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Alexander Bullock

ALEXANDER H. BULLOCK (1816-1882) Member of the Massachusetts House of Representatives and Senate, Speaker of the House for Massachusetts and Governor of that state. Photograph of Bullock signed on verso “A.H. Bullock Speaker 1862” 2 3/4” x 4 1/4”.  No place. 1862. Backstamp reads, “Photographed by Claflin 188 Main St., Worcester.” Fine.
Catalog: # AM-0215
State: Massachusetts
Topic: Political/United States
Price: $75.00

Alfred H. Colquitt

ALFRED H. COLQUITT (1824-1894) U.S. Senator, Governor of Georgia. During the civil war, he served in the Confederate army, reaching the rank of major general. 3 1/2” x 2 1/4” card Signed, “Alfred H. Colquitt Georgia” No date. Very Fine.
Catalog: # AM-0238
State: Georgia
Topic: Civil War
Price: $175.00

Allen Turner Davidson Cut Signature

Cut Signature. 4” x 1 ¼”. ALLEN TURNER DAVIDSON, (1819- 1905). North Carolina Congressman, Lawyer and Banker.
Catalog: # AM-1650
Topic: Civil War
Price: $29.00

ALS From James Rivington Publisher Of The Loyalist Newspaper New York Gazette And One Of General George Washington’s Most Successful Spys

James Rivington (1724-1802) English-born American journalist and publisher of Rivington’s Gazette, one of the most infamous Loyalist newspapers in the American colonies and a spy for General Washington. Autograph Letter Signed, “James Rivington” with integral address leaf to Jacob Reed, Member of So. Carolina at Congress: One page. New York .November 1, 1784. Rivington writes “Sir This morning received your favor of the 30 Ulto & beg leave to intimate that the Buckles mentioned in your letter shall be forwarded to Trenton by the first proper opportunity. My clerk tells me the price fixed on had you taken them, was five guineas, at which they are now reserved for you. A set of Rollins Roman History 4 Volumes, was last Saturday forwarded to a new established library society at Princeton to which I presume W. James Bond Read will join himself with the other students and of course derive the benefits without the expense of purchasing that voluminous work. I am, sir, Your most obliged and faithfull, humble servant. James Rivington.” The Address leaf is stamped with a free frank; “N. York nov:* 1*FREE.” While James Rivington was generally believed to be the Loyalist printer of the New York Gazette during the British occupation, he actually acted as a spy for General Washington to great effect. During the war, his greatest achievement is the capture of the British Navy’s entire signal book, which was passed on to Admiral De Grasse by American forces. Left margin has a couple of areas of paper loss, with one just slightly affecting one word of text. A few age spots. Fine.
Catalog: # RN-180
State: New York
Topic: American Revolution
Price: $1250.00

Als Signed By Amos Kendall To Lewis Cass

AMOS KENDALL A journalist, Kendall also served as Jackson and Van Buren’s Postmaster General. ALS signed by Amos Kendall to Lewis Cass. 1 page. Washington, June 23rd, 1859. 8” x 10”. Letter of recommendation for J.C. Lewis and signed by Amos Kendall. Two punch holes at left border. Ideal for framing.
Catalog: # AM-0971
Topic: Political/United States
Price: $175.00

American Unitarian Leader Henry Ware

Henry Ware (1764 – 1845). Preacher and theologian. Influential in the formation of Unitariansim and the American Unitarian Association in the United States. ALS. 1 page. 5” x 8”. May 18, 1836. To Dr. Pierce; “I received yesterday from Mr. Clarke of Sherburn a note, asking me to give the charge at his Ordination, and if it should not be in my power, to request you to perform that service. It was my intention to attend the ordination, being very desirous to visit my brother there. But I was served on Sunday with a very violent cold, which has confined me ever since to the house and mostly to my bed….I can have no hope of being well enough by Thursday to make it prudent for me to attend the Ordination. I am dear sir, with great regard, yours Henry Ware.” Extremely Fine.
Catalog: # AM-1523
State: Massachusetts
Topic: Religious History
Price: $125.00

An Archive Of Letters Herman Goering And His Wife

[NAZI GERMANY]. Archive of 78 items congratulating Hermann Goering and his wife, Emma, on the birth of their daughter, Edda, in 1938. HERMAN GOERING (1893-1946), a noted World War I flying ace, rose through the Nazi ranks to become the second most powerful man in Germany, only answering to Adolf Hitler. Goering was at the height of his popularity with the German public when his second wife gave birth to their only child. This event was highly publicized and resulted in a torrent of cards and letters from well-wishers. The items in this group are of varying sizes up to 8” x 10” and degrees of quality, ranging from simple penned notes to embossed full color cards. Many of the greetings, be they from Party officials or grandmothers, close with “Heil Hitler!”. One post card in particular stands out in that it shows the familiar needle and globe from the 1939 New York World’s Fair. Datelined Flushing, Long Island, the card was written by a German- American who was probably a member of the pre-war Bund. Another signed “The heavily wounded in war Max Kierling, Heil Hitler!” On the back of a cherub angels greeting with hearts: “We wish that your little girl turns out like you: So German, So true, and So loved, like you. Dear Uncle Herman, could we please visit and see your little child…Dear Uncle Herman, Please say Yes!” Found with this was a note that read: “Cards and letters from a German Castle Taken by a pilot during World War II”. Each greeting is housed in its own sleeve along with a translation. Overall Very Fine.
Catalog: # AM-1004
Topic: World War II
Price: $2500.00

An Autograph Letter Signed From Harper's Weekly Editor George William Curtis

George William Curtis. ALS. 1pp. 4 1/2" x 7". Staten Island. 15 April 1887. An autograph letter signed by George William Curtis: "The engagement of which I spoke is to the first Thursday of May - but I am sure that the end of the month would not be too late for your purpose". The letter has very light toning and is in fine condition overall.
Catalog: # AM-0371
Topic: Literary
Price: $125.00

An Early Provincial Broadside Signed by Treasurer Harrison Gray

Catalog: # AM-3657
State: Massachusetts
Topic: Colonial America
Price: $750.00

267 Items.  Showing Items 37 thru 45.
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