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Soc. Italiana Automobili Darracq

Factory/auto, stamped ALFA
Catalog: # MH329
Date: 1906
Location: Italy, Naples
Cancellation: Stamp
Condition: VF+
Price: $900.00

Square Turn Tractor Co.

Catalog: # MH454
Date: 1918
Cancellation: I/NC
Condition: VF+
Price: $175.00

Stanley Motor Carriage Co.

No vign., common, orange, sm.hole
Catalog: # MH597
Date: 1918
Cancellation: I/NC
Condition: VF
Price: $400.00

Star Motors, Inc.


1923, Delaware. Stock certificate for 7 shares. Red/Gray/Black. Engraved vignette of a star at top center flanked by busy industrial scenes. Fresh from his being forced out of General Motors in 1920 for the second and final time, William Crapo Durant embarked on building another automotive empire. While the flagship marque in the new empire was named in his honor, Durant, the Star, produced in Elizabeth, NJ from 1922 to 1928, was critical to the success of the empire in that it was a low-priced car designed to compete head-to-head with Henry Ford's Model T. Such was Durant's name that the car was an immediate success, selling in excess of 100,000 units in its first year of production. For the first few years of its life, the Star enjoyed immense popularity. Unfortunately, its own health was tied to that of the Durant empire which, by 1928, was in serious trouble. Late that year, various models of the Star were dropped, and others were continued as Durants. Uncancelled and very fine.

Catalog: # MH605
Date: 1923
Cancellation: I/NC
Condition: VF+
Price: $125.00

Studebaker Bros. Mfg. Co. prf.

Factory in oval, fancy title
Catalog: # MH617
Date: 19--
Location: IN
Cancellation: U/Hole
Condition: EF
Price: $45.00

Usines d'Automobiles G. Brouhot

Lady/auto, leaves, man, woman
Catalog: # MH332
Date: 1906
Location: Paris
Cancellation: I/NC
Condition: VF+
Price: $175.00

White Motor Co.

Seated lady x2
Catalog: # MH619
Date: 1928
Location: OH, Cleveland
Cancellation: Hole
Condition: VF
Price: $25.00

Woods Mobilette Co.


1913, Arizona. Stock certificate for 100 shares. Black. Antique automobile vignette at top center. Litho. Uncanceled. Accompanied by letter on company letterhead and a stockholder's rights certificate The company operated in Harvey, Illionois and develoooped what was widely touted as America’s first cyclecar. Founded by Francis A Woods, the company announced models for 1917, but sales never took off and none were manufactured for the year as the company ceased operations. A superb, early automotive stock.

Catalog: # MH612
Date: 1913
Location: AZ
Cancellation: I/NC
Condition: F
Price: $150.00

44 Items.  Showing Items 37 thru 44.
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