Keep began his rise by investing in depreciated currency during the financial crisis of 1837, and reaped large profits when the markets recovered. He went on to found many small country banks, and entered Wall Street in 1850. He acquired large or controlling financial interests in many railroads and, in the years before his death, held important positions in several of these roads. Became known as "William the Silent" because of his uncanny secrecy surrounding his investments.


Michigan Southern And Northern Indiana Rail-road Company - Signed By Henry Keep As Treasurer

18 , New York. Stock certificate for 100 shares. Signed by Henry Keep as treasures. Black. Vignette at top center of farm land with steam locomotive in background. Pen cancelled. Very fine. The Michigan Southern Railroad, between 1846 and 1852, completed the former state Southern Railroad across Michigan, around Lake Michigan into Chicago. The Palmyra and Jacksonburgh Railroad was not part of the Michigan Southern Railroad's link with the western territories in American, and continued serving the railroad industry through the Civil War years. In 1855, the Michigan Southern Railroad consolidated with the Northern Indiana Railroad and became the Michigan Southern and Northern Indiana Railroad, still including the Palmyra and Jacksonburgh Branch line. The Michigan Southern and Northern Indiana Railroad consolidated with the Lake Shore Railway in 1869 becomming the Lake Shore and Michigan Southern Railroad. Later that year, the Railroad joined the Buffalo and Erie Railroad. Rails now reached into New York. From Lake Erie into Michigan, over to Illinois and back east to New York, railroad mania had gripped the nation.
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