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1827 Items.  Showing Items 28 thru 36.
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A Rare Variety Early Vermont Railroad Stock

1853, Vermont. Stock certificate for 5 shares of Western Vermont Rail Road Co. Black. Vignette of a steam locomotive at left, state seal at upper center. Litho. Rich. & Laurel, New York. Imprinted red seal at lower left. Completed in 1852, the road operated between Bennington and Rutland, Vermont. Uncancelled and Extremely Fine.
Catalog: # SB-5659
State: Vermont
Topic: Railroad
Price: $245.00

A Rare Western Mining Certificate, New York & Utah Prospecting & Mining Company

1867, Utah. Stock certificate for 1000 shares. Vignette of mining scene at top center. Attached adhesive revenue stamp at lower left. A rare western mining company. Uncancelled and extremely fine.
Catalog: # SB-1803
State: Utah
Topic: Mining
Price: $450.00

A S.A. De Gymnastique Medicale Mecanique Bond

1880, Paris, France. A bond for 500 francs. Peach background and black text on white paper. Interesting vignettes at top and bottom center margins and left and right center margins depicting early health machines, some of which look quite painful. Litho. Scalloped left edge with complete coupons attached at bottom. Uncancelled and in extremely fine condition.
Catalog: # SB-3139
Country: France
Topic: Medical History

A Scarce Cuban Railroad Stock

1861, Cuba. Stock certificate for one share of 100 pesos in Ferro-Carril y Almacenes de Deposito de Santiago de Cuba. Vignette of a steam locomotive passing by mountains and a lake. Litho. Cuban railroad stocks from this period are quite scarce. One minor piece of ink erosion at the Presidentís signature in lower left. Uncancelled and Fine.
Catalog: # SB-4937
Country: Cuba
Topic: Railroad
Price: $145.00

A Scarce, Early State of Maryland Loan

1840ís. Annapolis, Maryland. Unissued State Loan. Vignette of the State of Maryland Seal depicting an eagle at top center, Seated figure at bottom. Printed by Danforth, Bald & Co. & Toppan, Carpenter & Casilear Co. The bond was intended to be sold in Europe as well as the United States as par is fixed in Pounds Sterling, French Francs and Dutch Guilders. Mounting glue traces on verso bleed through and are visible from the front in all four corners. A very scarce early U.S. state bond. Uncancelled. VG-Fine.
Catalog: # SB-5624
State: Maryland
Topic: Financial
Price: $245.00

A Superb Graphic And Rare Stock Issued To And Signed Twice By Aviation Legend Roscoe Turner!

ROSCOE TURNER (1895-1970) Aviator and three time winner of the Thompson Trophy. 1948, Indian. Roscoe Turner Aeronautical Corporation Stock certificate for five shares issued to Roscoe Turner and Signed as President and on verso by Turner. Black / Red with Green underprint. Great aviation themed border with a plane at each of the four corners and a larger plane at top center. With gold embossed company seal. Uncancelled and Very Fine. After years of barnstorming and air-racing, Roscoe Turner founded the Roscoe Turner Aeronautical Crop, a fixed base operated that was based in Indianapolis, Indiana. A very attractive double-signed stock from this aviation pioneer!
Catalog: # SB-3691
Topic: Famous People on Stocks and Bonds
Price: $2900.00

Abacus Fund - Issued To And Signed By John Sterling Rockefeller

1957, Massachusetts. Stock certificate for 100 shares. Issued to and signed by John Sterling Rockefeller (1904-1988). Grandson of William Rockefeller. Blue/White. Vignette at top center of an abacus flanked by allegorical male figures. Perferation and punch cancelled. Very fine.
Catalog: # SB-3841
State: Massachusetts
Topic: Famous People on Stocks and Bonds
Price: $90.00

Action Des Usines De Construction De Machines - A Scarce Russian Railroad Bond

1912, Russia. Stock certificate for 125 rubles printed in Cyrillic and another language. Brown and black with a tan background on white paper. Underprinted litho of a locomotive and tender. Scalloped top and partial coupons below. Uncancelled and in very fine condition overall.
Catalog: # SB-1713
Country: Russia
Topic: Railroad

Advance Mineral Co.

1904, Maine. Stock certificate for 500 shares. Black with green background. Six small vignettes of miners pictured within the border design. A larger vignette at top left of miners at work. Uncancelled and very fine.
Catalog: # SB-4726
State: Maine
Topic: Mining
Price: $25.00

1827 Items.  Showing Items 28 thru 36.
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