OTTO MEARS (1840-1931). A Colorado railroad builder, Mears began as a merchant. He built one of the first roads to service remote miners, then turned to railroad construction with the Rio Grande Southern Railroad and the Silverton Northern Railroad. He lost much of his fortune in the Panic of 1893.


Rio Grand Southern Company Bond Signed as President by Otto Mears

1890, Colorado. $1,000 Bond bearing 5% interest. Orange/Black. Engraved vignette of a steam locomotive at bottom center. Homer Lee Bank Note Company, N.Y. Attached page of coupons. Signed as president by Otto Mears (1840-1931). Colorado pioneer and road builder. Mears opened up portions of mining regions previously inaccessible to the masses by constructing toll roads. He was instrumental in the construction of the Rio Grande Southern and other Colorado railroads. Founded in 1889, the Rio Grande Southern was constructed to circumvent the rugged terrain of the San Juan Mountains to reach the mining region which included the towns of Telluride and Rico. A choice railroad bond signed by this important western figure. Uncancelled and Extremely Fine.
Catalog: # SB-5752
State: Colorado
Topic: Famous People on Stocks and Bonds
Price: $450.00