Free Franks


Columbus Delano Free Frank As Commissioner Of Internal Revenue

Columbus Delano (1809 – 1896). U.S. Congressman From Ohio, Commissioner of Internal Revenue, Secretary of the Interior. Free Franked Imprinted Envelope of the Treasury Department, Office of Internal Revenue. “C. Delano”. Addressed to Prof. B. s. Hedrick, Patent Office, Washington, D.C.
Catalog: # AM-1576
State: District Of Columbia
Topic: Free Franks

Free Franked Address Leaf As Secretary Of The Senate

ASBURY DICKENS from North Carolina signed as Secretary of the Senate (1836-1861). “Free Asbury Dickens, Secretary of the Senate.”
Catalog: # AM-0885
Topic: Free Franks
Price: $125.00

Lafayette Foster Free Frank

LAFAYETTE FOSTER. Free Franked envelope. Addressed to J. F. Gaylord in his hand. Fine.
Catalog: # AM-0054
State: New Hampshire
Topic: Free Franks
Price: $49.00

New York Congressman James G. Clinton Free Frank

James G. Clinton (1804 – 1849). U.S. Congressman From New York. Free Franked Cut Panel. “Free Jas. G. Clinton”. Addressed to Henry L. Sheldon, Esq., Middlebury, Vermont.
Catalog: # AM-1573
State: New York
Topic: Free Franks
Price: $30.00

Pennsylvania Congressman and James Buchanan Law Partner Michael W. Ash Free Frank

Michael W. Ash (1789 – 1858). U.S. Congressman From Pennsylvania. Early law partner of future President James Buchanan. Free Franked Address Leaf. “M. W. Ash”. Addressed to Mahlon Dickerson, Secretary of the Navy.
Catalog: # AM-1555
State: Pennsylvania
Topic: Free Franks
Price: $75.00

Randall Gibson Free Frank

RANDALL L. GIBSON (1832-1892) U.S. Senator and Representative from Louisiana. Gibson also served as a brigadier general in the Confederate States Army, a regent of the Smithsonian Institution and as president of the board of administrators of Tulane University. United States Senate envelope Free Franked, "R.L. Gibson." Very Fine.
Catalog: # AM-1238
Topic: Free Franks
Price: $175.00

Rhode Island Congressman Thomas A. Jenckes Free Frank

Thomas A. Jenckes (1818 – 1875). U.S. Congressman From Rhode Island. He introduced the bill that created the U.S. Justice Department and was an avid supporter of civil service reform. Free Franked Envelope. “T. A. Jenckes, M.C.” Addressed to Messrs. Ould & Carrington, No. 1113.
Catalog: # AM-1572
State: Rhode Island
Topic: Free Franks
Price: $90.00

Senate Free Frank

William A. Crabb, Senate. Term Expired 1857 Addressed to J. M. Bell, Esq., Huntington, Pennsylvania. Fine.
Catalog: # AM-0889
Topic: Free Franks
Price: $50.00

South Carolina Congressman James Hamilton, Jr. Free Frank

James Hamilton, Jr. (1786 – 1857). U.S. Congressman From South Carolina. Free Franked Address Leaf. “Free, J. Hamilton, Jr.” Addressed to Hon. R. Y. Hayne, Camden, So. Carolina.
Catalog: # AM-1561
State: South Carolina
Topic: Free Franks
Price: $75.00