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Anatolian Rug Mfg. Co. LTD

Women weaving rug, multicolor
Catalog: # MH326
Date: 1924
Location: Greece, Athens
Cancellation: Stamp
Condition: VF+
Price: $750.00

Colonisation In America - Compagnie Franco-Allemande D’emigrations Et Colonisation En Amerique

1856, Paris, France and Virginia. Stock certificate for 100 francs. Light Gray/Black. An unusual certificate with vignettes of four American presidents, Thomas Jefferson, William Henry Harrison, James Madison and James Monroe. One of the many European land companies formed for emigration and colonization in the United States. A nice American development related stock. Uncancelled and Extremely Fine.
Catalog: # MH294
Date: 1856
Location: Paris
Cancellation: I/NC
Condition: VF+
Price: $400.00

Compagnie Des Installations Maritimes De Bruges

1904, Belgium. Action Privilegiee de 500 Francs. Red/Pink/Blue/Brown/Tan/Yellow/Gold/Green/Black. A truly outstanding and beautiful multi-vignetted certificate whose central vignette covering most of the certificate is a large, aerial view of the port of Zeebrugge and the North Sea, high above which is a winged female standing on an anchor holding a torch; several views of Zeebrugge within the top border; Belgian coat-of-arms at top and bottom left. Litho. Zeebrugge has developed into an important port city because it is located on the North Sea, the busiest sea in the world, and because it is centrally located to most other North Sea ports. The port enjoys accolades such as Belgium’s chief port for import natural gas, the European capital for the automotive industry, and a major importer and exported of agricultural products. In addition to the ways the port directly helps Belgium, it also helps in other ways. For example, it has created a hub of railroad connections from all over the country. The canals are also renowned and are sometimes referred to as the “Venice of the North”. This company, which was founded in 1895 and operates through a concession granted jointly by the Government of Flanders and the city of Zeebrugge, manages and operates port operations, and thus is roughly equivalent to the Port Authorities which exist in the U.S. A beautiful, multicolored piece, and always popular. Four punch cancellations through the signatures, otherwise Choice.
Catalog: # MH301
Date: 1904
Location: Bruges
Cancellation: Hole
Condition: VF+
Price: $125.00

Comptoir Portuguez SA

Alleg.x5, books, jug, gold ink
Catalog: # MH334
Date: 1919
Location: Portugal, Porto
Cancellation: I/NC
Condition: VF+

Croce Rossa Italiana

Angel/red cross/battlefield/wagon
Catalog: # MH336
Date: 1885
Location: Italy, Roma
Cancellation: I/NC
Condition: F
Price: $75.00

Editorial La Nacion SA

Angel, alleg. x2, fruit, crown
Catalog: # MH324
Date: 1925
Location: Spain, Madrid
Cancellation: I/NC
Condition: VF+
Price: $200.00

Glacieres du Rhone E Stier-Friedrich & Cie

Alps, loading ice on train
Catalog: # MH333
Date: 1883
Location: France, Rhone
Cancellation: Stamp
Condition: VF+
Price: $1000.00

Hadsegitesi es Nepjoleti

Catalog: # MH319
Date: 1917
Location: Hungary,Budapest
Cancellation: I/NC
Condition: VF+
Price: $75.00

Kobe Shirai Gofukuten [dry goods store]

Catalog: # MH318
Date: 1902
Location: Japan
Cancellation: I/NC
Condition: VF+
Price: $175.00

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