JAMES B. HAGGIN (1827-1914). Haggin wisely invested large profits from his San Francisco law practice in gold, copper and silver mining interests, at one time reputedly owning or controlling over 100 mines from Alaska to Chile. At various times, he was associated with Senator Hearst and Marcus Daly, eventually acquiring Daly's holdings in Anaconda Copper. Having acquired hundreds of thousands of acres of "desert land" in the Sacramento, San Joaquin and Kern River Valleys in the 1870s, Haggin became a central figure in a long, bitter dispute over irrigation rights with cattle ranchers and farmers. By the late 1870s, Haggin became interested in horse racing and his horses captured most of the great American racing trophies.


A Homestake Mining Company Certificate Signed By James B. Haggin As President

JAMES B. HAGGIN. 1880, New York. Certificate of the Homestake Mining Company for one share signed "J B Haggin" as president. Black on white paper. Large central engraving of two Indians kneeling on a cliff; they are overlooking items of modern progress, such as the steam locomotive, a bridge, a Conestoga wagon and a small factory. Stamp and punch cancelled. It is in very fine condition overall.
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State: California
Topic: Famous People on Stocks and Bonds
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