The presidency of the Northern Pacific was handed to a professional railroader, ROBERT HARRIS, former head of the Chicago, Burlington and Quincy Railroad. For the next four years, until the return of the Villard clique, Harris worked at improving the property and breaking away from its tangled relationship with the Oregon Railway and Navigation Company


Helena And Jefferson County RR Co. Issued To And Signed By Rosewell G. Rollston As Trustee

Stock certificate for 4015 shares Issued to Rosewell G. Rolston as trustee... Star punch cancelled.

The Helena and Jefferson County Railroad gave Wickes Montana access to outside markets. Because of it, the mine, mill and camp enjoyed its peak years of prosperity through the rest of the 1880s. With Hauser's acquisition of the mine and mill and the arrival of the railroad, the community of Wickes flourished. It transformed from a sober alcohol-free community to a "rip-roaring" mining camp that extended 1 1/2 miles along the gulch. The camp had between 900 to 1500 residents and included five dance halls, 22 saloons, a general store, post office, two hotels, at least one meat market, a blacksmith shop and a Presbyterian church.

Catalog: # NP-1629
State: Montana
Topic: Railroad
Price: $245.00