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A New Publication "The Value of America's Great Fortunes"

We're pleased to announce the arrival of Professor Dr. Udo Hielscher's newly penned book "The Value of America's Great Fortunes - A U.S. Fortune Evaluation Index 1800-2000 Illustrated With Historic Securities". Published by the International Bond and Share Society, the book offers an interesting discussion of the value of many of America's great fortunes through his "Fortune Evaluation Index", a formulaic system of weighting fortunes based upon a series of calculations accounting for the value of the dollar and its purchasing power throughout the 200 year period. Securities signed by many of America's wealthy historical figures are pictured along with fine historical content on the individual and the company's history. This 96 page book offers up a fine introduction to collecting autographed securities along with a compelling argument for the ranking of America's great fortunes. Domestic Post paid.
Catalog: # CB-1028
Price: $13.95

Across The Columbia Plain

Railroad Expansion in the Interior Northwest, 1885-1893 by Peter J. Lewty, 1995, Published by Washington state University Press, 326 pp.
Catalog: # CB-1001
Price: $15.00

American Automotive Stock Certificates

American Automotive Stock Certificates by Lawrence Falater BR Press, Port Clinton, OH, 1997, 400pp. Book. Hard cover collectors' guide with values, many full page photgraphs, and descriptions of North American automotive stock and bond certificates.
Catalog: # CB-1002
Price: $35.00

American Railroad Stock Certificates

American Railroad Stock Certificates by Anne-Marie Hendy Approximately 300 railroad stock certificates are pictured and described. Older price guide at the end in British pounds. Published by Stanley Gibbons Publications Ltd.168 pages. Hardbound with plastic cover.
Catalog: # CB-1003

Antique Stock Certificate Almanac 2005

The Antique Stock Certificate Almanac 2005 written by Fred Fuld III. This Almanac is a reference source with over 5,000 listings which include company name, whether issued or cancelled, date, state or country, vignette, signatures and value. Published by Author-House 249pp.
Catalog: # CB-1004
Price: $24.95

Autographs Of The Ladies, Sailors & Marines Of The War Between The States

Autographs of the Ladies, Sailors & Marines of the war Between the States by Jim Hayes & Robert Zabawa Reference hardbound book on the autographs of US and CS Navy and Marine officers and prominent women of the Civil War compiled by Bob Zabawa and Jim Hayes. Examples of authentic signatures of over 700 individuals are shown, with a thumbnail biographical sketch of each listing. 189 pages, with autographs appearing four per page. 8 page index in the back. Published by Southern Lion Books, Inc.
Catalog: # CB-1007
Price: $35.00

Capitalism On The Frontier

Capitalism On The Frontier by Carroll Van West Billings & the Yellowstone Valley in the Nineteenth Century by Carroll Van West, 1993, Published by University of Nebraska Press, 281 pp.
Catalog: # CB-1008
Price: $24.95

Comprehensive Catalog Of Us Paper Money

Comprehensive Catalog Of US Paper Money byGene Hessler BNR Press, Port Clinton, 1997. This wonderful new 6th Edition by Gene Hessler covers all United States Federal Currency since 1812. With new features, data, information, values, Hot Contact List and more, this book reflects the first major change in U.S. paper money since 1928, when the size of all notes was reduced. The chapters of this book include information on: The History of Paper Money - Types of U.S. Paper Money - Catalog of U.S Paper Money (pgs 49-471) - Care and Preservation of Paper Money - Bibliography - and an Index.
Catalog: # CB-1010
Price: $49.00

Confederate Bonds Second Edition

Confederate Bonds Second Edition by Grover C. Criswell Criswell’s & Criswell’s Publishing, FL, 1979, Second Edition, 374 pp. Hardbound book with descriptions and photographs of Confederate and Southern Bonds by State.
Catalog: # CB-1011

Financing The American Revolution

Financing The American Revolution by Prof. Dr. Udo Hielscher Professor Udo Hielsher's book on the origins of Wall Street and the American Revolution through contemporary financial documents from the Museum of American Financial History's collection. Illustrated, with introduction by Thomas Fleming, author of Liberty! The American Revolution. Paperback. 89 pages.
Catalog: # CB-1012
Price: $24.95

Frederick Billings A Life

Frederick Billings A Life by Robin W. Winks (Paperback).From Gold Rush lawyer to railroad builder to conservationist by Robin W. Winks, 1991, Published b y University of California Press, 398pp.
Catalog: # CB-1013

Georgia Railroad Paper

Georgia Railroad Paper by Gary Eubanks with histories by Steve Storey. Published by Wharton Mangement, Inc. A superb, comprehensively illustrated work detailing stock certificates, bonds and currency issued by railroads which operated in Georgia. Each item is illustrated in full color with a high quality illustration and details on the company’s history. 211 pages, illustrated, soft cover.
Catalog: # CB-1027
State: Georgia
Price: $65.00

Historic Stock Certificates Europe

Historic Stock Certificates Europe by Hans Braun, Germany 1996, 326pp. A Superb Book, Hardbound. Profile of the European economy from 1803-1957, including important events in economic history. Covers Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, and Germany. Fully illustrated with color photographs of exceptional stocks.
Catalog: # CB-1014
Price: $45.00

Historic Stock Certificates USA

Historic Stock Certificates USA by Hans Braun, Germany 1996, 295pp. A Superb Book, Hardbound. Profile of the US economy from 1600-1972, including important events in economic history. Covers transportation, banking, and finance. Fully illustrated with color photographs of exceptional stocks
Catalog: # CB-1015
Price: $45.00

Orphan Road

Orphan Road by Kurt E. Armbruster The Railroad Comes to Seattle, 1853-1911
Catalog: # CB-1017
Price: $19.95

Railroads And Clearcuts

Railroads and Clearcuts by Derrick Jensen & George Draffan. Legacy of Congress's 1864 Northern Pacific Railroad Land Grand by Derrick Jensen and George Draffan, 1995, Published by Inland Empire Public Land Council, 198pp.
Catalog: # CB-1020
Price: $9.95

Raynor's Compendium of Autographs & Biographies of the High Commanders of the Confederate States of America

This handsome 260-page hardcover volume draws upon the Michael Reese II collection of Confederate generals' autographs as well as manuscripts from Raynor's previous sales and inventory. This historical and scholarly presentation of the 427 Confederate generals contains autograph exemplars of each individual and images of all but one. Other features include nearly four dozen “collector lists,” a variety of useful tools for building and evaluating your collection as well as useful facts on the top 10 major battles of the war.
Catalog: # CB-1024
Price: $69.95

Scarlet Woman Of Wall Street

Scarlet Woman of Wall Street by John Steele Gordon. Jay Gould, Jim Fisk, Cornelius Vanderbilt, the Erie Railway Wars, and the Birth of Wall Street (Paperback) by John Steele Gordon 421pp. Published by Weidenfeld & Nicolson. Numerous Illustrations from Harper's Weekly, Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper and William Worthington Fowler's great best-seller of 1870, Ten Years in Wall Street.
Catalog: # CB-1021
Price: $9.95

Stocks And Bonds Of American Railroads 1st Edition

Stocks and Bonds of American Railroads 1st Edition by Terry Cox.1995. Over 8000 varieties of railroad stock certificates and bonds are described and priced. Eleven initial chapters and five appendices give considerable information and guidance for collectors. illustrations. 256 pages. Softbound.
Catalog: # CB-1022

The Art Of The Market

Art of the Market by Bob Tamarkin & Les Kranz Bob Tamarkin & Les Kranz with commentary by George H LaBarre, 1999, 176pp, fully illustrated I color, hardbound. Two centuries of American business as seen through its stock certificate4s. Bob Tamarkin was nominated 3 times for a Pulitzer Prize. Brilliant text and a visual delight. This book and the following two Braun books are Exceptional!
Catalog: # CB-1006
Price: $21.00

The Man Who Made Wall Street

The Man Who Made Wall Street by Dan Rottenberg. Anthony J. Drexel and the Rise of Modern Finance by Dan Rottenberg, 2001, Published by University of Pennsylvania Press, 262pp.
Catalog: # CB-1023
Price: $19.95

Villard - The Life And Times Of An American Titan

A fine biography on Henry Villard detailing his life from his childhood throug his career as a writer and later as a financier involved in the financial travails of the Northern Pacific. 413 pages.
Catalog: # CB-1026
Price: $14.95

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