For a short period following the Civil War, Cody was employed by the Goddard Brothers, food contractors to the Kansas Pacific railway construction camps, to furnish Buffalo meat and from whence his nickname came. From 1868-1872 Cody did scout service for the army, eventually becoming chief of scouts for the 5th Cavalry. He was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor for gallantry in action on the Platte River in 1872, but this was revoked by Congress in 1917 due to the fact that Cody was not a member of the military at the time of the award. In 1872 he began his long career as a showman, appearing in numerous "Wild West" shows in the theatre, at least one with "Wild Bill" Hickok. The formation of his famed Wild West Show in 1883 that toured the U.S. and parts of Europe has forever made the name "Buffalo Bill" legendary.