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An Interesting Jay Cooke Signed Charter Of Incorporation Of The Ogontz Fishing Club Also Signed By Smith, Barney Founder Charles D. Barney

JAY COOKE (1821-1905). Banker. A chance move to Philadelphia as a result of the panic of 1837 determined Jay Cooke’s future career, with his eventually ending up as a partner in the distinguished banking house of Clark & Company in that city. Retiring as a wealthy man in 1857, he could not stay idle long, and founded Jay Cooke & Company in 1861, destined to become one of the most widely known banking houses in the country. Serving as treasury agent for the U.S. government during the Civil War, Cooke’s banking house handled with great success the larger part of the $2 billion in bonds which the government issued to finance the war effort. After the war, Cooke’s banking house specialized in financing very large enterprises, most notably the construction of the Northern Pacific Railroad. In the depression of 1873, however, the house failed, helping bring on the panic of 1873.

CHARLES BARNEY Co-founder of today’s well known Smith Barney borkerage firm. Charles Barney, founded his firm in 1873 and a young investment banker, Edward B. Smith, started his in 1892. These pioneers of the American securities industry helped make Wall Street the world’s financial capital.

Document Signed. Williamsport, Pennsylvania. February 18, 1885. 6 pages. 8” x 12 ½”. Manuscript Charter of Incoporation of The Ogontz Fishing Club. The charter outlines the details of the club’s formation stating “The purpose of the said Corporation shall be the preservation and propogation of fish in the Waters of the West or First Fork of Larrys Creek and its bributaries in the County of Lycoming and State of Pennsylvania” The document is signed as the conclusion by all who are listed as directors; JAY COOKE, JAY COOKE, JR., CHAS. D. BARNEY, JOHN M. BUTLER, CLINTON LLOYD, THOMAS W. LLOYD AND LIZZIE H. LLOYD.

A fine document displaying Cooke’s avid interest in sportsmanship and a great association with one of America’s most well known brokerage names. Some light dampstaining

Catalog: # AM-1120
Topic: Business
Price: $1500.00

Anne Grant ALS

Anne Grant (1755 – 1838). Scottish poet. ALS. 1 ½ pages with integral address leaf. To a friend, Grant writes a lengthy letter;

21st January 1832

My Dear Sir Why should I not say my dear friend when I feel myself have an interior claim upon you to that effect before I proceed further I must in justice say that I have no where met with warmer gratitude and attachment than from the few Americans to who I show civilities Services were quite out of my power But whatever I did came from the Heart & was so understood this serves to cover an answer to a letter full of affection and gratitude from Mr. Andrew Bigelowe who it appears had written twice some time ago no doubt in the same stile without receiving any answer, I think I could scarce be such a Savage as to neglect so much kindness. One of his or mine must have been lost This letter was brought by a very pleasing relation of his Stevens by name Who is now in Manchester & wishd my answer to be sent to him to forwarded, but I think it more direct to be sent thro your good offices by the packet for I am impatient to let the good Soul know that age has not with me extinguished all human feeling Bye the bye, I received with this letter a tour to Sicily & Malta of his writing of respectable size & equally respectable contents, indicating much f his natural gentleness and good feeling. Excepting indeed on one subject which carries him uprite of his native element, & it make him appear like a Pigeon in a passion to poor John Bull he is on all occasions unmerciful Now I really think Jonathan Calf ought to respect himself in his progenitor from whom he derives such a rich inheritance of good blood, good language good laws & above all to use his own phrase good Nations. It is ungracious to trumple on the poor old Gentlemen in the day of his on the poor old Gentleman in the day of his adversity, but one shall not begin a subject which has no end but rather speak of Dear Mrs. Booth & her pretty Chickens, As Macduff says. I have a kind of partial interest about the youngest which I should not indulge knowing how little these Blossoms are to be with & in such a case I should be sorrier than I ought to be. We are all quiet & grave here few parties none gay no wonder. Standing as we do on an Isthmus between Revolution & cholera, & without very kindly feelings to each other where Politics differ while matters are come to a crisis which makes a Neutrality impossible. The inclosed will be sent of course to the Packets. I shall be inconsolable if it does not arrive. I love all your children the “Like Jacob lendest of the youngest born”. Mrs. Booth knows that I love her & suspects me of loving you.

A denial would be unworthy of Anne Grant

Catalog: # AM-0090
Price: $275.00

Application submitted to the Examining Board of Naval Surgeons as Assistant Surgeon. William Lillie

Application submitted to the Examining Board of Naval Surgeons as Assistant Surgeon. 3 pages. No date.Although questions are missing, Lillie provides 8 answers on topics including carbonic acid, types of burns and types of tests for Arsenious acid.
Catalog: # AM-1080
Topic: Civil War
Price: $200.00

Armand Hammer

ARMAND HAMMER (1898 – 1990). Industrialist, philanthropist. TLS. 1 page. 8 ½” x 11”. January 29, 1987. On imprinted letterhead of The Armand Hammer United World College of the American West to Dale Wonder; “I am glad to hear that you have established contact with Sir Ian Gourlay and wish you the best of luck in your search for an international position.” “As for your interest in a book relating the personal experiences of the astronauts, I am sure that NASA and their Soviet counterparts will be helpful.” Boldly signed by Hammer at the conclusion. Excellent for display.
Catalog: # DN-34
State: California
Topic: Business
Price: $150.00

Armand Hammer Inscripbed And Signed Book Presented To An Old Fraternity Brother

ARMAND HAMMER (1898 – 1990). Industrialist, art collector, philanthropist. Signed Book. “The Quest of the Romanoff Treasure” by Armand Hammer. Hardcover. 241 pages. New York, 1932. Presented to one of his fellow fraternity brothers, “To Dr. John J. Jaffin in memory of the good old days of Mu Sigma with best wishes. Armand Hammer, November 22, 1932” Some separation of the binding. Fine.
Catalog: # AB-0008
Topic: Business
Price: $300.00

Arthur St. Clair Check

Arthur St. Clair (1734/1736-1818) Ninth President of the Continental Congress under the Articles of Confederation, holding office from February 2, 1787 to October 29, 1787. He was preceded in office by Nathaniel Gorham and succeeded by Cyrus Griffin. He was also a general in the Continental Army during the American Revolution, the highest-ranking officer in the US Army (1791-1792), and the only territorial governor of Ohio. St. Clair considered himself more of an American patriot than a British subject. ADS March 1803 1 page 3" x 5 1/2". "Bank of the United States, Pay to J. M. Bushmark or bearer, five dollars." Accomplished entirely in St. Clair's hand and signed twice by him. In excellent condition.

Catalog: # AM-3293

Augustus H. Garland

AUGUSTUS H. GARLAND (1832- 1899). Youngest member of the Confederate Congress. Front panel of an envelope addressed to Secretary of War James Seddon. Small loss of paper in upper right corner above signature. Some light glassine remaining at two corners from an old mounting. Otherwise, Fine.
Catalog: # AM-0881
Price: $125.00

Augustus Schulze Applies To Be A Naval Surgeon For The Union During The Civil War

Application submitted to the Examining Board of Naval Surgeons as Assistant Surgeon. 8 pages. Brooklyn December 28, 1861. Schulze gives answers to 8 questions including “What are the means for suppressing hemorrhages?” and “What are the tests for arsenious acid?” Lengthy responses to all questions
Catalog: # AM-1091
Topic: Civil War
Price: $275.00

Autograph Album Page Signed by Three Congressman, Two Who Were Also Union Generals During the Civil War

Autograph album page. 4 ½” x 7 ½”. Signed by three Congressman while serving in office; Jacob Miller Campbell (1821 – 1888). U.S. Congressman From Pennsylvania. Brevet Brigadier General during the Civil War. “J.M. Campbell, Johnstown, Cambria Co., Pa.” Solomon Bundy (1823 – 1889). U.S. Congressman From New York. “Solomon Bundy, Oxford, Chenango Co., New York” Harry White (1834 – 1920). U.S. Congressman From Indiana. Brevet Brigadier General during the Civil War, was captured and held at Libby Prison in 1863. “Harry White, Indiana, Pa.” A fine association. Excellent condition.
Catalog: # AM-1615
Topic: Political/United States
Price: $65.00

248 Items.  Showing Items 46 thru 54.
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