COLGATE HOYT, banker, born in Cleveland, Ohio, March 2, 1849, is a son of James M. Hoyt, a lawyer and man of high position. The young man attended Phillips Academy, Andover, but, owing to the failure of his sight, left school at the end of the first year. He then secured a place in a hardware store in Cleveland, rose by his own merit, and finally joined his father in real estate operations, becoming himself the owner of desirable properties. During 1877-81, he engaged in loans of money on real estate security. In May, 1881, he removed to New York city to become a partner in the banking and bullion firm of J. B. Colgate & Co. He made his way here with marked success and remained an active member until the death of Mr. Trevor, in 1890. Banking soon led him into intimate relations with large corporations. A government director of The Union Pacific Railroad, 1882-84, he was thereafter a company director but resigned several years later. In 1884, he joined Charles L. Colby and Edwin H. Abbott in The Wisconsin Central Railroad enterprise, these three men becoming trustees of the entire stock of the corporation, and building a road to St. Paul and one from near Milwaukee to Chicago, thus making The Wisconsin Central a through line from Chicago to St. Paul and Milwaukee. They also built The Chicago & Northern Pacific Railroad as a terminal, with splendid passenger stations in Chicago. Mr. Hoyt has also been a director and active spirit in The Oregon Railway & Navigation Co., The Northern Pacific Railroad, and The Oregon & Transcontinental Co., and in 1890 reorganized the latter as The North America Co., with entire success, and under trying circumstances.


Puget Sound And Alaska Steamship Co. Issued To And Signed By Colgate Hoyt

1890, Washington and Alaska. Stock certificate of the Puget Sound and Alaska Steamship Company. Brown/Black. Lovely engraved vignette of a steamship in rough seas at top center. Printed by Franklin Bank Note Company. Issued to and signed on verso by Colgate Hoyt. Punch and stamp cancelled and Excellent
Catalog: # NP-1688
State: Alaska
Topic: Famous People on Stocks and Bonds
Price: $350.00