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An 1870 Temperance Document

(TEMPERANCE). D. 2pp. 8 1/2" x 13 3/4". Syracuse. August 17th, 1870. A large printed document concerning the temperance movement: "More than thirty years ago, a political party was organized against American Slavery. The movement was very generally condemned...Slavery had grown to be so great...that the voters could not be rallied to put it to a peaceful death. It had to go out in blood. So, too, is our organizing to suppress dramselling said to be too early. It is before the Republican and Democratic parties are ready for it...we see that the drunkards of our nation have increased to the frightful number of a million...even the temperance societies are all, more or less, soundly asleep over this swift-advancing destruction...Many professed temperance men who eschew our anti-dramshop party and cling to their dramshop party, propose to have Government leave it optional with each town or county, whether there shall or shall not be dramshops in it...We lament that the friends of temperance cannot agree to limit their political war upon intoxicating drinks to the retailing of them...We admit that boundless evils have come from the manufacture and importation of alcohol...Dark as are our skies, the little light that is in them, is sufficient to sustain our hopes...". The document has one two inch tear through part of the text but it does not affect the legibility. An interesting document from the radical arm of the temperance movement.
Catalog: # AM-0244
Topic: Early Imprints
Price: $300.00

An Advertising Broadside For The Golden Rule Paper

Circa 1887, Boston, Mass. 10 ¾” x 15 ½”. 1 page. An advertising broadside stating the “Ten Reason why you want The Golden Rule”. For example, “The Golden Rule contains what no other paper attempts to give, - as in the Christian Endeavor Department and the Department of Applied Christianity….”. The ad also contains testimonials espousing the virtues of the Golden Rule paper. Very Fine.
Catalog: # AA-0260
Topic: Broadsides
Price: $90.00

An Early Provincial Broadside Signed by Treasurer Harrison Gray

Catalog: # AM-3657
State: Massachusetts
Topic: Colonial America
Price: $750.00

An Early Republican Circular Inciting Party Members To Choose Delegates For An Election “Which At This Time Agitates Our Distracted State”…

9” x 11”. Lancaster, Pennsylvania. July 17, 1805. Printed circular in which the Republican Corresponding Committee presses the need for viable republican candidates in the upcoming election which they considered to be “the absolute Necessity of prompt and vigorous Exertions…” The appeal continues on, “The Motives and Designs of the Leaders of the present Faction are daily developing, in Colors so storng that no well-disposed Citizen, who is not blinded by Predjudice, or deluded by the fascinating Charms of Novelty, can in Justice to himself, or his Country, remain a silent Spectator, at the Destruction of our Charter of Rights, and the Immolation of our venerable and patriotic Governor…” “The Result of the next Election will either add Stability to the present Constitution, or consign it to Oblivion…” Thomas McKean, who had been elected Governor of Pennsylvania in 1799, would win the upcoming election, ensuring the current party would stay in power. The national political climate was particularly difficult at this period and this document exhibits the efforts put forth at the local levels to support the national agenda. A fine political item. Some light age spots at center, otherwise fine.
Catalog: # AA-0034
Topic: Early Imprints
Price: $225.00

An Extraordinary American Bank Note Company Presentation

1925. A Unique artist initialed color display of a notelike advertising display. This extraordinary artwork was skillfully created by layering a combinatino of engravings and pen and ink work to create what likely was in an office or lobby of the The American Bank Note Company. A large eagle is affixed at center with ornate scrollwork and a 1/8" gilt recessed into this stunning masterpiece. The initials J.S.S., 1925 appear at the lower right corner. Measures 20" x 14 1/2". Matted. A remarkable item.
Catalog: # AA-0147
Price: $2900.00

An Extremely Rare Confederate Secession Arm Or Hatband

[CIVIL WAR]. South Carolina. December 20, 1860. A blue printed card stock, “INDEPENDENCE DECLARED, South Carolina, December 20th 1860”. Attached with thread to a piece of cloth, all original and of the period. Prepared to celebrate the secession of South Carolina, the first state to do so, on December 20, 1860. The card measures 5 ½” x 3 ½” and the cloth is 26”x 4 ¼”. We have heard of only a very few of these in existence and this is the only one with original cloth we know of. Some light surface damage as evidenced in the above photo. A wonderful Civil War item.
Catalog: # AA-0021
Topic: Civil War
Price: $3900.00

An Inquiry Into The Character And Tendency Of The American Colonization And American Anti-slavery Societies By William Jay

Inquiry Into the Character and Tendency of the American Colonization and American Anti-Slavery Societies by William Jay Third Edition 206 page 4 3/4” x 7 3/8”. Foxing. Ex-library edition. Some wear to spine and covers. Slight paper loss to endpapers. A few light notation in margins. WILLIAM JAY (1789-1858), American jurist and reformer, was the son of John Jay (1745-1829), American patriot, statesman, and Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court. For most of the period from 1818 to 1843, William Jay served as Judge of the county court of Westchester, N.Y. An active abolitionist, he helped establish the New York City Anti-Slavery Society in 1833 and also wrote vigorous anti-slavery pamphlets and articles. In addition, Jay founded the American Bible Society and served as president of the American Peace Society. Overall Fine.
Catalog: # AB-0005
Topic: Miscellaneous
Price: $150.00

An Interesting Lot Of Royalty Items

[ROYALTY] Mixed grouping of 10 unusual royalty and coronation items: Coronation banners 22” x 6” used during the royal procession: “PLEASE REMAIN SEATED WHILE THE PROCESSION PASSES” and in red: ‘Smoking on Stands Strictly Prohibited.” 1937 Needle book with King & Queens pictured (needles removed); 12 x 16” color poster entitled “A British King Bids Farewell to His People for the Love of An American Woman,” 1937, By United Foundation. On the bottom it claims “this is the first absolutely accurate text ever published in the United States of David Edward Windsor’s farewell address…” Photograph in hearts above of the King and his love after he relinquished his throne; Six page typed copy: Gabriel Heatter broadcast, WOR, June 3. The noted American radio commentator’s eloquent soliloquy on the occasion of the marriage of Edward to Wallis Warfield. 2 vintage records: Original Victor 19072 disc of 78 rpm pressing from King George V and Queen Mary to the Boys and Girls of The British Empire: / Empire Day Messages. 1923. On reverse the Band of Coldstream Guards- Home Sweet Home/ God Save the King Attractive and unusual pasted sepia pictures of the King & Queen both sides. Brunswick label: Kings Farewell Speech, both sides of record. “Official Souvenir Programme” of “The Coronation of Their Majesties King George VI & Queen Elizabeth”. “Printed and distributed for King George’s Jubilee Trust by Oldhams Press. A profusely illustrated 32 page account of the coronation day. Gilded cover with emblems and royal insignia. 10” x 8 ½ 19th century steel plate engraving of “The Lower Ward, Windsor Castle.” Lastly, an original 1937 RKO news glossy 8 x10 photograph of Victoria being crowned. Official RKO stamp on back reads: “Permission is hereby granted to newspapers, magazines…to reproduce this photograph.” A delightful and entertaining lot for the Anglophile or Royalty collector.
Catalog: # AA-0165
Country: England
Topic: Royalty
Price: $395.00

Appointment To The United States Veteran Military League

Partially Printed Document. One page, 17” x 14”. No place. December 22, 1864. Image of an eagle perched atop flags at upper right. Yellow paper wafer seal affixed to upper left. The document commissions “T. Sullivan 22d Congressional Dist. N.Y.” as a Major-General charged with “assist[ing] the ARMY OF THE UNITED STATES in case of emergency …” This unusual item appears to be a commission for a league that was formed in order to provide a ready source of reserves for the Union Army during the Civil War. Minor toning. Else Fine.
Catalog: # AA-0088
Price: $225.00

108 Items.  Showing Items 19 thru 27.
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