WILLIAM A. CLARK (1839-1925). Clark, a Montana Senator and a mining capitalist, formed the Colorado and Montana Smelting Company. Whereas most miners skipped the less valuable copper in favor of gold, he invested heavily in that metal by buying discarded mines. He used his profits to invest in banking, real estate and ranching. He pushed for Montana statehood and at one point, served as its acting Governor. He is best known for his long-time feud with Marcus Daly, which ranged across business and politics.


Moulton Mining Company-Signed By William Andrews Clark

1905, Washington. Stock certificate for 50 shares of the Moulton Mining Company. Black. Signed at bottom right W. A. Clark as President. WILLIAM A. CLARK (1839 - 1925). Montana Senator; Mining capitalist; Clark is best known for his long-time feud with Marcus Daly. Uncancelled and excellent.
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State: Montana
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