Aeroplane Plovdiv

Airplane x3
Catalog: # MH327
Date: 1912
Location: Russia, Plovdiv
Cancellation: I/NC
Condition: VF+
Price: $950.00

Curtiss Flying Service, Inc. temp cert.

No vign.
Catalog: # MH457
Date: 1929
Cancellation: I/NC
Condition: VF+
Price: $250.00

Howard Industries, Inc.

Catalog: # MH449
Date: 1950
Location: IL
Cancellation: Spec
Condition: EF
Price: $250.00

Lear Jet Corp. 5 1/2% conv.sub.deb.

Catalog: # MH373
Date: 1981
Location: DL
Cancellation: Pin
Condition: EF
Price: $125.00

McCarthy Aero Service LTD

Elk, Goes
Catalog: # MH506
Date: 1920
Location: Canada
Cancellation: I/NC
Condition: VF
Price: $125.00

Societe Francaise. De Lhydrogene Pour L'aerostation Et L'industrie '

1908, France. Red/Black. Stock certificate for 100 francs. Fine, ornate Jugendstil/Art Nouveau border, with 2 vignettes of hot air balloons, and 1 of an extraordinary type of airship, which surely never flew! St. Cloud was the main centre near Paris for balloons and airships. This issue in red color is difficult to find. Uncancelled and excellent condition.
Catalog: # MH299
Date: 1908
Location: France,Saint-Cloud
Cancellation: I/NC
Condition: VF+
Price: $250.00

Stearman-Hammond Aircraft Corp.

Airplane x3, blimp, 'LloydStearman' pr.
Catalog: # MH456
Date: 1937
Location: CA
Cancellation: I/NC
Condition: VF+
Price: $450.00