J. LOUIS REYNOLDS. Reynolds was a Vice President of the Reynolds Metals Company.


Days After The War In Europe Ends, The Vice President Of Reynolds Metals Writes To Submarine Inventor Simon Lake About "The Salvage Operation"

TLS. 1pp. 8 1/2" x 11". Richmond, Virginia. May 15, 1945. A typed letter signed "J. Louis Reynolds" as Vice President of the "Reynolds Metals Company". He wrote to the noted submarine inventor SIMON LAKE: "Mr. Blackwelder had to make a trip to Mexico in connection with the establishment of a plant there. Now that he has returned and the war in Europe is over, I think we should soon be in a position to start something on the salvage operation. There should be no objection now from the Navy since there is no danger of attack on the Atlantic Coast. I expect to see some officials in Washington within the next week or two and I will let you hear from me as soon as plans are made." The letter has light browning to the edges and is in fine condition; the original envelope is included.
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