EDMUND PENDELTON GAINES: (1777-1849) was a United States army officer who served with distinction during the War of 1812, the Seminole Wars and a visionary who proposed in the early 1830's a whole national system of military railroads. He commanded the Western Military Department during the Black Hawk War. He was still in command of the department during the Seminole Wars in which he personally led an expedition. At the Battle of Ouithlacoochie he was wounded in the mouth.

Later he was placed in command of the Southwest Military District in charge of fortifying the border of Louisiana and Texas in the case that the Mexican army might threaten U.S. territory. He was in command of the Army's Western Division at the outbreak of the Mexican-American War. He was reprimanded by the U.S. government for overstepping his authority by calling up Louisiana volunteers for Zachary Taylor's army. He nevertheless called up volunteers from other southwestern states and received a court-martial but was able to successfully defend himself. During the Mexican-American War, Gaines was in command of a series of military districts. He was in command of the Western Division when he died at New Orleans, Louisiana on June 6, 1849. (Some Excerpts from Wipekia)


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