drove very hard with study and finally I never had much to do with them. You seem to laugh because the Whigs & Abolitionists got beat last Spring. If you had minded the State vote last spring you should have found that Colby the Whig candidate gained about three thousand while Berry the abolition candidate lost to a great rate … the Mexican War raised considerable excitement this way. How it will terminate I cannot tell. I am for the Wilmot Proviso. No more slave territory. The Democrats in this State are against eh Wilmot Proviso. You are aware that the 1st & 3rd District sent a Whig & Abolitionist Representative last June. N.H. has now one Abolition Senator, one Democrat, two Democrat Representatives, one Abolitionist & one Whig. So they are even in the House & Senate …”
Catalog: # AM-0117
State: Massachusetts
Topic: Political Americana
Price: $275.00

Adjutant General Lutz Wahl On War Department Letterhead

Lutz Wahl (1869 – 1928). Adjutant General of the U.S. Army. ALS. 1 page. 7 ¼” x 10 ½”. On imprinted letterhead of The Adjutant Generals’s Office. “My dear Hamilton; Let me congratulate you upon your deserved promotion. With kindest regards, I am, Very sincerely, Wahl” Some light ghosting at lower right quarter. Light mounting traces on verso. Fine.
Catalog: # AM-1580
State: District Of Columbia
Topic: Military History
Price: $90.00

Admiral N.R.Usher Handwritten and Signed Letter

An autograph from Admiral N.R. Usher, this piece is dated September 13, 1918. The piece was written to Howes Norris Jr. per his request for a signature from Usher. The piece is signed by Usher as Rear Admiral of the U.S. Navy. Usher was in charge of the Brooklyn Naval Yard during World War I.
Catalog: # AM-3065
Price: $75.00

Adolph Hitler Signed Document Countersigned By Adolph Schmundt, Critically Injured In The July 20 Plot To Assassinate Hitler

ADOLPH HITLER (1889-1945) Leader of Nazi Germany. Typed Document Signed, “Hitler.” 40 pages. Fuhrer headquarters. March 31, 1943. An extraordinary 40 page document Signed by Adolf Hitler and Rudolf Schmundt Authorizing Ranks And Placements Of Hundreds of Military Personnel. The exceptionally lengthy document details promotions and transfers for many German soldiers Countersigned “R. Schumdt” by RUDOLF SCHMUNDT (1896-1944) German officer who served as General of the Infantry and as Chief of the Personnel Department of the German Army during World War II. Schmundt was severely injured during the failed July 20 plot by some leading Nazis to kill Adolph Hitler. Schmundt would die of his injuries soon after. A nice association of Hitler and a leading German officer who would die from injuries sustained by an internal attempt to assistant the Fuhrer. Very Fine. In excellent condition.
Catalog: # AM-1791
Country: Germany
Topic: Political/World Leaders
Price: $4500.00

Adolph Lewisohn Signature

Adolph Lewisohn (1849 – 1938). Investment banker, mining magnate and philanthropist. Lewisohn donated the money for the longstanding Lewisohn Stadium in New York. DS. 1 page. Aug. 20, 1906. Signature on a stock receipt for shares in the Sierra Madre Development Company. Excellent.
Catalog: # AM-0096
Topic: Business
Price: $65.00

Adolph Sutro ALS

ADOLPH SUTRO (1830-1898) Mayor of San Francisco and the namesake of various San Francisco landmarks. Autograph Letter Signed, " Adolph Sutro." Four pages, 5" x 8". San Francisco. March 5, 1878. Sutro writes to his wife, Leah, in part: " … I was glad to know that your knee has not troubled you so much - I think I would get the bandage made anyawy, for I believe when you get up you will be troubled again, with your knee. So if you think ti had better be made telegraph upon receipt of this the measurements precisely ... the length he gave me 8 1/2 inches, the instrument maker says is ivory ...IN telegraphing you need simply say length ... The instrument has to be long, so as to allow plaster and bandages to be applied to above and below the knee .... I hope Emma attends on you ... at least a good part of the time ..." Extremely Fine.
Catalog: # AM-1234
Topic: Business
Price: $350.00

Alexander Bullock

ALEXANDER H. BULLOCK (1816-1882) Member of the Massachusetts House of Representatives and Senate, Speaker of the House for Massachusetts and Governor of that state. Photograph of Bullock signed on verso “A.H. Bullock Speaker 1862” 2 3/4” x 4 1/4”.  No place. 1862. Backstamp reads, “Photographed by Claflin 188 Main St., Worcester.” Fine.
Catalog: # AM-0215
State: Massachusetts
Topic: Political/United States
Price: $75.00

280 Items.  Showing Items 28 thru 36.
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