GUSTAVUS PFEIFFER Pfeiffer was an Iowa pharmacist who expanded his wares into the Gustavus A. Pfeiffer and Company. The St. Louis patent medicine company bought in 1908 the Warner Company, though it retained the Warner name. It was the Pfeiffers who invited Elmer Holmes Bobst in 1945 to work his business magic restructuring their company; the company was struggling, losing $1.5 million on sales of a mere $29 million. The company's name was changed to the more familiar Warmer-Lambert Pharmaceutical Company in 1955.


Gustavus Pfeiffer Buys Ten Shares Of William R. Warner And Company

1945, Delaware. Certificate for 10 shares of the William R. Warner and Company, the forerunner of Warner-Lambert. Issued to and signed by Gustavus A Pfeiffer on the verso. Green and black on white paper with an attractive engraved vignette of two heroic women flanking a globe. The certificate is stamped "CANCELLED" across the face.
Catalog: # AM-0582
State: Delaware
Topic: Famous People on Stocks and Bonds
Price: $175.00