Clealum Railroad Company
Name: Indian word for swift water (James W. Phillips, Washington State Place Names, p. 88). Northern Pacific officials named the station Clealum after the Indian name of Tie-El-Lum, which means swift water. Altered to present form in 1908. Cle Elum is the junction with the all-important Sixth Sub-Division to Roslyn, Ronald, Beekman and Lakedale. In 1886, as steel gangs worked west up the grade from Ellensburg, the discovery of coal off the line in the Roslyn area prompted the Northern Pacific to divert crews and materials to construct this branch line before the completion of the main line. Even in the 1950s Cle Elum was home to several branch line jobs that worked mine runs to Roslyn and Ronald. (Poors Manual).


Clealum Railroad Company

 Clealum Railroad Company
1887, Washington Territory. Stock certificate for 1 share. Black. Lightly punch cancelled and Very Fine.
Catalog: # NP-1510A
Condition: Very Fine
State: Washington
Topic: Railroad
Price: $200.00