A successful and well-respected canal engineer for many years, Farnam got his "big break" when he moved to Chicago in 1850, a bustling city of 30,000, but without any rail connections to the outside world. Over the next several years, the various companies in which Farnam was a principal built all, or portions of, the Michigan Southern Railroad, the Mississippi and Missouri Railroad and the Chicago & Rock Island Railroad, Farnam serving as president of this latter road from the mid-1850's until his retirement in 1863. Additionally, Farnam designed and built the first railroad bridge which crossed the Mississippi. Greatly resented by the river interests, this bridge was the subject of many lawsuits; to defend against one such suit, Farnam hired the young Abraham Lincoln whose arguments won this so-called Rock Island Bridge case.


Chicago And Rock Island Rail Road Company

185-, New York. Stock certificate in the Chicago and Rock Island Rail Road Company. Black. Tiny vignette of steam locomotive at top center. UNISSUED but signed as president by HENRY FARNAM (1803 - 1883); Railroad builder; Philanthropist. A successful and well-respected canal engineer for many years. Small punch cancellations at bottom lightly affecting signature. Very fine.
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State: Illinois
Topic: Famous People on Stocks and Bonds
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