Centralia Eastern Railroad Company
Wabash to Mendota, Wash., 9.11 m. trackage (Northern Pacific Ry. Centralia to Wabash Wash) History: Chartered September 27, 1907 under the laws of Washington. Constructed primarily for the purpose of delivering coal from the mines to the lines of the Union Pacific RR And Northern Pacific Ry. Cos. (Poors Manual)


Centralia Eastern Railroad Company

 Centralia Eastern Railroad Company
1908, Washington. Stock certificate for 300 shares. Black/Gold. Spread-eagle vignette in upper left corner. Litho. Lightly pen cancelled and Extremely Fine.
Catalog: # NP-1509A
Cancellation: Pen Cancelled
Condition: Extremely Fine
State: Washington
Topic: Railroad
Price: $125.00