HERMAN HAUPT (1817 - 1905). Civil engineer, inventor and author. Involved in the construction and design of railroads as early as the 1830ís, Haupt published an early treatise entitled Hints on Bridge Construction relating information and ideas garnered from his work on the York & Wrightsville Railroad in 1840. In addition, he wrote the most authoritative book on bridge construction of the period, General Theory of Bridge Construction, published in 1851. Hauptís career was marked by his numerous successes in railroad organizations and reorganizations as well as advancements in construction technology. In 1858, he developed a pneumatic drill far superior to any of the period and his technal knowledge of mining and tunneling with power equipment was sought throughout the United States and Europe. During the Civil War, Haupt served as the militaryís chief of railroad construction and transportation, being promoted to brigadier-general of volunteers for meritorious services. He later served as general manager of the Northern Pacific, completing its route to the Pacific and continued to write on railway construction matters.